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Federer vs Del Potro

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  • Federer vs Del Potro

    Federer going for his 6th consecutive US Open title and is available at odds of 1.33.

    As much as I would like to see Del Potro win as I think he's been really impressive in this tournament I can't see past another Federer victory.

    Still not sure whether to get involved though.

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    If Del Potro doesn't start off racked with nerves , a lay of Fed in the first set looks the way forward for me. If Fed wins the 1st i would expect a straight forward procession in the next 2, although he is prone to drops in concentration when the match is too "easy" for him so may still dip in then

    BTW for anyone who missed it, the shot which Fed said was his best ever...


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      del Potro, has lost 6 out of 6 against Federer, but his stile of play can make problems for federer. . .
      we cant get rich @1.33 so i'll be waiting for del Potro to get an early brake . .

      del potro will struggle if it goes 5 sets, he burns out against federer and becomes lazy or tired. . .

      good luck all i'll take a federer win 3-1 3-2


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        I went to bed with Federer winning the first set and being a break up in the second so didn't expect this at all, well done to Del Potro who has really improved his game over the last month or two, hard to believe he's still 20 to look at him.

        I only got involved in the set betting on Federer 3-0 (in at 1.99 and out at 1.7) with small stakes, made just over a fiver.


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          Last set was reminiscent of when Fed capitulated in the final set against Nadal in the Aussie open. Fair play to Del Potro, overcame his nerves and the 2nd set tie break gave him the belief