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  • Well it hasn't been the best of weeks here in not so sunny Queensland but it has been interesting. Statistically July is the driest month of the year with an average of 24mm of precipitation. And our temperature averages around a high of 22deg Celsius down to a low of 11deg Celsius. However this month I'm expecting the rainfall totals to exceed most previous totals and will set a new record month for July. And for good measure the forecast is for more above average rain to continue in August and September. So what does that mean for us punters?. Well simply put when it rains it makes the job of finding those elusive winners even harder as the form guide becomes irrelevant and as occurred recently we have dangerous riding conditions where riders and horses incur life threatening injuries. Lets hope the sunshine and good track conditions return asap.
    Last Saturday is a good illustration of what happens here when the rain forces the abandonment of programs. If you pick through the results we were left with just 17 selections of which 8 Won and 3 placed. Good results yes but that was more by good luck than anything else. Lets hope the Punting Gods are kind to us again!!.

    .................................................. ............................................IN PLAY........................................... .... ............................................

    MOONEE VALLEY: Track Soft(5)
    R1 no 1 D'Aguilar
    R2 no 1 Alpha One.. Won $3..late mail is strong
    R3 no 1 Bistro... 2nd .no 4 Written Swoosh is the late mail here
    R4 no 11 Mathew
    R5 no 4 Rudhyar
    R7 no 3 Jimmy The Bear Won $4.10 is the strong late mail tip
    R9 no 2 Whipcracker Way is an each way tip.

    ROSEHILL: Track Heavy(8)
    R1 no 3 So Country
    R2 no 1 Sweet Ride

    R3 no 7 Bartoselli 3rd
    R5 no 7 Shades of Rose Won $2
    R6 no 1 Kanazawa
    R7 no 1 Wicklow Won $3.20
    R8 no 1 Gold Trip.. 3rd.late mail is no 12 Cross Talk Won $3.25
    R9 no 10 Siege 2nd
    R10 no 10 Sur La Mer Won $3.60

    EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
    R1 no 8 Rayjen 2nd
    R2 no 12 Gwan So 2nd
    R4 no 2 Oceanic Flash
    R5 no 9 Fearnought Won $9
    R6 no 18 Delyth 3rd
    R7 no 4 Osamu
    R8 no 4 Red Chase

    BELMONT: Track Soft (6)
    R1 no 5 Black Fantasy Won $2.30
    R2 no 2 Winchino Won $2.70
    R3 no 1 El Patron 2nd
    R4 no 1 Arnie's Boy
    R5 no 10 Flower In The Wind
    R6 no 2 No White Flag Won $5.30
    R7 no 2 Lets Galahvant ...3rd...No 1 Ohbeeh is worth a tote ticket eachway @ 25/1
    R8 no 1 Corn Cob
    R9 no 3 Go Forward
    R10 no 4 Run D'Affaire Run

    MR8 no 14 Chief Altony Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
    SR2 no 2 Voldemort Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

    MR8 no 1 Too Close The Sun
    SR2 no 2 Voldemont
    SR10 no 9 Nerone

    MR2 no 1 Alpha One Won $3

    Cheers 'n' Beers
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    • Despite the unusual weather which has been guilty of inflicting us with adverse track conditions we did manage to scramble a dozen winners last Saturday so lets hope that's an indication of better times ahead. News here has plenty of coverage about the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham. Australia seems to being doing well particularly in swimming events which is usually our best performing sport. Birmingham looks to be doing an outstanding job as the host city.
      On the home front at this stage Loburn Lass, the wife's and family favourite, is nominated for a run at Toowoomba which is her preferred track. No barrier draw yet however if she draws barrier 5 or less than she will be hard to beat.(Unfortunately she drew 9 of 9) For good measure I have Coolmeans running at Townsville on Saturday and providing the barrier draw(drew barrier 2) is reasonable he has a good chance based on his recent placings. The 14/1 on offer is tempting. (Went amiss....ran last)
      Updates of results will be delayed on Saturday as the wife and I are off to Toowoomba to watch Loburn Lass strut her stuff. (Ran 5th) So it will be Sunday before I get a chance to post Saturdays results.
      Be wary of Belmont today as the track has been downgraded to a Heavy (9).
      Enjoy the Games and I hope you manage to back plenty of winners!.

