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20:45 Slovenia - Serbia

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  • 20:45 Slovenia - Serbia

    EUROPE: Euro - Qualification
    20:45 Slovenia - Serbia 2

    Serbia are forced to the edge after Estonia overtook them in the 2nd spot, while losing out in the head to head battle against Estonia (1-1, 1-3), means that only a victory in Slovenia will pull them through to the next stage. This is a crucial battle for the Serbians when nothing but a victory will carry any meaning for them. Serbia will be going all out and this is likely to go in their way as Slovenia just isn't all that convincing especially at home. Having one of the worst home record ( 1-0-3 ) in the group, they have hardly established themselves with any positive result lately. A defeat to Estonia and Italy just sums up their qualifying campaign while their surprise defeat at home to Estonia & N. Ireland is just another worrying sign.Serbia haven't show their true potential despite the quality in the team but being at the brink of elimination will surely be an alarming wake up call to Serbians that this is their last chance to redeem themselves.