I am thinking most people here are traders rather than bettors, but I am more interested in betting than trading.

I have very little experience in laying and years of backing. I have always bet on 1 to 4 horses ( when I bet a race), depending on race lay-out and competition (current shape and running style) and odds receiving.

I had a race last weekend where I felt 3 horses were evenly chanced at near 20% win probability each. They were trading at 1.80, 6.80, 8.20 - I backed the longer shots and layed the short (one of my first lays) - well you can guess who won, the 1.80 - which was a much worse result for me than if I backed all 3.

Do many people here lay much? and do you do both lay and back in same race? and is it a 'greening up' type deal or are you using both back and lay as separate profit centers???

I have practice with dutching - but now am looking at what I will call anti-dutching (laying a few horses to have max liability of XX amount).

I am new here and hope to get some discussion going about betting strategy and methods - not necessarily related to pre-race odds movement trading

** craventy