      FLEMINGTON: Track Soft (6)
      R1 no 4 Berkeley Square Won $2.20
      R7 no 4 Teewaters
      R8 no 4 Nicolini Vito 4th
      R9 no 10 Fire. 2nd

      RANDWICK: Track Soft (6)
      R1 no 1 10 2nd
      R2 no 1 Highly Desired
      R3 no 1 Cadre Du Noir Won $5.50
      R4 no 13 Conqueror 2nd
      R5 no 9 Daralina Belle
      R6 no 6 Smirnova Scr

      DOOMBEN: Track Soft (5)
      R1 no 1 Spiritualised Won
      R3 no 8 Self Indulgent
      R4 no 1 Proper Rogue
      R5 no 4 Ocean Treaty 3rd
      R6 no 4 Joviality
      R7 no 15 Manhood 2nd
      R8 No 8 Garibaldi 2nd

      BELMONT: Track Heavy (9)
      R1 no 2 Mocha Dream 4th
      R2 no 1 Etomorp
      R3 no 1 Keep Attacking 2nd
      R4 no 2 No Apology 2nd
      R5 no 7 The Velvet Queen 3rd
      R6 no 8 Mia Gusto
      R7 no 1 Glasgow Girl
      R8 no 1 Phanta Won $3
      R9 no 4 Costa Del Santo
      R10 no 1 Catalpa 2nd
      R11 no 6 No White 9 Savage One 2nd is the late mail
      R12 no 7 Gold Merits 3rd

      LAY BETS:
      MR6 no 6 Here to Shock Started $3.70. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
      SR5 no 5 Niffler Started $5. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

      SR1 no 3 Life Well Lived
      SR10 no 10 Marchioness E/w.

      BEST BETS:
      BR1 no 1 Spiritualised Won

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      • Queensland is one of six States in Australia and we also have two Territory's. So how did we perform in the Commonwealth Games compared to other States and Territory's. Well we won 33 Gold Medals, 29 Silver medals and 25 Bronze medals. That's pretty close to half of the total Australian medals. So if we had of competed as a Country we would have finished third on the medal tally only behind Australia and England. Not bad for the Sunshine State eh? Yes there are times when its great to live in the best State of Australia and this is one such time!! And for the record 76% of our medals were won in the pool.
        Not having much luck with my runners of late as Coolmeans ran half paced with a suspected knock to the leg, and the ever reliable Loburn Lass couldn't get to the lead so threw in the towel and ran 5th.
        I have three favourite betting platforms and they are Geeks Toy, Betfair and Vicbet. Lately Vicbet, which is a significant four generation family owned bookmaking business domiciled in Victoria, has been throwing up heaps of bonus bets, including bonus bets for running either second, third or fourth. On Wednesday, I managed to secure 15 successful bonuses so happy days and thanks to the generosity of the boys at VicBet.

        CAULFIELD: Track Good (4)
        R1 no 7 Jimmy The Bear Won $4
        R3 no 3 Hellfest 2nd
        R4 no 2 Lady Of Honour
        R5 no 5 Alpha One the late mail
        R6 no 6 She'sgottheboom
        R7 no 11 Uncommon James Won $2

        ROSEHILL: Track Soft (5)
        R1 no 3 Russley Crown 3rd
        R2 no 4 Backrower.. 2 True Crime is the late mail
        R4 no 8 Dalchini 4th
        R5 no 5 Frumos
        R8 no 1 5 Kibou 4th is the late email
        R9 no 8 Kalino Won $2.90
        R10 no 5 Shades of Rose Won

        EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
        R2 no 5 Ice In Vancouver 3rd
        R5 no 1 Hard to Say 3rd
        R7 no 1 Legal Espirit 2nd
        R8 no 4 Puntura 2nd

        BELMONT: Track Soft (7)

        R1 no 6 Forever Dreaming
        R2 no 1 Revitup 4th
        R3 no 3 Comes A Time Won $4.80
        R5 no 4 Classic Rouge
        R6 no 5 State Of Power 2nd
        R7 no 6 Multinational Won $2.60
        R8 no 4 Hot Zed
        R9 no 4 River Rubicon is the late mail Won $4

        LAY BETS:
        MR1 no 6 Chief Altony Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won
        MR2 no 2 American Angel Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

        MR6 no 5 Ojai e/w @ $16 2nd
        SR10 no 9 Cloudy e/w @ $12 Scr

        BEST BETS:
        SR10 no 5 Shades Of Rose Won

        BR7 no 1 Legal Espirit 2nd

        Cheers 'n' Beers
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        • I hate funerals. As much as they are respectful etc etc I just don't like them. Unfortunately this week I'm off to yet another funeral and this time its my mother in law who was one of my favourites.
          She passed peacefully and without pain so that's a blessing. She was a good person and a pillar within our family so she will be sadly missed.
          Racing here has been another busy week as Clubs continue to expand horseracing here towards capacity. Of course the heavy track conditions caused by the ongoing rain hasn't helped as Clubs scramble to find suitable alternatives. Forecast here is for one of the wettest summer periods ever so we are not hopeful of optimum race conditions in the months ahead when our major Carnivals are held. Wife has her little favourite in Loburn Lass ( Update) running at Toowoomba on Saturday night in a mile race where she is topweight in a field of 8. She always gives her best and we expect her to be a serious contender despite the extra distance. Fingers crossed she draws a favourable barrier slot for a change.!! UPDATE: No prizes for guessing that she would draw a bad barrier. She drew the extreme outside so she will need all of her usual pace to get across and lead and if she does she will go well. And now the barrier story gets worse. I have Sweet Home Alabama in at Musselbrook on Sunday and its drawn the outside barrier as well ! What are the odds on that happening?? She wont beat Regis Boy in the race so with a bit of luck she'll run third or fourth.
          Updates will be few and far between on Saturday as we will be heading off to Toowoomba to watch LL compete. Best wishes for a profitable day.

