Hi all, wonder if anyone can help.

Been having issues with GT "matching" bets but positions not being updated.

Beginning to cost me - as no issues reported on the API and nobody else seemingly having issues with GT that I can see in the forum, I'm at a loss.

Here's an example (using micro stakes to try and catch the fault) - skip to 20s (I'd already had an example but forgot to press record).
You can hear/see me put a back bet in at 4.8 then the matched bet shows up as avg odds of 4.96 however the ladder and mu overall position is not updated.

I stopped the recording but the same happened on my lay bets - what is then happening is I think I've mis-clicked, enter again and if dripping out end up going against my position by having too much on the lay side.

Any thoughts? Using 1,5b