Since the first Beta version of The Toy according to our users we have had THE most reliable, fastest, most customisable and flexible trading application on the market. You can move elements around the screen and custom define your own columns and layouts, and a multitude of other settings. When you have done this, you can save your layouts to a custom profile for later recall.

This is particularly handy if you want switch quickly between different markets and need some elements of the screen but not others. You can put as much or as little on the screen as you wish. This means you can hide windows & features you find unnecessary and add ones you do! A clever feature that adds even more flexibility to your trading.

Also, if you are trading pre-off and then in-play you can quickly switch between two different layouts and trading styles with a couple of clicks. The Toy is the only application that lets you switch your entire application profile "live".

We also introduced to the market the new space saving 3 column ladder, which allows you to trade more runners effectively than the bog standard 5 column ladder used by other trading applications. Of course should you prefer the 5 column ladder, it's just a couple of clicks away.

And even better, since we don't have to play catch-up with the marketplace, looks like we will be putting our feet up for a while.

If you haven't seen them already, check out our introduction videos.