          MOONEE VALLEY:
          R1 no 1 Va Via....3rd no 8 Little Miss Kubi is the late mail
          R2 no 7 Proscenium Arch 3rd
          R3 no 3 Lachen.. 2nd.
          R5 no 5 Foujita San 4th
          R9 no 6 The Garden

          R1 no 5 Bandi's Boy 3rd
          R2 no 2 Strawberry Rock 3rd
          R4 no 5 Niffler Won $5.20
          R7 no 10 Zapateo Won $3
          R8 no 3 Anamone Won $2.80
          R9 no 7 In Secret 2nd

          R2 no 1 Hang Five
          R3 no 4 Go Wandji 2nd
          R4 no 7 Za Ceibas

          R1 no 8 Mia Gusto 3rd
          R2 no 1 Astro Warrior 3rd
          R3 no 3 Mercanto Won $4
          R4 no 7 Born to Rule
          R5 no 4 Crescent City 2nd
          R6 no 1 Lets Galahvant 3rd
          R7 no 8 Advanced 3rd
          R8 no 4 Ginger Flyer Won $3.60
          R9 no 9 Arcadia Grace 3rd

          LAY BETS:
          MR8 no 4 Extremely Lucky Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

          LATE LATE MAIL:
          SR8 no 9 Icebath e/w
          SR9 no 1 Revolutionary Miss e/w

          BEST BETS:
          MR5 no 5 Fouitja Sam 4th
          BR3 no 4 Go Wandji 2nd
          SR8 no 3 Anamone Won $2.80

          Cheers 'n' Beers
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          • Never a good day when your horse runs second last as was the case last Saturday night when Loburn Lass ran. She didnt get the mile at Toowoomba and looked like she just wanted to go to bed as the race was at 8.30pm at night; a time where she normally is in snooze mode. Time to rethink strategy with this four time winner as she is capable on her day so I wont be surprised if there is a change of geography in the wind.
            Also wasn't the best day for our results with just a 22% win strike rate and the place strike rate was around the 70% mark. Yes I do go wide with the late mail selections which are normally north of 10/1 however the rest are usually in the first two or three in the market. Randwick results were okay however the rest were below par.
            Seems below par is the norm at the moment with our Australian champion mare in Verry Ellegant performing poorly in France. Slow race pace was the cause given however she may be feeling her age and the time is near to give her a very well deserved rest in a lush paddock.
            Well you always know when Spring arrives here in Oz because the Spring Racing Carnival is heralded by racing lovers who trumpet every major race event, until the final curtain is drawn after the biggest race of all, the Melbourne Cup is run and won. This Saturday the first of the Spring races arrive so its game on for Spring Racing 2022. !!
            Here are the venues for Saturday's races and the selections will follow as we get closer to start time.
            Hope you are coping well with the Australian style summer and you are managing to find some profitable winners.

            R2 no 5 Lady of Honour Won $3.20
            R4 no 14 I Wish I Win Won $3.15
            R5 no 12 Aft Cabin 2nd
            R7 no 7 Passive Aggressive 4th
            R9 no 9 Jimmy The Bear 3rd

            R5 no 10 Grace & Harmony
            R6 no 4 Quick 5 Fire 2nd is the strong late mail
            R7 no 14 Waterford Won $4
            R9 no 3 Promitto

            EAGLE FARM:
            R4 no 3 Legal Espirit Won $3
            R5 no 1 Spiritualised Won $2.30
            R8 no 12 It's Me Won $4.60
            R9 no 5 Nerido 4th

            R1 no 7 Dais 4th
            R2 no 4 Baby Paris Won $2
            R3 no 3 Sessions Peak Won $3
            R4 no 4 Buster Bash. Won $ 6 Westriver Miracle 2nd is the late mail
            R5 no 2 Alimentaria
            R6 no 6 Gold Merits 3rd
            R7 no 4 Spirited Session
            R8 no 5 Nerido 2nd
            R9 no 9 Hibiscus Lady 4th

            LAY BETS:
            MR1 no 12 Storm King Started Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
            MR6 no 4 In The Boat Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

            LATE LATE MAIL:
            SR1 no 9 Rebels Edge 2nd
            SR2 no 4 Hope In Your Heart Won $8.50
            MR8 no 1 I'm Thunderstruck 2nd

            BEST BETS:
            SR6 no 5 Fire 2nd
            BR4 no 3 Legal Espirit Won $3

            Cheers 'n' Beers
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            • Weather here should be nice and sunny however Mother Nature thinks we need a change from the norm and has sent over rain laden clouds and colder than normal temperatures. Consequently we are still having meetings abandoned because of heavy rain. Despite the inclement weather last weeks result were palatable with 13 Winners and 22 Placed. Spring racing is warming up and the big guns are coming out to play so expect some good competitive races in the next three months.
              Here are the races for Saturday.......updates will follow as we get closer to Saturday's start time.
              Be wary of Randwick today...track has been downgraded to a Heavy (8) due to persistent overnight rain.

