While there have been a few minor glitches I have basically always been happy with the Toy.

However no one likes to be missing out so I thought I would take advantage of a few free trials to check what else is out there.

The fact I am back here should tell you everything.

Thought I would try the main market rival first so I downloaded Betan***. I swear the layout is a disaster area for me and no matter how I tried I couldn't get my head round about it at all. Even finding the next horse race was a nightmare at time. It's fast enough but the Geek layout is much less complicated and far better laid out.Big draw back is greening up took a lot of getting used to and it's way too expensive for what it is and I felt like I would have to take a degree in Rocket Science if I wanted to continue using it

***** isn't too bad at all and has a great feature for Dutching where you can add a selection as a saver with a single click. Should that added selection win you win zero and lose zero but the big draw back was getting matched.I very very rarely miss out when placing a bet with the Toy I missed out dozens of times with Gr*** especially when trying to green up.

I cam across another one and some guy was saying use this bot you can win 50% of the time. His example was back the fav and place a lay 20 point less....so if you put 10 pounds on at 2.5 it automatically puts in a lay 2.1 for 11.90 you would win 1.90p if the horse hits 2.1..........so winning 50% of the time if my calculations are right you would lose 50 pounds and win 9.50......Takes about 10 minutes to do your own spreadsheet for that so probably the most useless bot out there.

Others I tried 8 in total were basically trading and useless for just placing bets or dutching etc and none were faster or more reliable than The Toy.

I have no axe to grind here I am just a simple user like the rest of you but my advice is if you are thinking of changing or think the grass might be greener on the other side..........don't waste your time you have the best already