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You cannot compare the toy to any other application, nothing else weighs up. Im so impressioned by all the custom options. My favorite toy after only 1 day of use, WOW!
Trialled most of the other commercial apps. and without doubt this is the best by far. Congratulations to the Geek and all involved for an excellent product.
What a great piece of kit!! If you have used other trading software in the past you will appreciate just how good it is.
Not quite sure how I found this website but am bloody glad I did! having used other products for a year or so I can confidently say for my own trading then Geeks Toy beats them all. One word sums it up perfectly. Superb
This is quite an amazing application I would recommend trying it and seeing how good it is for yourself.
I can however say for speed and consistancy the toy beats any other software i have come across.
Quite simply.... The BEST trading software on the market
The toy is the nuts! been trading for a few months now with the help of the toy, i've not used any other software for trading on BF but thats because i really dont need to!! the toy has everything i need and a little more, along with the dedication of updates from the geek you simply couldnt ask for much more!!
What a fantastic piece of software way ahead of everything else i have used. Please keep the hard work up can only get better & continue to be the best...
I have used every bot there is and the only thing I can say is HOLY F**K

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