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  • Charles49
    The rain (and a bit of hail) has pounded down here in the last day or so, therefore expect heavy rated tracks in many areas.
    Here are the venues for Saturday. Tips will follow shortly. Nice to see the flirtation with the bush meetings is over and sanity can now return.

    CAULFIELD: Track Soft(6)
    R2 no 4 Awash 3rd
    R4 no 3 Miraval Rose Won $1.80
    R6 no 2 Vilana 3rd
    R7 no 1 Arkansaw Kid 2nd
    R8 no 10 Muramasa
    R9 no 1 Revolutionary Miss Won $3.70
    R10 no 8 Ghaanati Won $4

    ROSEHILL: Track Soft (7)
    R2 no 3 Celestial Fury

    DOOMBEN: Track Soft (6)
    R2 no 2 Felix The Scat 3rd
    R6 no 3 Acquitted Won $3.70
    R9 no 3 Knights Choice Won $5.20

    ASCOT: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 3 Diamond Scene Won $2.50
    R2 no 9 Yonga Lass Won $2.80
    R3 no 6 Hang Glider
    R4 no 8 Desennea Won $4.30
    R5 no 2 Mungo Jerry
    R6 no 2 Belgrano Belle 2nd
    R7 no 5 Augment 4th
    R8 no 7 Duchess of Gossip 4th
    R9 no 16 Oscar's Fortune 2nd
    R10 no 12 Upper Limits 3rd

    MR9 no 3 Thassophile Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

    MR2 no 4 Awash 3rd
    MR6 no 2 Vilana 3rd
    MR8 no 10 Muramasa

    MR7 no 8 Vivy Air e/w $7.50 3rd
    SR6 no 6 Knife's Edge e/w @ $25

    SR9 no 6 Parry Sound e/w @ $12
    SR10 no 3 Sebonack e/w @ $10

    Please gamble
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  • Charles49
    Yes I made a bad call in favour of India in the Cricket World Cup. Statistically, unbeaten India had the game at their mercy, and with 99% of the crowd cheering them on they should have beaten Australia easily. But they overestimated their ability, and once the likes of Kohli departed for 54 that was the end of the penny section and it was curtains after that. Big surprise was Australia winning the toss and deciding to bowl. The strategy worked as their homework suggested batting second on a better wicket was preferable, thanks to the arrival of the nightly dew. Personally I thought Travis Head's catch to dismiss Rohit Sharma was the big turning point. You just don't catch balls that are running ahead and to the left of you, and whilst you are wearing a cap, and blue coloured sunglasses. But somehow he did and when Lady Luck embraces you then good things happen, and that was the case as when it was his turn to bat he managed a masterful 137 which ensured the Cup travels south to Australia.
    No more cricket tips from me. Its back to the horses!
    The silly season is still with us with the city races in Melbourne and Sydney venturing out into the country. Results therefore can be harder to predict so bet cautiously at these venues. Best venue on Saturday is at Ascot where the Group 1 Railway Stakes will be run and won. Mate of mine has Tuvalu running in Race 8. Jamie Kah takes the ride and she is a top jock. Its a horse with a lot of ability and tries its heart out every time it runs. Wife has Loburn Lass (Ran 2nd) going around in Race 3 at Cairns today (Friday). Drawn the visitors alley but has speed so should get to the front. Trainer isn't gung-ho about its chances but its an honest mare so should run a reasonable race. I have one going around on Saturday at Inverell in the last in the form of Skreatch (Ran 6th). Its drawn the carpark and coming back in distance, however this isn't a strong field so I'm optimistic it will at least run a place. Fingers crossed.! Wife also has Strawberry Lady (Ran 6th) running at Grafton on Sunday in Race 4. Its form is rubbish and despite lots of early hype about its future its been a very disappointing conveyance. Trainer has been very patient so hopefully the Lady will mature and run a decent race otherwise its off to the sale ring.

    Here are Saturdays racing venues. Tips will follow, and then the late mail, after which the In Play sign goes up and we are off and running..
    Updates wont occur until after the end of the race card as I'm off to the city for a long lunch on Saturday! May the punting gods be kind to you.

