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Login Problem

June 30, 2021
Now it stopped worked again so i restarded windows and am able to login again, strange bug...

Eng v Ger 2021

June 30, 2021
Hi, in general for EURO, odds are moving quite well reflecting whats going on on pitch. A pity my stream has at least 20 sec delay :eek:

Live Video

June 8, 2021
I am a fan of fighting and the UFC and I own a FireStick. Here is a great article that describes the process - Pretty useful source for those who loves streaming

Weird flashing bug

June 4, 2021
Grid view. Unmatched bets window floating. Other bet windows docked.

If I place an SP bet first (which goes in unmatched SP bets window) and then place a normal bet (persistency irrelevant) (goes in unmatched bets window) the Unmatched bets window starts flashing and bet placement/editing is hindered.

Only way to stop it is to close and reload market. It will restart doing it if I repeat the sequence.

Any thoughts on what is going on here and if there is a fix (other than docking the window)?



Default Bet Persistence?

May 28, 2021
Great. I'll check that out. Many thanks.

Betfair update affecting Geekstoy?

May 26, 2021
Thanks guys. I just took off my two-step authentication and works now. not ideal but will do for now.

Matched bets not updating ladder/overall position

May 12, 2021
Hi all, wonder if anyone can help.

Been having issues with GT "matching" bets but positions not being updated.

Beginning to cost me - as no issues reported on the API and nobody else seemingly having issues with GT that I can see in the forum, I'm at a loss.

Here's an example (using micro stakes to try and catch the fault) - skip to 20s (I'd already had an example but forgot to press record).
You can hear/see me put a back bet in at 4.8 then the matched bet shows up as avg odds of 4.96 however the ladder and mu overall position is not updated.

I stopped the recording but the same happened on my lay bets - what is then happening is I think I've mis-clicked, enter again and if dripping out end up going against my position by having too much on the lay side.

Any thoughts? Using 1,5b

Canceling unmatched bets

May 12, 2021
Does anybody complain to BF about yesterday outage? Those of you who had matched bets and could not trade out. Did BF void your bets or it is just straight gamble in situation like this? Sorry for invading your thread but I am interested to see the answer to your question as well.

Horse Racing in OZ

April 30, 2021
Just been enjoying a few days at a resort at Coolum which is a coastal area north of Brisbane hence the reason this post is a bit behind, time wise. Still getting over the effects of far too much grog in the system, but its not often I let my hair down, so all is good.
Last week wasn't much fun with plenty of seconds and only 7 winners including the lays.
She who must be obeyed has her little filly in a Class 1 Race at Gunnedah on Monday. Its drawn the outside alley, which is a definite disadvantage, and the horse inside her is also a speedster, so she will probably end up wide on a circuit that doesn't suit being off the rails. Haven't seen a market yet however I would expect her to be around a $8 chance in what is a tough race with several chances. SWMBO will be delighted if her little filly manages to finish in the top three.
On the personal punting scene managed to bet on 22 races this week, despite the fact I had none whilst at Coolum, and managed just 6 winners, 4 seconds, 3 thirds and the rest ran unplaced.
Racing on Saturday for the meetings below commences with the first race at Eagle Farm at 11.30 am AEST, which converts to 2.30am London time, and the last race will be at Ascot at 6.55pm AEST, which is 9.55am London time.
May the punting gods be kind to you all and please stay safe during these difficult times.

R1 no 10 Alpendurada
R2 no 8 Bold Executive
R4 no 2 George's Pride Won $3.75
R5 no 3 Guntantes 2nd
R7 no 1 Apache Chase. 4 Private Eye Won $2.50 is the late mail
R8 no 1 Trekking......Late mail roughie is no 3 Nicconova at $14.
R9 no 2 Fender Won $2.60

R1 no 1 Gleneagles Won $4.30
R4 no 12 Yangtze Rapids
R5 no 5 Athiri
R7 no 3 Ellsberg
R9 no 7 Serena is a rough chance @33/1

R1 no 2 Qeyaady Won $3.30
R2 no 8 Harlem Blues
R3 no 5 Cordilla 2nd
R4 no 3 Grand Promenade Won $2.40
R5 no 7 Dice Roll Won $3.25
R8 no 7 Spring Choice... Won $5...Late mail rough chance is no 4 Man From Uncle @20/1

R1 no 3 Vadette De Star 2nd
R2 no 1 Fatale Femme 3rd
R4 no 1 Come Right Back Won $5.50
R7 no 5 Miss Conteki Won $2.50

MR3 no 9 Altai Ranger Won $3.20. Lay Bet Lost
SR8 no 7 Royal Celebration. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

Cheers 'n' Beers

How to change the tick values in the stop loss function?

April 17, 2021
Go to the settings folder:
C:\ProgramData\AGeeksToy\AGeeksToy\Settings - Betfair
Find and open in any text editor "BetToolsDropListOptions.xml" file
Find section starting with <StopLoss> - there are values inside (like <int>1</int>), change them like you need, save the file and restart GT

High CPU usage when switching markets quickly.

April 12, 2021
This issue is still killing me. Cost me $1600 on Saturday. Are there any solutions out there?

It only happens on busy days when I undertake a hell of a lot of activity. The Toy and my open Chrome Betfair website window essentially stop working after a few hours (and usually a minute before a race I haven't squared out yet - thus the bad result Saturday!).
Bizarrely even if I close The Toy and reopen it the problem still occurs.

Even after a reboot it happens and I don't understand - I thought this would clear memory etc.
Should I do something else?

After a reboot and then closing/restarting The Toy a couple of time it seems to clear up but will reoccur again a few hours later.

I've got a bog standard PC with bog standard Windows, No VPNs or anything.

Any thoughts?



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