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  • Our newspapers and television here are saturated with stories about the upcoming Australian Federal Election. Plenty of stories about financial pledges to States and Territories and worthy organizations and Gotcha moments when candidates couldn't recall figures like what's the national unemployment rate? (4% and dropping if anyone asks!). Sadly I had to read onto page 25 of my local Courier Mail today to get updates on the war in Ukraine. And Climate Change is no longer solely the Labor Party's biggest threat to living in Australia...that "honour" is now shared with China!.
    Yes we live in strange yet interesting times.
    Despite the rain last Saturday Randwick's meeting did progress and the $11m plus prizemoney was distributed amongst the lucky participants. Australia does rank highly in terms of prizemoney and to our credit we do have significant rehoming opportunities for retired racehorses. My little girl Belfast Lass won a trial last week with a well timed late sprint and hopefully that's topped her off for her next assignment at Townsville. Also have Sweet Home Alabama hopefully running at Coffs Harbour on 19th April in Race 8. Tracks around there have been rated Heavy of late so she might find that a tough assignment unless the sun decides to reappear.
    Hopefully there wont be a repeat this week of Ascot's results from last Saturday where 7 horses placed out of the 9 races but just one saluted in first place.
    Wet tracks still abound so bet with care as there have been plenty of longshots saluting of late.
    Hope Easter Bunny is generous to everyone throughout the Easter period.!

    CAULFIELD: (Track Good 4)
    R2 no 11 Clemenceau Won.
    R3 no 1 Point Nepean Won $2
    R4 no 12 Mamounia Won $2.90
    R6 no 5 Jump The Broom 4th
    R8 no 9 Ayrton. Won $ 2 I Am Superman is a place chance @$12
    R9 no 6 Glint of Hope 3rd

    RANDWICK: (Track Heavy 8)
    R2 no 15 Mahagoni .....No 16 Three Wise Men is given some hope @ 33/1
    R3 no 4 Straight Arron 3rd
    R4 no 5 Fireburn 2nd
    R5 no 2 Espiona .. Won $2.50 .No5 Party For One 2nd is expected to go well here.
    R6 no 3 Big Parade 3rd
    R7 no 1 Icebath 3rd
    R8 no 1 Mounga
    R9 no 16 Huetor 3rd
    R10 no 6 Maotai

    EAGLE FARM: (Track Good 4)
    R1 no 3 Green Shadows Won $4.10
    R2 no 7 Reggiewood Won $2.35
    R3 no 1 Street Dancer 3rd
    R4 no 4 Glamborgini
    R5 no 11 Festival Prince
    R6 no 5 Sienna's Choice
    R7 no 8 Green Belt 2nd
    R8 no 1 Zoustyle 3rd

    ASCOT: (Track Soft 5)
    R1 no 3 Hardly Ever 3rd
    R2 no 4 Garage Days
    R3 no 4 Cross Statement 2nd
    R4 no 7 Keeper Sweet
    R5 no 3 Sentimental Queen 4th
    R6 no 8 Liwa
    R7 no 8 Cataipa....3rd...thought no 1 Kia Ora Star was e/w value @ $12 Won $12
    R8 no 1 Left The Building
    R9 no 8 My Mate 3rd

    MR4 no 1 The Cunning Fox Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
    SR8 no 14 In The Congo Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

    SR2 no 7 Alpha Go e/w @ 20/1
    MR4 no 12 Mamounia Won $2.90
    MR7 no 16 Teewaters e/w @ 33/1