    CRANBOURNE: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 1 Warmonger
    R4 no 6 Haaracaine Won $7.70
    R10 no 5 Jimmysstar Won $2.60

    KEMBLA GRANGE: Track Heavy(8)
    R1 no 1Touristic 4th
    R2 no 2 Tribeca Star 4th
    R3 no 3 With Your Blessing Won $4.10
    R5 no 4 Burning Need
    R7 no 3 Osipenko 3rd
    R9 no 5 Headwall 3rd

    DOOMBEN: Track Soft (6)
    R1 no 5 Kureder Won $3.10
    R3 no 6 Thankful Heart 4th
    R6 no 1 Cacofonix 4th
    R9 no 10 The Catch

    ASCOT: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 3 Diamond Scene Abandoned
    R2 no 9 Playz With Fire 2nd
    R3 no 6 Starry Heights Won $4.60
    R4 no 11 Something Royal
    R5 no 1 Casino Seventeen 2nd
    R6 no 2 Magnificent Andy 2nd
    R8 no 1 Tuvalu
    R9 no 9 Triple Jay

    ASCOT R8 no 7 Alsephina Started Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

    CRAN R10 no 5 Jimmysstar Won $2.60
    ASCOT R5 no 1 Casino Seventeen 2nd
    ASCOT R8 no 1 Tuvalu

    KG: R7 no 7 Palmetto e/w $34
    CRAN: R4 no 5 Chihuly e/w @ $6 3rd
    CRAN: R10 no 1 Tasman Park e/w @ $9 4th

    Cheers 'n' Beers
    Please gamble responsibly.

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  • Charles49
    The weekend is fast approaching so here are the venues for Saturday's races. Tips will follow with the bulk tomorrow and then the late mail will surface early Saturday morning AEST.
    The silly season is upon us and that heralds the dispatch of racing out into the sticks to venues such as Newcastle (south of Sydney) and to the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane).
    Makes it harder to pick winners so be cautious if backing selections in these two venues.
    Good luck with your investments.
    There is also a cricket match happening in India in the next 12 hours or so. Cant see the Aussie team getting up here as they against a strong Indian side and a hostile crowd. India are at $1.45 as I write so even though I'm normally against backing odds on I'm having a bet on India to win this one.

    CAULFIELD: Track Good (4)
    R2 no 10 Forbidden City
    R3 no 3 Rhinoceros 4th
    R4 no 7 Commemorative 4th
    R5 no 11 Sghirripa 3rd
    R6 no 2 Brave Mead 2nd
    R7 no 2 Coeur Volante 4th
    R8 no 11 Magic Time Won $4.60
    R9 no 3 Brayden Star
    R10 no 2 She Dances 3rd

    NEWCASTLE: Track Good (4)
    R3 no 2 Rematch Won $3.90
    R5 no 2 King Of The Castle 4th
    R8 no 3 King of Sparta 2nd
    R9 no 8 Sweet Mercy
    R10 no 1 Much Much Better

    SUNSHINE COAST: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 6 Barbie's Sister 2nd
    R2 no 5 Rising Pacific
    R4 no 4 Helluva Barty 2nd
    R5 no 8 Colleagues 4th
    R6 no 6 Hardware Lane
    R8 no 3 Dune Forty Five Won $11
    R9 no 1 Prince Of Boom
    R10 no 1 Party For Two 2nd

    ASCOT: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 7 Mountain Ash 2nd
    R2 no 2 Special Sort
    R3 no 12 Yonga Lass Won $2.40
    R4 no 1 Alsephina 2nd
    R5 no 3 Keishi Boom Won
    R6 no 7 Duchess of Gossip 3rd
    R7 no 5 Red Can Man
    R8 no 3 Oscar's Fortune 2nd
    R9 no 7 Saloon Bar Abandoned

    MR4 no 12 Miraval Rose Started Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
    MR6 No 1 Arkanshaw Kid Started Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
    MR10 no 1 Queen Of The Ball Started 2nd Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