              MOONEE VALLEY: Track Soft (6)
              R1 no 1 Castillian... Won $ 2 Major Beel 2nd is the late mail
              R2 no 8 Prix De Turn
              R3 no 4 Shalaman Won $4.50
              R4 no 2 Mr Brightside Won
              R6 no 5 Boogie Dancer.....No 3 I'mlovin'ya 3rdis the late mail tip
              R8 no 5 Uncle Bryn 2nd

              RANDWICK: Track Heavy (8)
              R1 no 8 Opal Ridge...Won $ 10 Xtra Approval is the late mail each way tip
              R3 no 4 Jai Lei 2nd
              R5 no 1 Eduardo Won $3
              R6 no 6 I'm Secret is the late mail
              R7 no 11 Icebath 2nd

              Track Soft (5)
              R1 no 1 Lammer Won $2
              R2 no 1 Steady Ready 2nd
              R6 no 1 The Ritz
              R8 no 6 Snippy Fox
              R9 no 12 Enterprise Mia 2nd

              BELMONT: Track Soft (5)
              R1 no 3 Ponyo
              R2 no 1 Let's Galavant Won $3.50
              R3 no 5 Alsephina 2nd
              R4 no 5 Probity 2nd
              R5 no 3 Allez Allez
              R6 no 7 Olden
              R7 no 4 Comes A Time 2nd
              R8 no 8 Multinational 2nd

              LAY BETS:
              MR1 no 2 Major Beel Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

              LATE LATE MAIL:
              SR3 no 3 Party For One e/w
              MR9 no 1 He's Our Bonneval e/w

              BEST BETS:
              MR4 no 2 Mr Brightside Won
              BR9 no 12 Enterprise Mia 2nd

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              • Every so often something odd pops up in my inbox and I haven't the faintest idea what it means. So welcome any explanations please!!.


                Spring Carnival Racing takes center stage this Saturday with the running of some time honoured serious races with mouth watering prizemoney on offer. The Group One Maykbe Diva Stakes is the highlight. Maykbe Diva won three Melbourne Cups and also a Cox Plate so she is right up there with the best. Her prizemoney totalled $14,526,690 and only one horse here (namely Winx), has exceeded that amount of prizemoney. Winz won $19,290,424 Australian Dollars which tops the list.
                Very sad news this morning of the passing of the Queen. She was deeply respected throughout the globe and will be sadly missed. This morning here in Brisbane its raining...something that rarely happens at this time of year.. so its fitting that the heavens have opened up to mark the passing of a unique and well loved Queen. And she had a deep love for horses and horseracing too and even had a number of horses with our top trainer in Australia, Chris Waller. My she rest in peace.

                R1 no 6 Doull
                R3 no 7 Ghaanati
                R4 no 8 Bermadez
                R5 no 1 I'm Thunderstruck Won $2.55
                R6 no 3 Port Nepean

                R3 no 10 3 Impulsar is the late mail
                R4 no 12 Pink Ivory Won $11
                R6 no 5 Golden Mile Won $4.20
                R7 no 1 Best of Bordeaux 2nd
                R8 no 9 Artishu
                R9 no 10 Shades of Rose Won $2.55
                R10 no 16 Waterford Won $2.40

                R1 no 2 Cool 'n' Ready 3rd
                R6 no 3 Puntura 2nd
                R8 no 6 Weona Smartone Won $5.25
                R9 no 12 Manhood 3rd

                R1 no 1 Sockoff 3rd
                R2 no 6 Tiffany Street 2nd
                R3 no 5 Enticing Won $15
                R4 no 5 Western Knight 2nd
                R5 no 1 Benji's Won $3.50
                R6 no 6 Westriver Miracle 3rd
                R7 no 5 State of Power
                R8 no 2 Resortman
                R9 no 4 Ginger Baker

                LAY BETS:
                MR1 no 6 Doull Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                MR7 no 6 Flying Mascot Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                SR4 no 5 Hameron Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

                LATE LATE MAIL:
                SR9 no 1 Startantes e/w @ $15
                SR1 no 18 Kings Trust e/w @ $15 2nd
                MR7 no 2 Glint of Hope e/w @ 33/1

                BEST BETS:
                MR5 no 1 I'm Thunderstruck Won $2.55

                Cheers'n Beers
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                • News here is dominated by the events surrounding the passing of Queen Elizabeth. And rightly so imho. There are a large number of dignitaries heading over from Australia to England to pay their respects including our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Queens horse trainer in Chris Waller.
                  Interesting statistic I read this week that stated that 1 in 250 Australians are racehorse owners. Of course that could be somewhat misleading as you can be classed as a owner here even if your investment is just 1%. Still its nice to know that so many do take an active interesting in ownership.
                  Last week saw a $15 winner and also a $11 winner so happy days when winners at double figure odds salute. Do have a runner at Townsville on Thursday this week in the shape of Coolmeans (Ran Unplaced) who is topweight in the 9th race. He's usually a consistent performer, despite the fact that the distance is a shade on the short side. Here are the venues for this Saturdays racing here in OZ.