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    • News here in Australia is dominated by the upcoming elections. Doesn't matter which channel you switch over to there is someone running down their opponent and telling us how good they will be if and when they are elected. Cant wait for the election to be done and dusted. Problem is the election is still a month ago. Think I'll just watch the racing channel as they are one of the few channels with no election promises!! We do receive updates of what's happening in Ukraine...not good, and every day it goes on the globe becomes that little less safe.
      Heavy rain has continued to fall on the eastern seaboard with a number of race meetings cancelled or run on Heavy 10 ratings. The wife's favourite horse in Loburn Lass will get a start at Dalby on Saturday. She is not yet in peak condition and the race is a tad short at 1200m, plus she has drawn an outside barrier, however she will try her little heart out and the expectation is that she will be competitive. Unlike other areas near the coast Dalby will have a track rating of a Good 4. Sweet Home Alabama, of which I have a small interest in didn't run last week as the race meeting was called off due to the rain. Hopefully she will start in Race 7 at Bathurst on Monday in a Class 1 race. Barrier draw is a howler as she has drawn the carpark in barrier 15 and will need some serious luck to win from there. And my little guy named Coolmeans is nominated for Mackay on April 28th. No action for so long then as the old saying goes " it doesn't rain it pours!!"
      Last week's results were frustrated by the wet tracks, however there was a ray of sunshine with Kia Ora Star which saluted at $12 in race 7 at Ascot. Hopefully there will be many more like that in future weeks!!.
      There wont be any updates of results on Saturday as I will be on a 6 hour round trip to Dalby to watch Loburn Lass strut her stuff. Results will be posted as soon as I return. UPDATE: Well that was the plan until a message came through early this morning that Loburn Lass will now be scratched over concerns that the wide barrier may take too much out of her at this stage and she will now head to Kilcoy next Sunday. Sweet Home Alabama is now off to Naromine to contest a 1300m race there on Thursday. I'm getting giddy with so many changes...bring on the better weather please!!
      Hope your day on the punt is a profitable one.!

      R1 no 5 Zougotcha 2nd is the late mail
      R4 no 4 Aleas 2nd
      R6 no 3 Quintello Won $3.70
      R7 no 2 Andermatt Won $2
      R8 no 3 Diamil

      R1 no 6 Vasmee 2nd
      R2 no 1 Sirileo Miss 2nd
      R3 no 2 Chartres... Won $5.70...late mail suggests no 3 Tobeysure is fancied.
      R4 no 6 Ain'tnodeeldun 2nd
      R5 no 4 Scissor Step 2nd
      R6 no 2 Sir 1 Bello Beau 2nd is the late tip.
      R7 no 12 Swat's That
      R9 no 9 Extreme Warrior Won $2.20

      R1 no 7 Jack The Lad Won $3.25
      R3 no 1 Yiska Won $2.15
      R8 no 4 Kukeracha Won $5
      R9 no 8 Ulysses

      R1 no 4 Miss Drakova 3rd
      R2 no 3 God Has Chosen Won $2.50
      R3 no 5 Kaymay 2nd
      R4 no 4 Trade War
      R5 no 7 Michelada
      R6 no 4 Galactic Storm 2nd
      R7 no 6 How's The Serenity Won $2.20
      R8 no 8 Premium Choice
      R9 no 9 Harmika

      LAY BETS:
      MR5 no 1 Midwest Won. Lay Bet lost

      MR6 no 6 Rue De Palais e/w @ 20/1
      Doom R6 no 7 Shamaton 4th
      Doom R9 no 3 Never No More 2nd

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      • Australia has just recorded its highest quarterly inflation rate in 20 years with the announcement that our latest increase is 5.1% That means that mortgage interest rates will now increase and that will be painful to first home owners. Building costs are one of the biggest headaches here as supply has been diminished partly caused by the huge bank-up of vessels waiting to be unloaded in Chinese ports. Meanwhile heavy rains continue to pummel the eastern seaboard of Australia causing flooding in many areas and of course its providing plenty of headaches for racehorse owners as the tracks are mainly rated Heavy. If that's not enough the curse of the wide barriers has struck and our (wife and I) runners for this week at this stage are all starting wide or close to the carpark!. On Thursday my little fellow Coolmeans is down to race at Mackay in race 5 and he's drawn barrier 16 with the track rated a heavy 9. There will be some scratchings, however it would be nice to be inside in say one of the first 8 barriers, instead of so far out.! I noticed that Sportsbet have tipped him to run second so that's encouraging. Also on Thursday Sweet Home Alabama goes to Narromine where she should be competitive (despite the heavy overnight rain and further predictions for Thursday) (UPDATE: Narromine meeting has been abandoned due to heavy rain.) The wife's horse in Loburn Lass is a dual acceptor at Kilcoy on Sunday and she will run well because she always gives her best. Kilcoy is a tricky course because its a turning track and therefore favours on pace horses who like to lead and that should suit. She is first up from a decent spell so providing she can get to the front she might just take some running down. Hopefully when the barrier draw comes out she has drawn the rails and the sun is shining in a sky devoid of rain clouds!!!. UPDATE No 2. Wishful thinking on my part as Loburn Lass drew the outside barrier in one race and the third furthest one out in the other. Track rating is a Heavy 8. The Gods have not been kind!!
        Enjoy the day and I hope you manage to finish on top.

