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  • My profit would have been the lesser figure. I am not seeking to delude other people and, sure as hell, I cannot "pull the wool over my own eyes", so common sense dictates it is the lower figure.


    • Originally posted by custard View Post
      My profit would have been the lesser figure. I am not seeking to delude other people and, sure as hell, I cannot "pull the wool over my own eyes", so common sense dictates it is the lower figure.
      Perfect answer Needed to hear it from an experienced trader as I needed to make sure I wasn't missing something.

      Thanks pal


      • Hi all

        Just a quick introduction to myself!

        The names Nathan as you can see.. I have been involved with Betfair for a few years now mainly for purely gambling purposes as opposed to trading. One thing I have always done with my bets is gain an advantage and then lay at lower odds in order to ensure I either get my stake back or I win money. Of course this isn't too far away from trading, in my view I was just protecting myself from any losses whenever I had the chance.

        Now I have decided to move in to trading and after trying a couple of different Betfair Trading Software's I found AGT to be the one for me and have mainly been trading football, as that is where my knowledge lies. My favourite market is in the Total Goals and so far I have a fantastic strike rate.

        My hope is to one day become proficient in pre-race trading on the horses. I have done some so far, but mainly to get used to reading the graphs and finding trends etc.

        Anyway I don't want to go on writing an essay so I will look forward to making contributions to the forum as my knowledge develops!



        • Hello Everybody

          My name is Tiago and I live in Lisbon,Portugal. I am currently working as an IT Consultant. I have a big passion for new technologies and after a few experiments I seem to have found a passion for trading as well.

          My other hobbies include airsoft, travelling and enjoying nice wine.

          A few minutes ago I invested in a license of Geeks Toy. I had tried it out a long time ago when it was still free but since I did not have too much free time on my hands I never started thinking about trading more seriously.
          Now my next goal is to go through the manual, as painful and time consuming it may be im sure it will be worth it specially when it comes to preventing stupid mistakes


          • Hi TM

            Good luck on your journey! Just wanted to say in addition to the manual you can find some clips about setting up the toy on my youtube channel may save you some time reading through!
            Edges are ten-a-penny, execution is everything

            Read My FULL-TIME Racing Traders Blog Here!!
            T F YouTube


            • Thanks chuck! I will definitly have a look


              • Today was my first day with the TGT, and I immediately purchased the lifetime subscription, it's definitely a value deal.
                I spent two weeks reading this forum, the information is priceless, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel, although I need at least 2 more weeks to read just the important stuff.

                I never gambled, I'm an arber by nature, I don't care about any sport or any outcome of any event as long as there is profit to be made, I'm as sharp as it gets. Imho as long as you have a basic understanding of any sport you can trade it, it might be even better to work "mechanically" rather than "emotionally". Looking for a nice Excel that helps me keep track of my trades, working on it now, I love maths, graphs, statistics, although I tend to believe having common sense and/or an understanding of market behavior/odds movements can bring you very far.

                I hope I can become a valuable member of this forum and help others too.


                • Hello everyone,

                  Back to betting/trading after a few years. Interested in trading, particulary in tennis trading as it is to me most comfortable. Other sports just dont click to me although a love football. Thanks all of the community here to help all newbies out there to make their first steps safer. :Brilliant
                  Hoping that in future i will be able to help someone with my experience.
                  Best of luck to all


                  • Welcome to the mad house everyone.

                    What's new in version 1.2


                    • Hello everyone, I am a former poker player looking to switch my activity to my primary passion which is sports.

                      Been reading different forums and I want to go towards trading pre event for horse racing and football (soccer) and possibly add in game trading for tennis and basketball as I gain confidence and experience.

                      I know this might be a lot but I am willing to put the effort that is necessary to become a successful trader. I have read about 5 ebooks in the past few days. Some were bad, others terrible, all and all I learned way more on the forums so far...


                      • Hi! I'm Tim and I'm 25 from anywhere. I joined Betfair in Sep '13 but didn't start trading the Horses until Nov '13. I ever search for such an oppurtunity to change my life completley and decided to learn pre-horse race trading. I see the potential and i will go for it and crack it for the freedom, out of the rat-system. I know its a long hard way, but i will go this road and maybe one day i will post "i΄m 1 of 5000 people who cracked it". :-)

                        Cheers Amigos




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                          • Nice people, i really like it from the start ;-)


                            • Hello everyone!

                              My name is Toni,was born in Italy,but grew up in Lithuania,currently living in England since 2010.

                              Being in trading bussiness since then. Also playing poker.

                              I use to come to this forum for last couple of years,unfortunately due to lack of my english skills haven't registered all that time. Just now decided to do so. Anyway I am very pleased with community in this forum,every member seems very helpful.

                              Hopefully one day I will help somebody with any issue.


                              • Nice post Toni,

                                cheers, MC