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QPR v Newcastle

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    Funny you say that Firkinelle as i was thinking the exact same thing during the game, they have the creativity in midfield but i must admit i did catch myself at times thinking, you've spent all this money but have failed in the goals department. Don't rate boothroyd and thought he should have started Dj Cambell in his place but even then i feel like the midfielders are so much better than their front line that they aren't reading of the same song sheet.



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      Boothroyd scored goals for fun when he played for Cardiff. QPR could have scored four goals in the first half and Newcastle could not have complained. We can't win all the time and have to accept games like this. Last night people were talking about backing the Williams girl in the USA Open tennis like it was a foregone conclusion that she would win. They were wrong just like I was wrong tonight.

      I had a good weekend and a win tonight would have been the "icing on the cake". It didn't happen so we carry on. It's just going to take a couple of games more before I can go to Paris before Christmas


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        Im not blaming anyone Custard as i fancied the same trade as you. In fairness though mate, championship goals and premiership goals are 2 very different things which is why,in my opinion Cambell should have gotten the nod bearing in mind he banged 13 in last season at Blackpool.

        I now what your saying and i normally feel pretty sore when i get things as badly wrong as tonight but as i think we have concluded it could have been all over by 30 mins and we could have just sat back for the next 60 mins content with our work. From a personally point of view and something i think you have already eluded to, im not too disheartened as it wasn't like there never looked like goals and we got it completely wrong.

        Champions league should throw up some good opportunites over the next couple of nights...Any thoughts mate.



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          I'm sure there will be another thread relating to the Euro games.As a post script to this one, the principal idea behind me backing Over 2.5 goals is that I cannot see how people can ever say that goals will not be scored in a football match and the higher the odds offered against goals, the dafter these people are.

          Following last night's failure I looked at remaining fixtures before I went to bed and noticed that an amazing price of 2.74 was being offered on Overs in an Argentinian game. I had no intention of trying to stay up and trade it and made a straight back bet.

          Argentinos Juniors 0 Lanus 4

          If somebody gave me odds of 2.74 for Overs in every game, I would be paying the Premium Charge.


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            Very interesting thread gents. I've tried under/over 2.5 but can't get anywhere with it. In fact I find football in general very difficult. I can show a profit laying the draw in certain statistically advantageous matches, but they are just straight lays. I haven't yet found a successful trading strategy for football yet,

            cheers, MC