        R1 no 8 Royal Invader.. 5 Hell Hound Won $2.20 is the late mail
        R3 no 1 Jucconi 2nd
        R5 no 10 Jayanthi 3rd
        R7 no 2 Belle Savior 2nd

        R3 no 1 French Bonnet
        R4 no 5 Deepstrike Won $5.50
        R6 no 2 Malkovich 2nd
        R7 no 1 Mr Mozart is the late mail Won $2.30
        R9 no 19 Ruby Tuesday is a wildcard chance @ 60/1
        R10 no 3 Norwegian Bliss Won $3

        EAGLE FARM:
        R1 no 4 Trevelyan 3rd
        R3 no 7 Zavaboom
        R4 no 5 Gave Us Up Won $2.50
        R5 no 2 Brereton
        R6 no 3 Palladas 4th
        R9 no 9 Bullfinch. Won $7

        R1 no 3 Gunmetal Grey
        R2 no 1 Demolish 3rd
        R3 no 4 Success Play
        R4 no 5 Keeper Street ....gave no 1 Cuban Twist a place chance at odds.
        R5 no 3 Downforce 3rd
        R6 no 9 Sneaky Chance 2nd
        R7 no 4 Amasenus Won $4.50
        R8 no 6 Otheroneson Won
        R9 no 1 Elafella

        LAY BETS:
        MR8 No 5 Regardsmaree Started $2.60 Fav. Won. Lay Bet Lost
        Morphettville R8 no 3 Morvada Started $4. Won. Lay Bet Lost

        Hawk R5 no 17 Sacrimony Won $4.30
        Hawk R7 no 1 Mr Mozart Won $2.30
        Eagle Farm R6 no 14 Arentee Won $3.50
        Eagle Farm R7 no 3 Bend The Knee
        Eagle Farm R8 no 8 It's Me eachway @ $21

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        • Election propaganda and multiple promises from all parties and independents dominate our daily info feeds here in Australia as the nation heads closer to polling day. Promises by a major party such as they will take a $40K investment in any house property that you want to buy have emerged in the form of so called shared equity schemes which sound great until you dive down into the small print and discover that no you cant rent out the home (except in only exceptional circumstances), and if you do any improvements then no you don't get a credit for that if the property is sold, unless its a major reno, and then only if you have independent valuations to prove it. Plus the rules get harder if you want to pass your home onto one of your kids if and when you depart Planet Earth. Whatever happened to the KISS principle!!!
          Frustrating period for horseracing here on the eastern seaboard of Australia as unseasonal rains continue to create tracks rated heavy. On Sunday the wife took Loburn Lass to Kilcoy for a race but unfortunately it rained prior to the race and the track rating was a Heavy 10. She drew the outside barrier and couldn't get across to the fence, copped a check on the turn and faded into 9th place. This week I have three runners going around on Friday in the form of Sweet Home Alabama, Coolmeans and Belfast Lass. Think the best of these is SHA as she is racing at Armidale in Race 7 and has drawn a reasonable barrier in 5 and one of my favourite jockeys in Mathew McGurran is aboard. Coolmeans and Belfast Lass are down to start at Townsville in race 11 where its a Soft 5 track..Coolmeans has drawn well in barrier 2 whilst Belfast has also drawn well in 5. Update. Coolmeans ran a good 2nd.
          Results to date have been disappointing as the tracks are playing havoc with Heavy ratings, however the good news is that the weather forecasts are promising so hopefully the good track ratings will reappear and the form will return to par.
          Hope you have a good day on the punt and stay safe.

          CAULFIELD: Track Good (4)
          R1 no 1 Liberty Steps.. 6 Maximillus is the late mail
          R2 no 6 Princess Rhaenys 3rd
          R6 no 2 Clemenceau 2nd
          R8 no 8 The Claimant
          R9 no 5 Milford Won $6.25

          GOSFORD:Track Heavy (8)
          R1 no 7 London
          R2 no 12 Markwell Dreamer 2nd
          R4 no 7 Siege Won $3.40
          R7 no 2 Great House 2nd
          R10 no 8 Battleton 3rd

          MORPHETTVILLE: Track Soft(5)
          R6 no 6 Sirileo Miss
          R7 no 4 Beau Rossa
          R8 no 1 September Run 3rd

