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  • The return of WTF - Why trade RL

    I'm not sure if The Geek opening up a new category has sparked a revival, but there have been some very weird prices this weekend in the non TV games.

    Last night - Cas were 20 - 18 up against Catalans with 2 minutes to go. Cas could be backed on Betfair at 3s! Only for £20, but better than nothing! And the fact that a safe 1.1 lay was taken within 120 seconds made it perhaps the easiest £35 I'll ever earn! Of course, it's not the first time a Catalans price has raised eyebrows. I'll never forget the 1.06 to lay with twenty to go when behind 18 - 12 against Warrington!,

    Perhaps a French friend from over the channel is yet to work out the art of RL betting?

    Anyway, less odd but equally productive was Huddersfield v Leeds which saw three games in one. Hudds race to 12 - 0 after 15 minutes. Leeds lead 20 - 12 with 50 gone. Huddersfield then win 20 - 26.

    Whilst not odd, the generous person who pushed Leeds down to 1.1 and Huddersfield to 20 deserves thanking in my opinion, even if only very small stakes were used! And Leeds were pushed down to 1.15 when the score was 18 - 20!!!

    Finally, Harlequins were laid at 1.05 when 18 - 4 up against Salford in today's other game, a price that was probably approaching fair but was overturned as Salford went onto win 24 - 26 helping my Harlequins for the Wooden Spoon pre season bet! (I was too slow to take advantage!)

    I always advocate keeping an eye on RL non TV markets because gems like these can appear. They hadn't so far this season but hopefully this is the start of more to come. (Hopefully liquidity will improve in the Summer when the football ends.)

    My problem remains in letting opportunities run and jumping on them (I tend to dip!), closing out positions way too soon for a nice level green rather than a very big green. However, hopefully, I will continue to get lots of opportunities!

    And let's not forget this rollcall of recent TV games.

    Leigh v Barrow - 1.01 overturned. 25 Feb.
    Castleford v Hull KR - 1.1 overturned. 27 Feb.
    Oxford v Cambridge - 1.04 overturned. 4 Mar.
    Bradford v Wigan - 1.04 overturned. 5 Mar.
    Halifax v Batley - 1.01 out to 1.16. 11 Mar.
    Hull KR v Wakefield - 1.05 overturned. 12 Mar.

    All since I moved and am yet to get SKY installed in my new place! Looks like I've missed a golden period (And my good profits seem positively tiny in comparison to what they could / should have been!) but let's hope it continues!!!