    ASC R5 no 3 Keishi Boom Won
    SUN R9 no 1 Prince Of Boom
    NEWC R10 no 1 Much Much Better

    MR7 no 8 Vivy Air e/w @ $25
    NEW R3 no 15 Leica Model e/w @ $13
    MR8 no 9 Buffalo River e/w @ 30/1

    Cheers'n' Beers
    Please gamble responsibly
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  • Charles49
    Thanks Firky for your reply. What's happened here is there have been a number of dead heats in recent times and this has raised the question of technology and is it up to to modern expectations and standards. I suspect that there are a number of non metropolitan courses that have had the same technology for a decade or more and they have avoided the cost of replacement equipment because its expensive and the reality is that it works fine for say 98% of the time. Whilst the decision has always been to view the head as the point of where the decision has been made there are some who have suggested that in the event of a photo not being able to split a dead-heat then the foot could be used to determine the winner. That one hasn't proceeded anywhere however the call for better technology is a fair and reasonable one imho as we should in this day and age be able to utilise technology to correctly determine the first three (and in some cases the first four) placings. There is a lot of money wagered on horse racing in Oz and I for one think its imperative that we get it 100% correct. I did read that one punter who backed No 11 which was the odds on favourite in the above photo had the photo examined by a company with state of the art technology and they gave the decision to number 11 as the winner. If you look closely it does appear that No 11 has reached the line first however there is a bees dick in it and one cant blame the Pakenham race Club for calling it a dead heat.
    Does the same happen in Great Britain or do they have a better standard of technology when it comes to photo finishes?

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  • Firkinelle
    I'd say the far horse won because it's foot has broken the line. I'm probably completely wrong, I usually am lol.

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  • Charles49
    Here is a photo from yesterdays races. Question for you. Which horse was declared the winner and why or was it a dead heat?

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  • Charles49
    Well another Melbourne Cup has been run and won. Fortunes won and lost with a nice story amongst the after race tales of a young man who outlaid a couple of dollars on the first four and won just over $102,000. That's a nice kick start in life!! We did manage to find the winner and second placed horse amongst the first three across the line and were a tad unlucky with Daqiansweet Junior at 100/1 which finished 5th. It was a cracker of a run and only needed clear air to finish in the placings. The good news was that the winner in a sweep was my ticket and that returned a very nice sum. Bring on next years race.!!
    A couple of other Cup success stories have come to light. A homeless man in New Zealand managed to turn $5 into 100K and another punter managed to collect $2.7m from a successful First Four bet!!
    Fields and tips for Saturdays races will go up in the next couple of days and lets hope the good news keeps flowing. On a completely different subject I watched Glen Maxwell bat in the World Cricket Competition last night where Australia played Afghanistan. He was suffering from serious cramps and a scoreline that clearly favoured Afghanistan when he arrived at the crease but somehow he managed to hit 201 runs not out. It was probably the most courageous innings by any Australian batsman that I have ever witnessed. Very inspirational!!
    Tips for Saturday's racing will commence to go up on Friday and as soon as I finish on Saturday morning (Aust time) the In Play sign will go up and we will be off and running.
    Last race at Ascot finishes at 9.40am London time.
    Good luck with your investments.

    FLEMINGTON: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 6 Von Hauke 2nd
    R2 no 5 Parisal 2nd
    R3 no 6 Schwarz Won $2.50
    R4 no 11 So Dazzling e/w
    R6 no 4 Star Patrol
    R7 no 1 Mr Brightside ..2nd....obvious dangers are No 2 Alligator Blood 3rd and no 6 Fangirl 4th
    R8 no 4 West Wind Blows

    ROSEHILL: Track Good (4)
    R2 no 1 Caboche 3rd
    R3 no 5 Eagle Nest Won $3.50
    R5 no 12 Shadows Of Love Won $2.80
    R6 no 4 Call Di 2nd
    R8 no 16 Fawkner Park e/w @ $20
    R9 No 1 Gringotts 3rd
    R10 no 10 Gustosisimo Won $3.70