                  CAULFIELD: Track Soft (5)
                  R2 no 6 Xtravagent Star
                  R5 no 1 She's Lickity Split
                  R8 no 4 Chain of Lightning 3rd

                  RANDWICK: Track Soft (5)
                  R2 no 6 Mahagoni Won $2.80
                  R5 no 1 Top Ranked Won $6.50
                  R6 no 5 Zougotcha Won $2.20
                  R7 no 3 Anamoe... Won .no 8 Icebath is an each way chance @ $20 Ran 2nd.
                  R8 no 2 Eduardo 4th

                  GOLD COAST:
                  Track Good (4)
                  R1 no 1 Yiska
                  R2 no 1 Za Ceibas 2nd
                  R4 no 2 Far Too Easy Won $3
                  R5 no 8 Global Citizen
                  R6 no 8 Zuma California Won $2.70
                  R8 no 7 Matowatakpe 4th

                  BELMONT: Track Soft (7)
                  R1 no 2 Saloon Bar 2nd
                  R2 no 4 Cywer
                  R3 no 7 Ain't No Other Man
                  R4 no 3 State of Power Won $2.40
                  R5 no 7 Cheerful Moment
                  R6 no 7 Real Grace. 5 Alsephina Won $3 is the late mail
                  R7 no 6 Tiger Move
                  R8 no 4 Star Trade
                  R9 no 3 Billy Ray

                  LAY BETS:
                  MR4 no 2 Aft Cabin Won . Lay Bet Lost

                  LATE LATE MAIL:
                  MR6 no 7 Daqiansweet Junior e/w @ $30
                  SR1 no 5 Proverbial e/w $16
                  SR10 no 8 Battleton e/w $10

                  BEST BETS:
                  SR7 no 3 Anamoe Won

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                  • Persistent showery rain is falling here today (Thursday). It rarely rains in September here and yet its forecast to rain all day. Its also the National Day of Mourning Public Holiday here today so fittingly the rain here in Queensland is a tribute to the passing of a much loved Queen.
                    The silly season has arrived and we know that because racing in some areas is banished to the bush so that folk out there can experience the feel of what the best in racing has to offer. Toowoomba has the time honoured Weetwood race which is very popular amongst city trainers who like their horses and staff to inhale some of that refreshingly cool mountain air instead of city smog. Down in Victoria racing has been sent to the seaside town of Morningside so city trainers and their horses can tread softly on sandy beaches.

                    Here are the early fields for Saturdays racing here in Oz. Updates will occur tomorrow and early Saturday morning and then once the INPLAY sign goes up then we are off and running. The forecast is for more rain right along the east coast of Australia so please bet with care.

                    ROSEHILL: Track Soft (5)
                    R1 no 4 Airliner
                    R2 no 15 Kote
                    R3 no 11 6 Wicklow 4th is the late mail chance
                    R4 no 1 Cadre De Noir 2nd
                    R7 no 8 2 Startantes is given a good chance here
                    R8 no 16 In Secret 2nd

                    MORNINGTON: Track Soft (7)
                    R1 no 2 Wee Nessy Won
                    R2 no 2 Defiant Diva 3rd
                    R3 no 2 Holster Won $3.10
                    R5 no 6 Tobaysure 2nd
                    R7 no 9 King Of the Castle

                    TOOWOOMBA: Track Soft (5)
                    R1 no 9 Self Indulgent Won
                    R2 no 5 Uncle Russ
                    R4 no 8 Madame Odette 3rd
                    R5 no 1 Dont Stop 2nd
                    R8 no 4 Garibaldi 3rd

                    BELMONT: Track Soft (5)
                    R1 no 2 Ain't No Other Man 2nd
                    R2 no 1 Saintorio 3rd
                    R3 no 1 Swear to God 2nd
                    R4 no 1 Ghost Who Walks 2nd
                    R5 no 2 Crescent City 2nd
                    R6 no 10 All the King's Men Won $4
                    R7 no 5 It'Saraday
                    R8 no 9 Western Knight Won $2.75
                    R9 no 4 Savage One

                    LAY BETS:
                    SR9 no 2 Ellsberg Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

                    LATE LATE MAIL:
                    SR2 no 14 Either Or e/w
                    SR7 no 2 Startantes e/w
                    SR8 no 3 Jacquinot e/w Won $8

                    BEST BETS:
                    Toowoomba R8 no 4 Garibaldi 3rd
                    Rosehill R8 no 16 In Secret 2nd

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                    • .......................................... .................................................. .............................................
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                      • Very strange weather happening around here of late with storms predicted for the next ten days. Normally we are basking in sunshine. We are known here in Queensland as The Sunshine State so its not the norm for us to be searching through our cupboards seeking things like umbrellas and raincoats. But racing will still proceed in most areas so lets get on with the business of finding winners.
                        Belmont racing has been rested to allow the well known mining town of Kalgoorlie to strut its stuff on center stage. Is still a bit like the Wild West out there these days so bet with caution.
                        Hope your day is a good one.

