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Thread: Horse Racing in OZ

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    Cold air from Antarctica arrived last night so our overnight temperature went down to 6deg Celsius. That's the coldest June morning I can recall for some time so global warming isn't an issue here at the moment. Spotlight this Saturday is on Brisbane's Eagle Farm racecourse where the time honoured Stradbroke Handicap will be run over 1400m.Its one of six Group races there on Saturday so it will be a great days racing and one that I'm keen to get stuck into. Perhaps the most famous Stradbroke win was by a New Zealand horse by the name of Rough Habit which was stone motherless last on the turn but rocketed home to collect the chocolates. They named a bar at the racecourse after him following the win and I managed to spend some of my winnings there that day, recalling the excitement of backing good old Roughie.
    This year the Stradbroke has 20 starters after scratchings so it will be another charge of the Light Brigade enactment when they turn the corner for the run home.
    Covid-19 continues to dominate the news here with concerns here and in New South Wales about a couple that left Victoria, whilst that State was under lockdown, and drove to several New South Wales townships, and then ended up in Caloundra, which is a sea side resort area north of Brisbane. The woman passenger has tested positive to Covid, so now there is a panic in place to trace all of the folk that she may have had close contact with, in various shopping center's, motels, service stations, etc etc. Victoria has now come out of full lockdown and is a partial lockdown that somehow is expected to ensure that Covid doesn't spread. Still only one death attributed to Covid in Australia this year, so either we are doing an incredible good job at protecting the population, or we are just lucky, or the small population spread over a large continent has successfully hindered the spread of what is a disease that thrives on close contacts. Fingers crossed it stays out of our lives.
    On a personal note have had 40 bets so far this week resulting in 7 winners, 8 seconds,5 thirds and 20 unplaced. My quest for longshot glory continued with two winners at long prices, Setanta @ 33/1 and Baller @ $14 which kept the Bank afloat. Interesting to see how the quest handles the tricky program at Eagle Farm on Saturday.
    Action for the fields below commences on Saturday at Randwick at 11.20am AEST , which is 2.20am London time and the final race will be at Belmont at 18.35 AEST, which I think is 9.35 am London Time. (If I'm wrong please let me know!)
    The short experiment with UK Racing tips will now be abandoned as the results were simply below par. I may experiment instead with some longshot tips on Aussie races as these have held their own quite well of late.
    Good luck with your punting picks and I hope and pray that all of you are staying safe from that rotten Covid disease that permeates our lives.

    R3 no 2 Ayrton Won
    R5 no 1 Zaaki Won
    R6 no 9 Garibaldi
    R7 no 5 Port Louis
    R8 no 11 Vega One 2nd
    R9 no 10 Brooklyn Hustle is a rough chance at odds Won $8.50

    R1 no 5 Ranveer... Won $ 2 Hurtle is the late mail
    R3 no 7 Sweet 5 Quietly Discreet is the late mail
    R5 no 5 Bedford 2nd
    R7 no 6 3 Seb Song is the late mail

    R1 no 6 Sacred 4 Verne is the late mail Won $3.50
    R3 no 2 Malkovich Won $4
    R5 no 4 Zing 2nd
    R8 no 9 Irish Songs
    R9 no 10 Blondeau 3rd

    R3 no 1 Son Son
    R6 no 4 Panzdown 2nd
    R9 no 4 Born to Try 3rd

    BR8 no 7 Wild Planet Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
    BR9 no 2 Odeum Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

    Cheers n Beers
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    This week the news here has been dominated by the G7 event in Cornwall. Looks like what was old is now new again with the accord reached between Australia and England looking very much like the old arrangement that existed prior to Brexit. Don't think we will exporting apples from Tasmania like we did prior to Brexit, as all of the farms have since been removed, however you will get to once again enjoy our finest beers and wines as our export products are better than what is sold locally. Australia is looking for a fresh live lobster market as well, so maybe you will also get to taste our world class lobster product. Believe me a cold beer with lobster is not the worst meal you will ever experience!!
    Personally I'm grateful that it was Boris making the calls and not Joe Biden. Sad to see someone in that position that simply is struggling. As Kenny Rogers once said "You need to know when to hold them and know when to fold them". If he was a racehorse he would be enjoying lush green paddocks by now.!
    The Brisbane racing carnival is now over and the action moves across to Belmont racetrack in Perth in Western Australia. Hopefully we can find a winner or two for you amongst the stars on show there.
    On a personal note its been a busy week again with a small loss resulting from the 33 bets to date. Winners numbered just 5 with the best being Brooklyn Hustle at $8.50. There were 4 seconds and 5 thirds and the rest failed to trouble the judge.
    This Saturday the below events commence with the first race at Rosehill kicking off at 11.30 am AEST, which is 2.30am London time, and the last will be run and won at Belmont at 18.45pm AEST, which converts to 9.45 am on Saturday morning London time.
    And thanks too for those who read this and leave their Thank You's in the box...its much appreciated.

    R1 no 9 Forbidden City
    R5 no 9 Kurabui 3rd
    R6 no 1 Namakwa 3rd
    R7 no 1 Curran 4th

    R1 no 2 Verbek
    R2 no 4 Wicklow Won
    R4 no 6 No Comprimise Won $4
    R5 no 1 Nikohli Beagle
    R6 no 12 Tycoonist 2nd

    R3 no 4 All Day Session.....Pike rides..currently $14. ..No 5 Timely Outburst Won $2.70 is the danger
    R4 no 1 Agent Jay
    R6 no 2 Excellent Dream. 8 Brooklyn Pier is the late mail
    R7 no 3 Amasenus Won $3
    R8 no 2 Billy Ain't Silly
    R9 no 6 Hot Zed 2nd

    SR8 no 1 Belluci Babe Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won
    MR7 no 11 Aidensfield Ran unplaced. Lay bet Won

    Cheers n Beers
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