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  • hello world

    hello world

    Amazing to see that in this "industry" there are some great guys.

    I came to betfair after i got bored with punting, started punting after got bored with something else.......
    First i thought "WOW its easy, those guys do it every single day....blah blah blah". But soon realized those were just ads, which almost determined me to buy.
    For some time now, can't remember exactly i discovered the Geek and his toy(brilliant) can do almost what ever the user wants it to do, and "big WOW" its free.
    It's great to see how someone whom i never met, probably never will is willing to help me.
    Great job, keep it up.


    • Hi All,

      I'm Free, a sports trader crazy about the Toy! Love at the first sight...I go immediately to make my donation



      • :Brilliant

        It's free and the Best


        • Melbourne Chapter

          Seeing there are so many of us from Melbourne trying to overcome being half a world away and scalping after midnight on UK races, is there any virtue in interested parties gathering for a beer at some point?!!

          Great software!


          • hi all !

            i'm pleased to have joined this forum as an active user of GT! hope to contribute more in the future.

            back to trading dundalk!



            • hello there

              Would like to welcome you to using TGT and hope you have a very profitable time and enjoy the forum :Welcome. By far this software is the best free bit of kit around i personally love to use.


              • Hi All,

                My name is Joe and I'm from Lancashire, Started trying to trade about 2 years ago with Bet Devil and blew my first bank, dabbled a bit with other software with very little success, still learning just need more discipline. Then I came across this site, what a great community very friendly with great advice. After downloading the Toy I was very impressed with the speed. many thanks to the geek for all his hard work what a guy. Hoping to contribute with my own knowledge one day.

                Wishing everyone every success


                • Hi guys, just stumbled across this...can't believe I haven't found it before!

                  Have played around with BD and BFExplorer, mostly interested in low-risk stuff like arbitrage and market making (I'm an actuary by profession, so I guess I'm fairly prudent by nature...but also like getting my brain round the scary maths of arb etc)

                  As such would appreciate a few pointers to automation and market making on GT... (for example is there the equivalent of the "make market" button that is in Bet Devil?)

                  Like to think I'm fairly handy with Excel so happy to help with VBA etc



                  • Hello everybody!

                    As I'm a newbie I thought I'll say hello here!

                    Where to start... lol. I "found" betfair a couple of months back and decided to develop a system for Laying Greyhounds. That worked well until the bad weather decided to show itself. Hopefully it may be something I can pick up again next year when the weathers better.

                    In the search for the so called "holy grail" I came across the term greening up... and then to trading. I have dabbled in Forex but found its too risky, especially the way each week (or so it seems) a different country announces a major financial crisis.

                    I'm not looking at becoming a full time trader as my job security is more important and being able to do the usual of providing for the family. However I do want to look at starting trading in the evenings (dogs?) and weekends (dogs? and horses?). I dont want to be a millionaire (although it would be nice) all I am looking for is that little bit extra that can be saved for a rainy day, towards a holiday, etc.

                    I think thats enough of an inroduction... maybe too much Time to start reading through some posts I think!



                    • TT

                      Originally posted by Timstertoo View Post
                      New to this forum?

                      New to betting and trading in general?

                      Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself!
                      can't believe iv'e just found TT, must have had my head in the sand!!!
                      one word (GOBSMACKED) what a brilliant peace of kit, and forum
                      many thanks

                      ( just because your not paranoid, doesn't mean there all not out to get you)


                      • Just saying hello,

                        I get the feeling there are not enough hours in the day to get a grip on everything in this forum, let alone the Trading game.

                        Stumbled upon this site recently while researching Betfair price fluctuations and I think I may be around for quite a while.

                        Been a punter for 25 years in a non-professional capacity, horses mainly (UK) but have a very good general sports knowledge, so always try to put my money where my mouth is. Golf's probably my other betting sport, but get a kick out of just 'being right', regardless of whether there's money on it.

                        Just dipping my toe into the trading lark, though have used Betfair for many years. I'd like to think that one could combine good knowledge of a sport with knowledge of the market but feel this might need two brains rather than one...

                        Looking forward to finding out.


                        • Hi all, i'm MrBReal and i'm from Bologna, Italy. I started trying to trade about 2/3 month ago, from yesterday i try with The Toy. Now I'm trading on soccer, tennis and basketball.



                          • you recently joined !

                            Spend some time reading the forums, and more importantly read the PDF help file that goes together with TT, to exploit all possibilities and customisations, or click every '?' you see on the different tabs in the program.

                            Don't hesitate to ask 'stupid' questions, some real clever and helpful members willing to answer wherever possible, and always welcome to participate here at TG's madhouse!


                            • Hi there. I'm Mr Beard. I'm a mister and I have a beard.

                              I've only started trading recently with minimum stakes on the horses and have started fairly well. Just going to take it one day at a time and try to learn as much as I can from you clever clever people.

                              Really impressed with the Toy and the forum.


                              • Hideeee Hi

                                Hi Fellow Followers of Fantasy's. Pleased to be amongst you all in the persuit of the impossible dream:

                                I am from down under (New Zealand) and like most of you have tried everything from wringing my hands in despair to hanging out the washing on the losers line: (With a few wins in between) (Just a few):

                                While losing is to be avoided at all costs it seems to follow me around like a bad smell: However, I must admit that since stumbling on THE GEEKS TOY a new horizon has come into view: The layout is fantastic and brilliantly displayed to make losing more enjoyable :

                                Over the years I have tried every game in town and cannot claim to have mastered any of them even though I have walked away a WINNER on occasion never to return knowing that "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" so spent my winnings wisely in the pub and on the dog tracks: Yes---You may laugh)

                                Since joining the good company in THE GEEKS TOY I really have enjoyed sharing the good news with the bad and hope to go on in an enlightened way with the help of all the information which the forum generously supplies:

                                My promise to you all is that should I stumble on the "Holy Grail" I will gladly share it with you all, and ask nothing in return other than your sympathy on an almost daily basis when I lose:

                                Anyway, good luck mates: Upwards and Onwards: