Geeks Toy first instalation

An error occurs when I try to install the application.

Known Issue: You don’t have sufficient permissions on your PC to perform the installation. 

Solution: Either log in yourself using an account with administrator access, or ask somebody with an administrator account to install the application for you.


Known Issue: The install file has become corrupted during download.

Solution: As most browsers cache ( stores a temporary copy locally ) you need to download & install from the alternative link provided on the download page.

I have installed the application successfully, but when I start it up for the first time I get an error / crash.

Known Issue: Corrupt Installation

Solution: Uninstall the application via Windows control panel & then install again.


Known Issue: Corrupt Microsoft .NET framework installation.

Solution: Reinstall / Repair the Microsoft .NET framework 2. To do this…


Windows XP (

Windows 7 / Vista (


.NET Framework Setup Verification Tool (

The very first time I try to log into the application I get a message “New user validation error”

Known Issue: Our validation server may be temporarily busy / down / out of action.

Solution: Wait 5 minutes & try again. 


Known Issue: Your firewall / security software is blocking the application.

Solution: Ensure your firewall whitelists the application.


Known Issue: Your firewall / security software is blocking our validation server.

Solution: Ensure your firewall enables access to both and

I am getting an error when trying to submit my details via the Betfair Vendor Software Activation page.

Known Issue: The password for your Betfair account contains non Latin characters. { A-Z, a-z, 0-9 }

Solution: Log into the Betfair website and change your Betfair password to something that only contains Latin letters or numbers. Once you have logged into the application for the first time, you can change your Betfair password back again.

I am getting the following crash bug when starting up / logging into the application….

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at AGeeksToy.frmMain.ctor()

at AGeeksToy.frmMain.Main()


Known Issue: One of the data files the application uses has become corrupted.

Solution: Locate your settings folder and then delete the following files..







If the above doesn't fix it, try the solution here.


All other errors if the application was working OK on your system previously

Known Issue: A Windows update or other software installation has goofed up your Windows or .NET framework installation.

Solution: If the application was working correctly previously, perform a Windows system restore to a point in time when the application was last working properly.

When starting the application I am getting one or more of the following errors…

“Access To c:\PROGRAMDATA\ageekstoy\settings1.1\someXMLfile.x ml is denied”


Known Issuse: This is a file access permissions issue in Windows 7 / Vista caused by using an earlier version of the application in Administrator mode.

Solution 1: Set the current version to administrator mode. Right click the applications desktop icon & select properties from the menu. Next select the compatibility tab, and check “Run this program as an administrator”. Click Apply / OK.


Solution 2: 

  1. Back up your settings to our server using Cloud Settings -> Backup Settings from the Main Info Bar Menu. Now shut down the application.
  2. Next delete your settings folder.
  3. Finally restore your settings to our server using Cloud Settings -> Restore Settings from the Main Info Bar Menu.

I have signed up to the forum with either the same user name or password as my Betfair / Betdaq account.

Issue: In order to link your Betfair or Betdaq account to your forum name, for your own security you can not use the same user name or passwoord that you use for Betfair / Betdaq.

Solution: If you have used an identical password, either change the password on your Betfair / Betdaq Account, or change your forum password here. (

Solution: If you have used the same forum name as your Betfair / Betdaq account, you will need to register for this forum again with a new forum name.

I Can't log in due to a security certificate problem.

Issue: This usually occurs when your PC clock is not set correctly.

Solution: Ensure the date, time & timezone for your location is set correctly on your PC.

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