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What's new in version 1.2?

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  • What's new in version 1.2?

    What's new in version 1.2

    Here's a complete list for your reference of all the new goodies available in version 1.2. :Thumbs

    Multi Exchange Support
    From this version, the application is available for both Betfair and Betdaq.

    Multi Language Support
    With the help of a few in the community we have been working together to provide multi language support. As a result of everyone’s hard work so far, Included in this release is the ability to select a language at login to enable you to use the product in a number of languages other than English. The help files now have the translated application terms contained within. Where a help file has not been fully translated by a member of the community, a Google Translate drop down shows at the top to enable you to see the page fully translated by Google in that language. You can read further about this project here, and also add your name if you want to help me to translate the toy into your language.

    Kick Ass In-Play Interface!
    A brand new, fully customisable, kick ass in play interface including a brand new unique in-play ladder style interface that can be set vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. This can be activated via the Main Info Bar menu. Full details here.

    Stop Loss
    Yes the bloody stop loss is finally here Geek Style! It may be slightly different to what you are used to, so please don’t use it until you fully understand it. Full info can be found in the Staking & Tools control help file, but here are the highlights….

    1. The stop loss is fully automatic and works on your overall position. It is NOT attached to individual bets as is the case with most products. For instance if you have a £10 back bet matched, followed by 2 £10 lay bets it will only trigger based upon the price of the last lay bet if the criteria is met.

    2. Any matched bet position stop losses show in the ladder at their trigger price in Red. Unmatched bet stop losses show on the ladder at their trigger price in orange. These can be dragged & dropped to different trigger prices as required.

    3. There is an option for automatic greening with the stop loss. In some cases market fluctuations means the stop loss bet may be matched at a better or worse price which means the greening may not be 100% accurate. Should this be the case you will see a new small stop loss position show in one direction or another. You will need to manually green up when this happens.

    4. There is a further option to automatically cancel all unmatched bets on the selection when the stop loss triggers.

    I would advise against use of stop losses on fast moving in play markets, nor relying on them whilst you are away from your PC.

    Trailing Stop
    The stop loss includes a trailing stop, where the loss position decrements 1 tick for every tick the market moves in your favour.

    New Tools Functionality
    Some extra features have been added to the existing tools & the stop loss to enable more flexibility when trading. Full info can be found in the Staking & Tools control help file, but here are the highlights….

    1. A new menu option has been added to the Tools & default staking menu called “Use Global Tools”. When switched on, the tools behave as currently & apply to new bets placed on all markets. When switched off, a new Tools Toolbar appears at the top of the ladder & right of the grid which enables you to set tools at selection & market level. { This option can only be changed if no markets are open.}

    2. Cancel Tools on Market Hedge - When switched on, this option will cancel all tools active on all bets in the market when the whole market is hedged using one of the various options.

    3. Cancel Tools on Selection Hedge – When switched on, this option will cancel all tools active on all bets on that selection when the selection is hedged. { NB It does not cancel tools when the whole market is hedged. Use the option above for this. }

    MACD Chart
    New MACD chart added to the streaming charts. If you don’t know what it is, try Wikipedia.

    Shortcut Key Manager
    You can now change the shortcut keys for the ladder and bet controls. This can be opened via the main info bar menu.

    Betfair Live Video
    Support has been built in for the Betfair live video page which maximises screen real estate. It can be launched via either the Main Info Bar menu, or when a market is available to watch on Betfair video, a TV icon will show next to the countdown clock which you can click.

    Multibet Tool
    A new multi bet placement window has been added which can be opened from the Main Info Bar menu when a Market is open. { Dutch flag. } This window allows you to place bets on one ore more selections using the following popular methods in either stand alone or combinations of….

    Dutching / Bookmaking
    Back / Lay the field.
    Stop Entry( Price conditional entry }
    Place bets at a specified time.
    Drip Feed

    Check out the user manual for the control for further info. One important thing to note is that like the entire application, the projected P&Ls in this window calculate & display inclusive or exclusive of commission depending on the option you have set in Main Info Bar Menu -> Profit, Loss & Hedge display.

    Football Correct Score Markets
    Keep bets are now supported on these markets.

    Payout Staking
    A new "Payout" staking type, which places bets based upon Backers Stake + Layers Liability.

    Exposure Staking
    This new staking mode determines the maximum exposure for the bet you place.

    For back bets, this is identical to "Backers Stake"
    For lay bets, this is identical to "Layers Liability"

    So if your stake is £100, and....

    Your price is 3.0, a back bet would place £100, and a Lay Bet £50.

    Your price is 5.0, a back bet would place £100, and a Lay Bet £25.

    Race Timer
    A new race timer for horse racing which can be optionally switched on in the Grid, Ladder and in-Play interfaces via the menu.

    Cloud Functionality
    New "Cloud" settings in the Main Info Bar menu. This enables you to back up and restore your entire settings & profiles to our server. This will enable you to easily transfer them to another PC, or recover them easily if your hard disk fails. There is also an option to share one of your profiles for other users to download as well.

    Going In Play Indicator
    Going In Play Indicator – Markets that are due to go in play are now identified as such by a green “GO” icon to the right of the market timer.

    OCO { Order Cancels Order }
    A new window has been added to the main info bar which allows you to place an initial entry trade, combined with a linked exit (tick offset) & stop bet, where the stop & the exit bets cancel each other out. Please refer to the help file for full details.

    Primary Market Switching
    A new "Switch Primary Market On.." option has been added to the grid & ladder menus. In previous versions, when trading multiple markets, the primary market { The market that shows in the main info bar } was switched to the market of the current selection that your mouse was over on the grid or ladder. In this version, you now have a choice between that, or a new option where the primary market will only switch when you click the window header { title bar } of the grid {and / or } the ladder interfaces. This option can be set individually for the grid and ladder.

    Misc Main info Bar Menu additions
    A new option Open Settings Folder has been added to the main info bar menu, to give you fast direct access to your settings folder.

    A new option has been added to the Caption Display option of the main info bar menu which allows you to show your Forum Name in the main info bar caption when no markets are open.

    Estimated Queue Position { Betfair Version }
    You now have the ability to show in the ladder interface an estimate of the amount of money remaining in the queue before your unmatched bet. This is switched off by default, but you have the option of showing it in either the Price Column, The Traded Column, or in it's own column.

    You can enable any one of the above options from Ladder Menu -> Ladder Layout -> Estimated Queue Position -> XXXX

    Please note: Due to the limitations on the data received from Betfair, it is not possible to attain 100% accuracy with this indicator, so this should be used as an approximate guide only.

    Pending Tick Offset Bets
    Pending tick offset bets attached to unmatched bets have now been added to the pending bets window to enable you to see & cancel them if required.

    Tick Offset - Bet Persistence enhancement. { Betfair Version }
    The ability has been added to use a different bet persistence { Cancel / Keep / Take SP } for tick offset bets than the initial bet. This option is off by default, but can be enabled by selecting Staking & Tools Menu -> Use Default Bet Persistence

    Market Navigator -> My Markets
    My markets has been added to the Market navigator. To add a market to My markets, open the market & the select Add to My Markets from either the grid, ladder or main info bar menus.

    To remove a market, right click on the market & select ""Remove Market"

    New Market Opening Lists
    2 new quick open lists have been added to the Grid, Ladder and Main Info bar menus. These are My Markets and Recent Markets

    My Markets displays the contents of the new "My Markets" tree and "Recent Markets" shows a list of the markets you recently closed.

    What's new in version 1.2

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    You can download the latest version of 1.2 from here.

    What's new in version 1.2