                        FLEMINGTON: Track Soft (5)
                        R1 no 10 Charm Stone 3rd
                        R2 no 9 The Garden 3rd
                        R3 no 1 She's Lickity Split Won $3.40
                        R4 no 1 Yearning
                        R5 no 3 Giga Kick Won $2.15
                        R6 no 10 Interpretation.. 4 Dagiansweet Junior is the late mail
                        R7 no 2 Duais
                        R8 no 6 Roch'n'Horse 2nd
                        R9 no 4 Artzino

                        RANDWICK: Track Soft (7)
                        R1 no 7 Physical Graffiti 3rd
                        R2 no 7 Perfect Proposal 2nd
                        R4 no 8 Montfelia 3rd
                        R5 no 2 Flag of 4 Communist 2ndis a strong late mail tip
                        R6 no 1 Fireburn
                        R7 no 1 Lost and Running Won $2.40
                        R8 no 5 6 Fangirl is the late mail tip
                        R9 no 7 Durston

                        EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
                        R2 no 2 Otyrar Won $3.20
                        R3 no 1 Plundering
                        R4 no 7 Montaffy
                        R5 no 1 Weona Smartone 3rd
                        R6 no 8 Flaming Conquest Won $2.60
                        R8 no 8 Mob Buster
                        R9 no 13 Birriecart 3rd

                        KALGOORLIE: Track Good (4)
                        R1 no 5 Starchienne 2nd
                        R2 no 1 Henchard
                        R3 no 3 Shoot Ur Shot
                        R4 no 3 There's A Chance
                        R5 no 1 Prize Pursuit Won $2
                        R6 no 2 Excellent Dream 3rd
                        R7 no 6 Pixie Chix 2nd
                        R8 no 4 No Apology 2nd
                        R9 no 1 Powerful Won $18.

                        LAY BETS:
                        SR 7 no 1 Lost and Running Won. Lay bet Lost
                        MR7 no 12 Gold Trip Started Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                        LATE LATE MAIL:
                        MR4 no 2 Silent Sovereign e/w @ $40
                        MR9 no 1 Mr Maestro Won $4.80

                        BEST BETS:
                        EF R5 no 1 Weona Smartone 3rd

                        Cheers n Beers
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                        • Was destined to be one of those ordinary days last Saturday until the very last race of the day at Kalgoorlie. The once a year major race program in the gold mining town had ordinary results until the lucky last came up ..and we struck gold with Powerful winning at $18. Otherwise there was very little to cheer about on the day as unusual weather patterns play havoc along our coastlines. Huge storms are heading our way in the next few days so its batten down the hatches and stay indoors until the storms head off out to sea.
                          Wife has Loburn Lass running at Townsville on Thursday so weather permitting it will contest a 1200m race and its drawn well in barrier 2 so should give them something to chase. No market out as I write but I expect it will be around $8 so each way for me. (Ran 5th so no joy here!)
                          Fields for Saturday will be posted shortly. Updates and selections will occur as we get closer to start time.
                          Heavy rain is predicted for Randwick tomorrow. I will update before they start but suggest caution with your betting on Randwick on Saturday.

                          CAULFIELD: Track Soft (6)
                          R1 no 3 Knight's Gambit Won $3.15
                          R2 no 2 Old Flame
                          R3 no 5 English Riviera.. Won $ 3 Nanagui is the late mail
                          R4 no 14 Zethius 3rd
                          R6 no 1 Paulele Won $2.50
                          R7 no 7 Anamoe.. Won $2.35..dangers are no 3 Alligator Blood and No 2 I'm Thunderstruck 2nd.
                          R8 no 2 Berkeley 3 Golden Mile Won $3.25 is the late mail
                          R9 no 5 I Wish I Win
                          R10 no 3 Zapateo 4th

                          RANDWICK: Track Heavy (10)
                          R4 no 1 Best of Bordeaux Won $3.70
                          R5 no 1 Promise of 2 Expat is the late mail
                          R7 no 3 Williamsburg Abandoned
                          R8 no 3 Startantes e/w Abandoned

                          EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
                          R1 no 3 Arabian Fox
                          R2 no 9 Sunday Mail
                          R3 no 1 Jetty
                          R8 no 1 Hasabro
                          R9 no 1 Le Palmier Won $11
                          R10 no 2 Zuma California Won $4.70

                          Track Good (4)
                          R1 no 1 A Lot Of Good Men 3rd
                          R2 no 2 Axel "R" Eight
                          R3 no 2 Ginger Baker 4th
                          R4 no 1 Castillo Del Lago Scratched
                          R5 no 1 Trade War 3rd
                          R6 no 13 Vampi at Play 2nd
                          R7 no 2 Mood Swings 2nd
                          R8 no 4 Karli's Karma Won $7.50
                          R9 no 6 All Show
                          R10 no 4 Buster Bash 3rd

