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Thread: Betfair trading on a linux system

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    Default Betfair trading on a linux system

    Hello everyone!

    I have seen a thread created by The Geek to share information how some of you use the AGT Pro on a mac!

    I am a linux user and i boot on windows mainly to use The toy!

    I tried to use wine without success! The only way i found is to use a virtualisation softawre.

    If some of you have other ways of runing AGT Pro on a linux system please let me know!


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    Hello patience,

    I'm afraid as a Linux user, your trading options are severely limited.

    As you've already discovered, the only way to use AGT on Linux is to use virtualisation software. Personally, I found the performance in this mode to be very poor. Not so much the bet placement but the general process of moving around the application - screen redraws in particular were painfully slow, though that may well have been down to my computer and its spec.

    AGT, like any other Microsoft .NET based application will not run under WINE. Wine doesn't have a .NET compatible set of APIs. The Mono project is meant to address that. I believe The Geek had a go at porting The Toy to Mono, but hit a major snag which he was unable to resolve. Given that there's little, if any, payback for him, I don't that he'll be devoting any further time to it. You'll need to ask him that though.

    As for other apps that run on Linux...

    There's the one from across the road, but as that is no longer support on Linux it's debatable whether you would want to subscribe to such a product.

    The only other application that I've managed to get running, through WINE, is Fairypot. It's a rather old fashioned looking app, isn't as fast as AGT, but it works. As does its sister application Betdaq, Daqpot. But at least they are still being developed, supported and run fine on our preferred platform.
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