    DOOMBEN: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 1 Head Honcho 2nd
    R4 no 3 Fifth Position
    R5 no 4 Victory Win
    R8 no 10 Zarastro 2nd
    R10 no 15 Storm The Fortress

    ASCOT: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 4 Onemoretwomany Won $2.30
    R2 no 8 Run Pattie Run 2nd
    R3 no 5 Diamond Scene Won $2.70
    R4 no 6 Deamber Won $5.20
    R5 no 7 Cosmic Crusader 4th
    R6 no 1 Casino Seventeen 4th
    R7 no 2 Zipaway 4th
    R8 no 9 Bustler
    R9 no 5 Celebrity Prince 2nd

    MR4 no 2 Duke De Sessa Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won
    MR6 no 8 Imperatrix Won $2.20 Lay Bet Lost

    DOOM R5 no 4 Victory Win
    DOOM R8 no 10 Zarastro 2nd

    SR4 no 1 Rajnish e/w @ 15/1 2nd
    SR8 no 8 Hope In Your Heart e/w @ $20
    ASC R2 no 2 Home James e/w @ $20 3rd

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  • Charles49
    Its Melbourne Cup time ...the race that stops a nation. Where fortunes are won and lost and everyone has their favourite stories to tell even if they told the same story last year and the year before that. Its always run on the first Tuesday of November so office workers front up for work eager to be part of the office sweeps and armed with the knowledge that it will be lunch time soon where they will down a few of their favourite drinks and dream about what they will do with the money if the 50/1 shot they have backed salutes.
    One of my favourite stories is about a group of nuns who were convinced that the only female rider in the 2015 Melbourne Cup had a strong chance to win because God had told them so. Despite the 100/1 price on offer the nuns collected all their loose coins and a few notes and backed Michelle Payne to succeed on Prince of Penzance. Of course having God on your side is a big advantage and the Prince duly saluted and the nuns were rewarded for their faith.
    A book was published about the story of Michelle Payne titled "Ride Like A Girl" and it's a good read as she was one of ten kids in a family that was penniless. Her brother was Stevie Payne and his part is heartwarming.
    This year is no exception in that overseas entries are the ones that receive most of the interest in our press and on television. Front and center is the Irish galloper and current favourite Vauban. He's no slouch and the reports around him are excellent. Australian hopes lie with the likes of Gold Trip (last years winner) and Without A Fight. Also think Breakup is a rough chance at odds.
    Selections will go up shortly after I have had a consultation with my fortune teller, soothsayer and clairvoyant.!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Have been through the Cup field and narrowed the chances down to 5. They are Vauban ($4.50), Soulcombe, ($11) 2nd Without A Fight,(6.50) WON Lastotchka ($20) and Gold Trip($7). If roughies are your go then try Daqiansweet Junior ($91) or Okita Soushi ($91) or Breakup ($20)
    I like having a go at the big sweeps on offer so the wife and I purchased one entry each. She got Daqiansweet Junior and I finished up with Without A Fight. (WON) Champagne will flow if either of these two salute!!
    For the record my top three in order are: Vauban, Without A Fight WON and Gold Trip.:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Its race day today (Tuesday) so best of luck to anyone who has a wager in this years Cup. Its the toughest race to bet on in our annual racing calendar.
    Not to be outdone the wife has been through the form too and has come up with her own selections which I will post here as her selections are always well founded and strangely always different to mine!!

    For the win she likes Breakup with strong chances given to Absurde and Vauban. Her roughie is Daqiansweet Junior which she drew in the sweep.
    (She also has Loburn Lass running today at Townsville in Race 3 where she is topweight and not without a chance).

    May the punting gods be kind to you today.

