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  • Race Delays

    Tamworth (Aust) races were delayed by one race today mid meeting. With remaining races put back one race times were out by one race and as a consequence race was unable to be displayed. Race 6 originally due at 3.45 was transfered to 4.25 however did not appear in any lists after original time lapsed.

    Races 6,7,8 were unable to be accessed. Tried to list all meetings etc. to no avail. Any ideas or fixes?


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    Not that it helps now, but when races are put back like this you need to either....

    1. Switch the Market Navigator quick pick list to "All Markets" and access the same way as on Betfair from "Horse Racing" or "Horse Racing - Todays Card"


    2. Right click on the "Market Navigator" header & change the time of the value of "Hide Races After" so that it goes far enough back not to hide these races.
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      Yeah what he said. Just remember though, when you select a race from the ladder menu, it will replace the current market. When you select from the market navigator, it will open a fresh one. So if going back in time to select a race, always close the current market first, so when you open the race, it will show up all pretty and formatted as your profile suggests...

      Was pretty easy today with just the one meeting going late. Every time I went into navigator, the previous race was already highlighted from last time, so was easy to just move to the next race at that venue.