          ASCOT: Track Good (4)
          R1 no 2 Snipillicious 3rd
          R2 no 2 Via Monte 3rd
          R3 no 5 Miss Drakova 3rd
          R4 no 5 Sniparoochy 4th
          R5 no 4 It'sarayday Won
          R6 no 3 Warm'n'Fuzzy 3rd
          R7 no 9 Tena Koutou
          R8 no 1 Blackwater Bay
          R9 no 2 Downforce 3rd

          GOLD COAST: Track Soft (6)
          R4 no 3 Nettuno Won $2.40
          R6 no 1 Gypsy Goddess.. 6 Stalking is given an eachway chance @ $16
          R7 no 3 Sword Of State. 2 Prince of Boom Won $3 is the late mail
          R8 no 1 Zaaki Won
          R9 no 6 Shooting for 2 Desert Lord is the late mail value tip

          LAY BETS:
          CAUL R5 no 3 Itsourtime Started $2.25 Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
          MORP R7 no 1 Behemoth Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

          LATE LATE MAIL:
          MR3 no 15 Shilo Lass e/w @ $13

          GOS: R9 no 10 Party For One e/w @ $13

          Cheers 'n' Beers
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          • The eastern seaboard of Australia has been inundated with rain since Monday and there's water everywhere!! Our backyard is awash, the pool is overflowing and so is the fish fountain. Still I think we are lucky as we have avoided the worst of it which has been reserved for places further up the coast like Cairns. Report on Sweet Home Alabama suggested she may have pulled a hamstring as she strode to the lead on the turn but found little and finished 5th. She now has an all clear and will (weather permitting!) contest Race 6 at Glen Innes on Monday. She has drawn barrier 3 which should be ideal.
            Unfortunately heavy rain has forced the cancellation and or transfer of many meetings so don't be surprised if Saturdays racing is also affected.
            Here are the early fields which will be followed by the selections, then the late mail, and finally the late late mail will see the "Still Working" sign replaced by the "Inplay" sign and updates of the results, time permitting, will occur throughout the day..
            Best wishes for a good day with your investments and thanks to the rare few on here who press the "Like" button.!!

            FLEMINGTON: Good (4)
            R1 no 6 Doull Won $2.50
            R2 no 5 No Way Ever.. Won $4.80 .No 3 Commands The Field 2nd is the late mail
            R5 no 14 Hype
            R6 no 5 Ice Pack 9 Arran Bay is the late mail
            R7 no 10 Port Nepean Won $6.80
            R8 no 17 Triple Missile Won $3.75

            EAGLE FARM: Track Soft (6)
            R1 no 6 Shamaton 3rd
            R2 no 8 Diamil Won $3.10
            R3 no 4 Our Intrigue 2nd
            R5 no 13 Exo Lady 2nd
            R7 no 1 Character

            SCONE: Track Soft (5)
            R4 no 4 Lady 12 Capital Elle is given some hope @30/1
            R6 no 13 I am Me
            R7 no 4 Andermatt

            BELMONT: Track Good
            R1 no 1 Top Of The Pops Won
            R2 no 2 God Has Chosen Won $2.60
            R3 no 4 Stay Safe 2nd
            R4 no 6 Kolchina
            R5 no 1 Galactic Storm 3rd
            R6 no 8 She's Enchanted
            R7 no 8 Albukhturi
            R8 no 2 Elite Street Won $2.50
            R9 no 7 Mercanto Won $7.20

            LAY BETS:
            Flem R6 no 9 Aaron Bay Started $2.90 Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
            Flem R7 no 11 Splendiferous Started $4.60 Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

            LATE MAIL: Scone Race 9 no 3 Malkovich

            LATE LATE MAIL:
            Scone R1 no 17 Keen Contributor e/w @ $10

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            • Australia is being bombarded with election promises as Labour and the Liberals fight out yet another tight contest. Recent polls have the two sides almost level pegging with Labour just a nose ahead as I write. That means the Government will be decided by preferences and that too will be close. Changes to the methodology of voting will mean a high level of Informal votes (for example you can no longer just Vote 1 for your candidate and walk away). Instead you need to number at least seven choices in the Lower House and even more in the Upper expect delays before the new Government is announced. On the bright side the rain has eased off and we are no longer being subjected to heavy flooding.
              Of course that means most of our race courses have been inundated and heavy track ratings are common. My little girl Sweet Home Alabama had her race cancelled and is now entered to run at Inverell in Race 8 on Friday (Ran a good 4th!). She has drawn barrier 13 however after removing emergencies she could come into barrier 9. She is fit and raring to go and the 25/1 price is tempting!. Belfast Lass is entered for race 6 at Home Hill also on Friday She has drawn 7 of 11 (ran 6th) so despite the distance being on her short side she should go okay here. Coolmeans is entered in Race 6 at Townsville on Friday however she has drawn the outside in barrier 11( Won $11.!!). Think despite the bad barrier he will acquit himself well. Wife's horse Loburn Lass had a trial at the Gold Coast on Thursday to freshen her up and she will now go to Toowoomba, Saturday week.
              Because of my involvement with Polling Booths and scrutineering I wont be around to post updates on Saturday. Depending on how I pull up after the party on Saturday night I will update results sometime on Sunday.
              Please stay safe and here's hoping you have a successful day on the punt.

