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  • asian handicap markets

    been paper trading the markets , but today switched to playing them in demo mode , anyway trading 2 different ladder scores on there , now a goal markets reopen , the cash out says £13.63 green hit that button the market dont cash me out the geeks puts bets in but nothing happens im sitting on a loss , as an example the geeks has put a back bet in at £6.30 in at 3.18 the lay price is now 3.31 , the lay bet on the other ladder is just sat there as the back price goes past it , now i know its demo mode , but this will be the same as real mode so if i play 2 ladders can the geek not handle the maths and result in me losing ? due to not cashing out correctly

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    screenshot as you can see can cash out for profit but bet sat there as lay price shoots past the back bet in demo mode it still matches right ?


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      and other ladder again back bet waiting as lay price goes past