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SL - Round 18

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  • SL - Round 18

    Really struggled keeping upto date this year, but two games today in which I have fairly strong views.

    The TV game (Bradford v Warrington) looks to be one sided. Warrington are in good form and Bradford have their backs to the walls.

    I fancy Bradford.

    I've seen too many "backs to the wall" performances and strange results. Of course, there is a chance that Warrington simply run away with it, and I would want Warrington to be in the 1.1s before laying, but Bradford are one of my most profitable teams. This year they have come back from 1.03. Last year, they had a 1.03 and a 1.01 overturned as well.

    Catalans v Wakefield is simply strange. Most of Catalans will be playing their third game in seven days. And will have played the first two in the UK. Quite simply, I expect them to be knackered against an inconsistent but talented Wakefield side who are challenging for the top 8, whilst Catalans have two league success to their name all year.

    Although given my lack of research this year, I could be well off!

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    Wakefield now 18-4 up.

    As ever I#ve probably traded out too soon!