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Thread: Live Info for tennis scores

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    Default Live Info for tennis scores

    Ok. That Live Info option is what I wanted.
    But I can't follow scores for more than one match. I mean I can if I open multiple markets and have ladders for every market.
    I can switch from ladder to ladder for Live Info to show relevant scores, but that's tedious.
    It would be nice - well, actually more helpful than nice - to have displayed scores for multiple matches (that I have a ladder open for).
    Let's say today is US Open going and I want to trade Niculescu v Wozniacki and Vinci v Witthoeft. I want Live Info to display the live scores for both matches simultaneously so I can follow both markets.
    Also, can we have point score (in tennis) showing in line with set score and game score and not at the left next to players name?
    Pls. Thx.

    Or I may be missing something that's already implemented as an option and look dumb. If so pls let me know.

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    Also, I need some way for the Toy to flag the serving player in tennis matches.
    Currently can't tell who's the server by just looking at Live Info.

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