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  • Hi DC,

    I got into trading in a similar manner. It is a great kick, AGT is the best trading software you can get and the forum has some intelligent, innovative and helpful members. Give the manual due attention and good luck,

    cheers, MC


    • Hi Traders,

      i first saw betfair when i was trying some arbs, as i saw a Video an YouTube and betfair was nearly every day displayed. Then i quit it and searched for another Thing i can do from home to get a few extra quit in my pocket. After a Long time i saw a trading Video think was on Football so i logged in and tried it for a while. I was doing LTD this time. Then i saw a Video who somebody traded the horses and since then i would learn as much i can and tryed it myself. Nearly 6 months now i´m a novice Trader, i had a few ups but then the downfalls come along. So i really struggle a bit a the Moment and will try to get it. Read some very interesting things here on the Forum so far, its great.

      Anyway thats to me and my way till now.


      (the username is the first big Goal to reach) :P


      • Hello everyone..

        In the betting market for almost a decade and got into the business almost 2 years ago, working for a bookie. That trading market was quite tempting for me and now I got the opportunity to involve in BF arena. I read hundreds of threads before registration and I saw so many friendly people. Will be asking help in upcoming days and ready to contribute anytime if I can.


        • Another newby

          Alright lads (and lasses?) thought i'd introduce myself before i start gobbing off about things I know nothing about on other threads... Im from the north east, by newcastle and currently in the Army. Im leaving next year which will be my 7th year serving. im actually hoping to trade full time as I have no intention of taking a 9-5 job anywhere! The strategies i'm currently using seem to work quite well at low stakes (£5's) but i have a hideous habit of chasing losses and over staking resulting in bust banks a lot, however i have never really taken trading seriously untill now so im just here to try and soak up all the info and tips i can before i take the jump onto civvy street!

          Screw the nut!


          • Ninjalizard, reg bloke by any chance?


            • Originally posted by seanmould14 View Post
              Ninjalizard, reg bloke by any chance?
              I have long sideburns and the peak in my beret is second to none


              • Cookoo. evil


                • Hi everyone. Very new to trading, or outright gambling as my girlfriend calls it! Really enjoying it and learning alot, mostly through my mistakes!

                  A big one yesterday was assuming a big favourite's odds would go up slightly in play. Seemed to have worked so far for me, but mainly because they were longish distance compared to yesterday's.

                  Going to spend this weekend learning more about the different graphs and setting up a proper profile.

                  Anyways, good luck trading this week, and see u around on the forum.


                  • Hi New here, I just downloaded the software yesterday after seeing the offer of an owners license, I have some success when I stick to my own rules on betfair, however I have never been disciplined enough to stick to the rules to make a profit its always ruined by stepping outside of my rules and ruining a good winning streak.
                    So now I have downloaded the Geekstoy software and am going to re-invent myself with regards to trading, going to spend a couple of months learning new methods and getting my head around geekstoy. This thing really intimidates me at the moment but I suppose it's like that for all newbies.
                    From now on my intention is to run my trades more business like


                    • Hi there joined the site after watching Caan Berry's trading videos. Started off myself using €5 and that but havent really got the hang of it yet. All tips are welcome, hopefully I can improve my trading.


                      • Hi to all, yes yet another "newbie"with questions you've heard many times before.

                        My name is Mike and I'm an ex pat living in Aus. I guess there are a few differences and not just in the weather

                        To start with, whats a good free trading program I can have a practice with? I dont want to fork out hundreds of dollars until I know a lot more.

                        So far I've simply backed high and layed low (when I can). But that isn't trading, scalping perhaps its called? I have to wait for the race to finish. If the horse wins great, I'm in profit, if not I break even. if I've placed my bets at the right time.

                        I'm pretty sure the Aussie markets are smaller than the UK ones, would that make a big difference? In learning the process I mean.

                        Thanks and good luck to all



                        • Hello everyone

                          My name is Lorenzo, I am new to betting and exchanges I want to focus my aim on football as I like it more, I am a university student so a little extra will not hurt me I am really willing to learn, but it seems a bit hard to follow so if anyone is kind enough to provide me with some guidance where to start I will be very grateful.
                          I hope all of you had a wonderful day and the profits are in as they should be!

                          Best regards,


                          • Hi all.

                            I have been lurking for a while. (Lots of useful info, thanks.)

                            I got stuck in with the Geeks Toy on the 9th July, using the guide here as my staring point. After a period of fighting with the markets, I read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas, which made me realise the real battle ahead.

                            Apart from the Geeks Toy, Trading in the Zone, and the £60 I have "spent" from a £100 starting bank, the best investment I have made so far is in Caan Berry's trading guide. I have only read it once so far, but it has marked a definite change in my perspective.

                            My immediate goal is to develop the confidence to profit £2 net from 20 races using £2 stakes, after which I will double my stake...

                            Does this sound reasonable? Too cautious? Not cautious enough? (Thanks for any reply.)

                            Today was my first profitable day.
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                            • Re your target

                              Seems a lot of trades for the return. I take it you are scalping? Suggest swing/scalp under 3.5or 4.5 goals on footy/ Not may games have over 4.5 goals. Check out soccer stats website. That will build bank. Also increase your bet size as trading means you are not actually risking all the bet as you trade out. Hope that helps.


                              • Originally posted by ingers View Post
                                Seems a lot of trades for the return. I take it you are scalping? Suggest swing/scalp under 3.5or 4.5 goals on footy/ Not may games have over 4.5 goals. Check out soccer stats website. That will build bank. Also increase your bet size as trading means you are not actually risking all the bet as you trade out. Hope that helps.
                                Yes, I am scalping horse racing markets pre race. Trading football sounds interesting, I will check it out after I am comfortable with the horses.

                                Do you trade horses pre race? What return would you consider reasonable from £2 stakes?

                                Thanks for the feedback.