We are seeing increased case numbers and new record numbers of cases but it is impossible to compare them to the previous highs seen in March as we just weren't testing then like we are now. We are currently seeing about 7,000 cases a day reported from the testing which isn't the full picture obviously but despite being a higher daily figure than in March it is thought cases are much lower as the real March figures were around 100,000 cases a day.

More regional tightening of rules are happening, I think I heard something like 25% of the England population is under tighter restrictions, the majority of Wales and Scotland are, not sure about Northern Ireland as we rarely hear on the news about NI.

There is increasing push back to the measures and especially the increasing of rules, especially given that deaths and hospitalisation rates remain relatively low, though compared to Australia they would be said to be very high.

The Government got a very strong telling off in Parliament yesterday for basically being to keen with using their emergency powers and rather than have a vote which the Government was sure to loose due to so many of the Government's own MP's rebelling against them they fudged a deal where they have said if they need to make significant changes again that it will go before MP's to debate and vote on unless it is urgent. So basically the same as before as who decides what is significant etc for example today we have had several million more people told they can't mix households anywhere but there was no vote on it.

The furlough schemes are winding down so job losses are increasing which is feeding into the pushback against the rules as before if you were still getting paid to not work all was good but now reality is hitting a lot of people they are waking up to what it really means.

Despite this house prices and sales are at all time highs with prices rising significantly but the FTSE100 is not. I gave up a long time ago trying to predict such things! More chance of me getting the 1, 2, 3 in the Melbourne Cup!

We have been graced again yesterday by a 10 Downing Street press conference after the previous weeks press conference just by the scientists didn't go down to well when they tried to scare everyone with a chart that said we would have 500,000 cases a day if we don't act before the end of October. So now we are supposedly going to be back to fairly regular press conferences so that they can keep reminding us all of the need to follow the rules etc.

Scotland I believe has never stopped having the Daily Press Conferences!

So overall, large parts of the country are now in increased restriction zones, many areas though have little if any Covid. People are pushing back and getting fed up. Everyone thinks they could have dealt with it better and knows best!

A useful link for you might be the Government stats page that they update each day and has a lot of information, charts etc:

And a link to the Twitter Thread from 10 Downing Street of the charts that were used in yesterday's Number 10 press conference that show how things are changing with Covid in the UK:

If you like to listen to Podcasts, the week day podcast by the BBC NewsCast team gives a good summary/discussion most days of the current situation/changes etc along with other news happening in the UK in a 30 minute or so podcast. It is available for free on all podcast apps and via the website:

Good luck with the punting this weekend!