    And the VicBet Dividend results were:
    1. Without A Fight $9.10 Win $3.40 place
    2. Solcombe $3.50 place
    3, Sheraz. $18.00 place
    Trifecta paid $10,670.10
    First Four Dividend was $332,291.10
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  • Charles49
    Thanks Firkinelle...........nice to be back again although completely stuffed and missed out on much needed beauty sleep!! Cheers
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  • Firkinelle
    Good to have you back Charles

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  • Charles49
    Well the France Rugby World Cup is now done and dusted and thanks to a long return flight from Paris via Dubai I'm now back in Oz. As promised I will try and get a few tips up for this Saturday. The good news is whilst I was away the wife had another win with Loburn Lass which makes a total of seven wins for her favourite horse, and not to be outdone my little fellow Screatch managed to salute for his first win at the nice odds of $18. He is a dual acceptor for a run early next week and as soon as I know where he will race I'll post that info up on here. Update: Looks like he will run in Race 1 at Coffs Harbour on Saturday in a 1600m race with a 1.5 kilo claimer on top. As we know from past experience few horses win their maiden and then go on to win their next race so the odds are against him stats wise, but he has drawn well in barrier 3 so fingers crossed he can defy the odds .Currently he is third fav at $4..
    Loburn Lass has been nominated for Race 3 at Townsville on Nov 7th. She is topweight in a BM80 race over 1000m. Drawn barrier 2 which will help. Providing she can carry the weight she will be a chance. Only needs $7,260 in prizemoney to top $100k in prizemoney earnings so fingers crossed she can grab the thick end of the prizemoney on offer.
    There are some interesting races ahead culminating with the time honoured Melbourne Cup on Tuesday. I will try and get the tips for the Cup and other races up in plenty of time so you can have a go at Australia's number one horse race. Its the race that stops a nation here. Our history of picking Cup winners has been reasonably good so fingers crossed we can do it again this year.
    In the meantime lets see if we can find some winners for you amongst Saturdays program.

    FLEMINGTON: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 1 Brave Mead 3rd
    R3 no 6 Rose Quartz 4th
    R6 no 2 Cylinder
    R7 no 4 Riff Rocket Won $2.40
    R8 no 3 Hope In Your Heart e/w
    R9 no 5 Tamerlane 4th

    ROSEHILL: Track Good (4)
    R3 no 5 Queenmaker 4th
    R7 no 1 Think About It 3rd
    R8 no 5 Kovalica e/w
    R10 No 3 Way To The Stars Won $3

    EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 2 Perfect Mission 3rd
    R2 no 3 Devine Force Won $2
    R3 no 3 Fifth Position 2nd
    R4 no 3 Bonded Affair 3rd
    R8 no 8 Ekaterina Won $2.50

    ASCOT: Track Soft (5)
    R1 no 4 Special Sort Won $2.30
    R2 no 6 Malkar Pindari Won $2
    R3 no 1 Oscar's Fortune Won $1.65
    R4 no 2 Bonnie Lad 4th
    R5 no 9 Metallon
    R6 no 4 Rear Admiral 3rd
    R7 no 1 Red Can Man 3rd
    R8 no 7 Alsephina 2nd
    R9 no 9 Brooklyn Pier 2nd

    MR7 no 1 Apulia Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
    MR9 no 1 Vilana Ran Unplaced Lay Bet Won

    MR1 no 1 Brave Mead 3rd
    MR7 no 4 Riff Rocket Won $2.40
    SR7 no 1 Think About It 3rd

    FLEM; R6 no 4 Veight e/w @ $16
    ROSE: R8 no 12 Obamburumai e/w @$13 Won

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  • Charles49
    Thanks Guys,
    Will be a while yet as I'm off to France to watch the Rugby World Cup. Booked it a long time ago when Australia had a chance of making the finals.
    Now that Australia is amongst the also rans (and likely to be there again next time around!) I'm left with having to barrack for someone else.
    Still the food and wine in France is always first class so that will be some comfort and compensation!!
    Maybe the first Saturday in November is a good comeback target??
    Thanks again for your kind words.

    Charles 49.
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  • Firkinelle
    Yes come on Charles get back up an running

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  • filthy_muck
    A few months is over Charles - time you returned and gave us those comprehensive tipping selections!

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  • Charles49
    Thanks Firky for your kind words. I'll do my best to drink and eat and enjoy the experience. Cheers

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