Not sure if this is the right place to ask but following today's notification can anyone direct me to where it explains 2 step authorisation?


I have taken the decision today to make The Toy free again until further notice.

Following a number of serious security breaches discovered in another Betfair Certified software product this year, including this one…..

….. Betfair customers using that product have had their accounts seriously compromised in some way for at least 5 out of the past 6 months without Betfair detecting them. As such, we regret to have to communicate that we currently have zero confidence in Betfair currently being able to maintain a secure and safe environment for its customers when using certified 3rd party API products, and that to date we feel both Betfair and the software provider are seriously failing to act in customers’ interests when these issues are brought to their attention.

I am advised that senior management at Betfair are currently addressing these issues; however, as with all things there this won’t happen immediately. I have also been advised that Betfair customers who have used this product, should have either been contacted already, or be contacted soon. { Hopefully with an apology! }

Because of the strength of feeling on this matter, we will be making Geeks Toy – AGT Pro completely free to use again until such time as our confidence has been restored in the system that is supposed to protect your Betfair accounts when using 3rd party certified products.

Why have we done this?

1. I would rather people use The Toy for free than to continue have them further exposed to the serious risks & absolute circus that our accounts have been exposed to this year.

2. At the end of the day we are just Betfair customers too, and have wasted far too much valuable time on Betfairs security issues this year.

3. Whilst we take our own responsibilities seriously and try to take great care over security, we currently have zero confidence in the current system that is supposed to oversee our product and ensure your Betfair accounts are secure. As such, how can we charge for the software?

What happens now?

We have today given everyone one month’s free access to Geeks Toy – AGT Pro. This means that any expired account will now have free access until 13th September 2013. Current subscribers or those on free trial have had their expiry dates extended by one month. Please note that we cannot amend billing cycles, so those of you on automatic payments should cancel them and re-subscribe again when your time expires.

What happens next?

We will review the situation again in 3 weeks time and depending on a number of factors will make a decision then on whether we continue to run the software free beyond September.

Security Tips
For the immediate future when using any Betfair certified 3rd party product, including our own, we advise the following

1. That you change the password on your Betfair account as soon as you have finished using the product.

2. That you don’t leave any significant amount of money in your Betfair account when not using the site, as Betfair have informed me they accept no liability for any losses incurred as a result of your account being compromised by a certified 3rd party product.

3. That you enable two-step authentication on your Betfair account if workable.

4. That you change the email address on your Betfair account to something that you are happy to receive spam on.