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    Thanks for the kind words!

    Hull KR are already 16 - 0 up. I really should have looked to stake more, but have managed to green up for a level profit.

    May look to use the 1.1 rule to lay Hull KR some more but will be extremely careful not to wipe out all my profits.


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      Some very interesting first half scores. Posting updates on the BF forum but liquidity in markets is woeful.

      Salford 16 - 0 up! Wigan 28 - 0 up.


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        Salford now 22 - 0!

        Reduced stakes majorly following Hull KR's walkover.

        However, managed to green up on Salford v Hudds.

        Wigan v Wakey is a goner.

        Bradford v Crusaders is in the balance, whilst I'm level on Hull v Warrington awaiting interest.

        Laid Saints at 1.1 in play at 10 - 0. Traded out at 10 - 6 for green on Cas and it's now 10-10.


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          Hi anyone following these posts

          Monday was a bit kinder and saw a nice result with Salford beating Huddersfield at 9/2 and a bread and butter win for the Robins :Thumbs at 10/11. The other three matches were losers so this gave 2.41 points profit on the day which makes a 2.59 point loss so far.

          On to tonights match

          Giants v Tigers - The figures say oppose Huddersfield as Castleford are way too big at 17/2 - BACK CASTLEFORD @ 17/2 with SPORTING BET




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            Originally posted by Red Red Robin View Post

            Giants v Tigers - The figures say oppose Huddersfield as Castleford are way too big at 17/2 - BACK CASTLEFORD @ 17/2 with SPORTING BET
            Huddersfield 1.12 Castleford 10.5 to back on BF 48 for the draw 59K matched already but not much available currently. Castleford are certainly value but doubt they will win


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              A Grand National

              Apologies for the late post so quickly

              Catalans v Bradford - No value here NO BET
              Quins v Saints - Harlequins value @ 8/1 Generally. BACK HARLEQUINS 8/1 GEN




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                The price last night was simply hilarious. 1.2 was way too small for Huddersfield at the start of the week - but the decision from Cas to suspend 2 players 4 hours before kick off, prompted a plunge in odds that made the price even more ridculous although it was a big blow for Cas as it ruled out their entire creative force.

                Anyway, as a 1.2 layer, I was up the creek but doubled up at 1.09. Sadly, it was a one way train from there and as I was out, I never watched the game live and had my biggest loss of the season.

                Huddersfield have gone from being underrated to overrated. Danny Brough's arrival has neutralised their best player, Kevin Brown. Brough is an improvement on Robinson, but a scrum half effects the team so much, and if Brough is to stay at 7 all year, I expect them to struggle as Brough / Brown need time to develop.

                For tonight's game - Bradford were matched at 250 and 750 after the market went in play! Only for pennies, but that's insane! The market was also very weird in play in the first half. A mandatory 1.1 lay of Bradford was taken but Bradford were 1.57 at HT at 14-6 after being 1.8 at 14-0, before crashing to 1.1 and then going back to 1.4.

                Very strange set of odds movements which you see quite often in Catalans games!

                As for the SKY TV match, I laid Saints at the start of the second half only for them to score two tries and with a £50 loss starng me in the face, I declined to top up at 1.02. However, what do I say. Expect the unexpected! And Quins did exactly that, fighting back to 18 - 18 and sending the price out to 1.3! Saints did coast home in the end, but I managed a respectable profit.

                It's the Cup next week, so I'll be looking to do a lot of study on the teams. Not followed the year that closely so I need to get to it!


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                  Today's games.

                  Wakefield v Crusaders - Ithink Crusaders are the worst side in the league but have been wrong so far! I think Wakefield are the better value, but given my history with Crusaders and opposition to short priced home favourites, I won't be getting involved too much.

                  Salford v Wigan - I'm a big Salford fan (As opposed to the Crusaders), but unsure why Wigan have drifted to 1.2 when they are a best price of 1.13 with bookmakers. Again, hard to spot value at the current prices.

                  Leeds v Hull - Leeds are 1.3s whereas best bookmakers price is 1.25. That said, I still find some value with Hull. Not too much, but I'd rather be on Hull than Leeds.

                  Hull KR v Warrington - Another where the favourite are much higher than at Bookmakers. I'd lean towards Hull KR who have produced good performances at home but again, no outstanding value for mine.