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Thread: Version 1.1g Released

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    Default Version 1.1g Released

    A new version 1.1g has been released. This release mainly fixes the bugs in the new training mode introduced in the last release.

    One important addition to this release is that the On Market Hedge -> Cancel Bets Then Hedge functionality { accessed via the grid or ladder advanced betting menu } now applies when hedging individual selections as well as the entire market.

    In the event of no serious bugs being reported specific to this release by 10pm GMT on Saturday 14th May, I will be retiring all previous releases.

    Installation Instructions
    This release should install straight over the current versions, and you can download here...

    If you have any issues with the install, try the alternative copy here...

    Vista & Windows 7 users only
    Once installed you need to do the following before use to ensure data updates work correctly & your settings remain between releases.

    1. Paste the following into the title bar of your browser & press enter.... C:\Program Files\The Geek\AGT Pro
    {NB If you have 64 bit Windows use C:\Program Files (x86)\The Geek\AGT Pro}

    2. An explorer window will show with some files in the right hand panel. Right Click the AGT Pro.exe file { the one with TT logo of type Application if you have file extensions switched off.} Select -> properties -> compatibility -> and tick run this program as administrator. { NB Sometimes you can do this by simply right clicking the AGT icon on your desktop instead. }

    Have fun!


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    Default Version 1.1h Released

    A new version 1.1h has been released.

    This includes a couple of bug fixes and a change to the "On Market Hedge -> Cancel Bets Then Hedge" functionality.

    In this version, as in all versions up to and including 1.1f, this only applies to Market Hedging functionality. { I have effectively undone what was added in 1.1g. }

    A new menu option "On Selection Hedge -> Cancel Bets Then Hedge" has been added to allow flexibility between the 2 options.

    Installation instructions the same as for 1.1g above.

    Links are here...

    Have Fun


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