Betfair/Betdaq trading glossary beginning with S



Technique when you exit your position with more than a sinlge bet.


Person, trying to profit from small price movements in the market without knowing the commodity. 


Type of trading using short term moves in prices.


Closing a trade at the same price as you opened it, or with a small loss.

Short-term trading

Type of trading where you aim to close your trades quickly.

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Money offered that is not intened to be matched, in an attempt to influence the market direction.


The amount of money used for a bet.


Term for a strong downtrend.

Stop Loss

Automated bet placed by the software when a position moves against you.


A chart point or range that caps a decrease in the level of a price over a period of time. An area of support or support level indicates that the price is finding it difficult to break through.

Sure Bet

Betting on something in a way that you can not lose. Example: if we can match a bet on each player in a single tennis match at a price of 2.5, we have a guarenteed win.

Suspend / Suspended

A time, either temporary or permanent, where bets can not be placed on the market.


Trading technique to describe the intention to profit from large / longer term price movements.

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