Haven't seen this anywhere else so I thought I'd post a report.

When using the dutching side of the tool I discovered a problem that only applies when betting on short-priced favourites, and I suspect it's due to Matchbook's use of three decimal places when the odds are short enough. When I try to bet at odds of 1.568, for example, it gets rounded up to 1.571, and if it's unmatched it will display as 1.57 in Geeks Toy's unmatched bets section. If I don't think I'm likely to be matched at 1.571 I have to manually adjust the odds downwards.

I suspect what's going on is that it's submitting 1.57 to Matchbook's API which then rounds it up to 1.571 to fit their pricing format. This might explain why I don't have any problems when deliberately backing something at 1.571.

I've not used the bookmaking part in a serious way yet, but I tried laying at short prices that will never be matched to see how this bug affects it. For this example I used Crotone v Atalanta on 10/2 at 17:00 with the following prices:

Crotone: 1.496
Atalanta: 1.508
Draw: 1.304

What Matchbook's website shows:

Crotone: 1.491
Atalanta: 1.511
Draw: 1.299

And what Geeks Toy's unmatched bets section shows:
Crotone: 1.49
Atalanta: 1.51
Draw: 1.3

The prices on Crotone and the draw were rounded downwards, but worryingly Atalanta's got rounded up! The problem doesn't exist in the ladder interface so I'm convinced it's specific to this tool.