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Thread: Better than soccer mystic

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    Dear Geek,

    Let's say I would like to check a new strategy on football match. But it requires a strong home team when it's still 0:0 after first half. Of course I can use practice mode and this is a great stuff but ....I have to wait for that circumstances and I have only one try to do so.
    My idea is, is there any posibility to make an extra program or additive which can record an event or make a database of various meetings where we can still place our bets and check out our strategies?
    I think it would be usefull for any sports and something much, much better then practice mode and soccer mystic.
    I am pretty sure everyone would like to have something like that and pay for this. I would

    Many thanks for the great work so far.

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    Fracsoft offers timestamped historical betfair data

    You are not the first who has thought of this. The reason there are no other alternatives is that Betfair charges software vendors what they call 'Exchange Data Fee'. You have to pay a fixed fee for every settled football match you want to see. If you want to check a new strategy on a football match, The Geek will have to pay 10p to Betfair. If he wants to make a profit, The Geek will have to charge you more than that (Fracsoft charges you 68p).

    Because Betfair value their data and want to charge you for every football match, they will ban any software that doesn't comply with this.

    But there is another way. You can hire a developer who will build a custom bot for you that collects as much data as you want. Find A Developer

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