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    Matchups: Wild Card Round

    Saturday Games

    4:30 ET Saturday: Saints (1.22) @ Seahawks (5.3)

    The Saints should win fairly comfortably against the worst teams in recent memory to be in the playoffs. They have only won 7 games all year. They have lost every game by +15 pts.

    I do feel it could be close early on and I may look to lay the Saints at 1.22 and back them at a bigger price. This being a playoff game and Qwest Field being one of the more hostile stadiums to play in, could be interesting early on.

    8:00 ET Saturday: Jets (2.28) @ Colts (1.77)

    I think the Colts win, but i expect this to be very close, could come down to the final drive of the game. The Colts haven't been that impressive this season and their offense has struggled at times, mainly due to injuries. The Jets looked good, real good early in the season, but haven't looked the same since the Patriots battered them, week 13, on Monday night football. The deciding factor for me was the Colts have Peyton Manning and the Jets have Mark Sanchez.

    Who is getting involved?

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    Well, this first game has had everything! Seattle have been 'done' at 1.09-1.10 at one end of the scale and 13.0 - 14.0 at the other!

    It's going down to the wire - that's for sure.

    Had you looked to lay New Orleans @ 1.2 early doors it would have been touch and go - they went 17-0 up with not much time on the clock.

    Still, if you looked at it as part of the bigger picture (i.e. Close out @ HT or later) it would have been a pay pay pay day

    Next game @ 1.30am


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      Originally posted by ScotlandSaint View Post

      8:00 ET Saturday: Jets (2.28) @ Colts (1.77)

      I think the Colts win, but i expect this to be very close, could come down to the final drive of the game.
      So close with this one too! The market was crazy in the last 2 mins of play - I saw the Colts trade @ 1.22 (After a last minute FG of around 52 yards) before the Jets returned (1.5). 50 secs or so was all that was left on the clock but the Jets got in to field goal range and nabbed it right at the death.

      With the Seahawks taking the first match, this was the second 'outsider' to oblige on the day.

      Both games were full of opportunities in hindsight!


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        Originally posted by Emkayracing View Post
        Both games were full of opportunities in hindsight!
        I agree, looking forward to todays games, especially the Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles one, could be high scoring!


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          Anyone have an opinion about tonights games?

          I am going for a Steelers V Packers Superbowl.

          Lets hope the games are nice and close.


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            I thought the GB price was ridiculously low but Chicago have had the worst coaching display in the playoffs and the D is woeful.


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              Chicago are awful. Their offense is a joke.


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                I'm as big a Jay Cutler fan as there is but tonight - I think that's the end of him as a NFL QB.

                The Bears did a great hatchet job on him by offering no more details than "Knee".

                Either Cutler quit on his team (And considering his reputation at Vanderbilt, that seems insane) or the Bears have allowed such a frenzied hatred to build by not explaining why he went out.


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                  never traded nfl, need to look this up, can you guys pass on any useful sites, basic types of trades, times of games, ect; any info would be much appreciated.

                  (just because your not paranoid, doesn't mean there not out to get you)


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                    My main tactic is to lay odds on favourites at 1.2 or below during the game. Doesn't work for all games so pick carefully.

                    Does anyone know how big the Steelers price got in the 2nd half?