                          LAY BETS:
                          MR5 no 12 Saracen Knight Won $4.60. Lay Bet Lost
                          MR8 no 3 Golden Mile Won $3.25 Lay Bet Lost

                          LATE LATE MAIL:
                          SR1 no 18 Danzadel e/w @ 30/1
                          SR2 no 9 Either Oar e/w @ $12 3rd
                          SR6 no 4 Burgunder e/w

                          BEST BETS:
                          MR7 no 7 Anamoe Won $2.35
                          MR8 no 3 Golden Mile Won $3.25

                          Cheers'n' Beers
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                          • Not much to cheer about last week although there was a winner @ $11 and another @ $9 so it wasn't the worst day on record!.
                            No tips this weekend (just the early ones) as I'm off to the country for one of those once in a year picnic race meetings. Results will be posted on Sunday.
                            I do enjoy the serenity and the fresh country air so all things being equal, normal service will resume again on the following weekend.
                            Just hope the unseasonal rain that's around at the moment hangs off otherwise it will be umbrella and raincoat time which is never as much fun as
                            a good ole sunny day.
                            I see the Forum Fairy has been active again and has waved the magic wand and given me ten bars. Thank you FF, much appreciated.!

                            CAULFIELD: Track Heavy (10)
                            R3 no1 Mr Maestro Won $2

                            RANDWICK: Track Heavy (8)
                            R3 no 1 Cascadian Won $2
                            R7 no 1 Nature Strip
                            R8 no 1 Mr Mozart 2nd
                            R9 no 1 Ellsberg Won $3.30

                            EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
                            R1 no 7 She's A Rogue 3rd
                            R2 no 4 Smytzer
                            R4 no 2 Oytrar 2nd
                            R5 no 2 Boom Court 2nd
                            R7 no 7 Amore Veloce 3rd
                            R9 no 7 Mass Destruction

                            ASCOT: Track Good (4)
                            R1 no 3 All The King's Men Won $2.20
                            R2 no 2 Ain't No other Man 3rd
                            R3 no 1 Buster Bash Won $4.30
                            R4 no 5 Lexington City 2nd
                            R5 no 1 Powerful
                            R6 no 13 Acefire
                            R7 no 10 Miss Contiki Won $4.40
                            R8 no 5 Resortman Won $5.70
                            R9 no 1 Trix Of The Trade Won $8.30
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                            • There is something about a picnic race meeting. They are always a bit of fun because its a once a year event for the locals and probably about the only place in Oz where you will still be able to find a bookie who has not upgraded from the days of pencils and hand ledgers. Yes its a seven hour round trip by car however its a must attend event for the wife and I as we just love the country and Australian bush.
                              Perhaps I should venture off more often because despite the selections for last week being limited to just the early selections the results were quite acceptable with 8 wins, and 7 placed out of a total of 20 picks. A one dollar bet on all selections for the win would have returned $32.20.
                              Watched an excellent movie "Dream Horse". Its a true story about a horse named Dream Alliance in Wales. Its on Netflix and well worth watching.
                              Weather here has been exceptionally cold and wet. Normally we enjoy sunny days around 27deg Celsius however its drizzling and the max yesterday was just 23deg. Very unlike the norm for our Sunshine State!! Many are blaming some Spanish dude by the name of "El Nino" for the unseasonal rains, floods and low temperatures!! Expected temps for Saturday races below are not expected to be north of 20deg Celsius so that's well short of the norm.
                              Wife has Loborn Lass running around at Townsville on Saturday in Race 4 and Strawberry Lady at Grafton next Tuesday. The Lass is her best chance as Strawberry is unraced and this will be a suck it and see event. Loburn has drawn poorly in barrier 10, however she is back to 1300m which is her best distance, so if she can stride to the front she is in with a chance. I'm expecting her odds will be around the $10 mark.
                              Here are the early selections for Saturday which will be updated as Saturday race time approaches. Big race on Saturday is the time honoured Cox Plate. The race will be run and won at Moonee Valley in race 9. Prizemoney is huge with total Prizemoney for the race, an eye watering AUD $5m.

                              MOONEE VALLEY: Track Good (4)
                              R1 no 1 Arkansaw Kid Won $2.90
                              R2 no 3 Esta La Roca 2nd
                              R3 no 9 Great Barrier Reef.....late mail is no 6 Shalailed 3rd
                              R5 no 2 Do It La 3rd
                              R6 no 6 Gentlemen Roy
                              R7 no 1 Berkeley Square Won $3
                              R8 no 5 Lunar Flare 2nd
                              R9 no 10 Anamoe Won $2.70
                              R10 no 6 Roots 2nd

                              RANDWICK: Track Soft (7)
                              R1 no 1 Barber Won $4.80
                              R6 no 2 Kote Won $4.40
                              R7 no 1 Golden Mile Won $2.60
                              R8 no 1 Eliptical 2nd
                              R9 no 3 Icebath
                              R10 no 14 Bella Rouge

                              DOOMBEN: Track Soft (7)
                              R1 no 2 Miss Coota Won
                              R3 no 2 Northern Express 3rd
                              R4 no 7 Self Indulgent 2nd
                              R5 no 8 Fetch
                              R7 no 1 Tappy's One 3rd
                              R8 no 4 Proper Rouge Won $2.15
                              R10 no 15 Drive A Deel Won $2.60

                              ASCOT: Track Good (4)
                              R1 no 1 Brave Halo Won
                              R2 no 3 Sneaky Chance
                              R3 no 2 Henchard 4th
                              R4 no 5 Blackwater Bay 4th
                              R5 no 5 Never Sober 4th
                              R6 no 9 Above The Peg 2nd
                              R7 no 2 Amelia's Jewel Won $2.40
                              R8 no 3 Trade War
                              R9 no 5 Billy Ray

                              LAY BETS:
                              SR4 no 8 Mahagoni Won Lay Bet Lost

                              LATE LATE MAIL:
                              SR7 no 6 Burgunder e/w @ $20
                              SR9 no 10 Espona e/w @ $7
                              MR9 no 2 I'm Thunderstruck e/w @ $13 2nd

                              BEST BETS:
                              ASCOT R7 no 2 Amelia's Jewel Won $2.40
                              MV Race 9 no 10 Anamoe Won $2.70

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                              • Last Saturday night I went to a Science Event named Horizons presented by Professor Brian Cox who hails I think from Manchester. It was a slick performance from a guy who obviously knows his planets. I was surprised to learn however that most of the equations used these days in respect of outer space originate from Einstein's Theory of Relativity...the old E=mc2 theory. His theory originated around a century ago so that is some legacy. Now if only we could find a simple equation to consistently find those elusive winners. Surely there is a modern day Einstein out there who can write such a formulae for us punters!!. Personally I love this stuff and I do use a simple formulae to obtain the early selections, which as you can see by the results of Oct 13ths post do work,..... at least some of the time.!!
                                Very unseasonal weather here at present with temperatures well below the norm and rainfall well above the October average. This has meant heavy tracks and odd results. We have the main racing event of the year coming up, which is the Melbourne Cup, held ever year on the first Tuesday of November and its been that way since the 7th November 1861 when Archer won the first Melb Cup. Hopefully the Australian summer will return as the race always has international representatives including UK horses. I'll update the list of UK horses that are running in the Cup as soon as acceptances are finalised. Field size is 24 runners. Its known here as the race that stops a nation. That's because the majority of workers tend to leave work early in the day to watch the race, bet on the outcome, and party on thereafter!.
                                Here are Saturday's early selections. Updates and late mail will follow am on Saturday. Good luck on the punt.!

                                Following Saturdays racing I will post tips here for the Melbourne Cup together with the Flemington and Royal Randwick Race programs which will be run on Tuesday. Currently the international representatives continue to dominate the betting despite the fact none of these have raced yet in Australia. I refer to Deauville Legend, Without A Fight, and Hoo Ya Mal.

                                FLEMINGTON: Track Soft (7)
                                R1 no 1 Tijuana...No 12 Pungo is the late mail
                                R4 no 1 Jenny Jerome
                                R5 no 7 Turaath
                                R6 no 1 15 In Secret Won $3.50 is the late mail
                                R7 no 2 Berkeley Square
                                R8 no 14 La Crique 4th
                                R9 no 2 Asfoora

                                ROSEHILL: Track Soft (6)
                                R3 no 4 Waterford Won $2
                                R10 no 5 Democracy Manifest

                                EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
                                R3 no 6 Deep Rouge 3rd
                                R5 no 9 Ang Pow Won $2.25
                                R6 no 1 Yellow Brick Won $3.05
                                R7 no 4 Chinny Boom Won
                                R10 no 2 Couldn't Refuse

                                ASCOT: Track Good (4)
                                R1 no 4 Lexington City 4th
                                R2 no 2 Oly's Choice Won $2.80
                                R3 no 2 Baby Paris Won $2.80
                                R4 no 10 Vitalize 4th
                                R5 no 6 Strike Now
                                R6 no 8 Sniparoochy Won $3.25
                                R7 no 11 Miss Conteki Won $3.90
                                R8 no 16 Trix of the Trade 3rd
                                R9 no 7 Probity

                                LAY BETS:
                                EF Race 1 no 1 Mishani Renegade Won. $1.80 . Lay Bet Lost
                                SR Race 5 no 9 Mars Mission Won $4.20 Lay Bet Lost
                                SR Race 7 no 7 Lost and Running Started $2.40 Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay bet Won

                                LATE LATE MAIL:
                                MR3 no 8 Triple Missile 2nd
                                MR7 no 4 Mr Maestro 4th

                                BEST BETS:
                                MR7 no 2 Berkeley Square
                                MR8 no 14 La Crique 4th

                                Cheers 'n' Beers
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