              .................................................. .................................................. ...................STILL WORKING........................................... .................................................. ..

              FLEMINGTON: Good (4)
              R2 no 1 Brosnan Won $3.20
              R3 no 2 Flash Feeling 3rd
              R5 no 5 Star Patrol Won
              R7 no 9 Front Page
              R8 no 13 Tuvalu 2nd.

              ROSEHILL: Heavy (8)
              R1 no 3 7 O'Tycoon is the late mail
              R5 no 12 Aravene Won $5
              R8 no 1 Lady of Luxury 3rd
              R9 no 13 Quintella 2nd
              R10 no 13 Skywolf

              R1 no 9 The Catch
              R4 no 7 Contemptuous
              R7 No 1 Zaaki
              R9 no 14 Oriental Princess

              BELMONT: Good (4)
              R1 no 1 Revitup Won $2
              R2 no 4 Sniparoochy. Won $ 3 Hardly Ever 3rd is the late mail
              R3 no 1 Silkinize
              R4 no 5 Via Monte 2nd
              R5 no 5 Advanced
              R6 no 9 Galactic Storm
              R8 no 2 Speed Dream Won $7.50
              R9 no 13 Rokanori.. Won $ 6 Itsarayday is the late mail

              LAY BETS: Nil

              LATE MAIL;
              MR7 no 16 On The Lead is given a chance @ 40/1 3rd @ $76/1
              SR 2 no 16 Overextend is a rough hope @ $12 2nd

              Cheers ' n' Beers
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              • Well the big news here is that Australia has voted out the Liberal/Nationals Government and replaced this with a Labour Government. As I write they need 76 seats to govern and they have 75 with 5 seats in doubt. Interesting times ahead as Labour proposals include joint partnerships with new home owners and replacement of coal power stations that generate our electricity. Should be fun when it rains for two weeks like it has done here this month and our power will be reliant on solar panels.
                Last week's result was highlighted by the Late Mail tip for On the Lead, which stormed home for a good third at the juicy odds of 76/1. Best winner on the day was Speed Dream which won paying $7.50 for the win.
                Spotlight this week will be on Doomben as there are carry over Group races from last weeks cancelled meeting included in this Saturday's fields. If my maths are correct there will be 3 Group One races, 1 Group Two and 4 Group Three races with a Listed Stakes race thrown in for good measure.
                Wife's favourite horse in Loburn Lass will head off to Toowoomba on Saturday the 28th May. Its a tough race over 1300m however if she draws well (she drew barrier 13!!) then she is in with a strong chance. She likes to get to the front which suits the style of racing required to win at this track. There will be scratchings so hopefully she come into a better barrier position. Wife doesn't normally bet however couldn't resist the $31 that Vicbet had on offer. (Ran a close up 3rd)
                There is some interesting racing this weekend so let's hope we can find a decent lot of winners,
                I see the Forum Fairies have been playing around with my rating on the left hand side of the page. Rating is far too generous but I do appreciate it. Thanks guys!!

                CAULFIELD: Track Good (4)
                R2 no 5 Proud Conquest
                R3 no 10 Oceana Blue 2nd
                R4 no 13 Gentility
                R6 no 4 Sig Positano

                R8 no 3 17 Somerset Maugham is given some hope here

                RANDWICK: Track Heavy (10)
                R2 no 2 Owen County.. Won $ 7 Golden Queen 3rd is the late mail
                R5 no 5 Shameless Miss
                R6 no 4 Democracy 14 Comrade Rosa is the late mail
                R7 no 3 7 Surreal Step Won $12 is the late mail
                R8 no 2 Handle The Truth is value @ $ 13 Coal Crusher is given a strong chance
                R10 no 7 American President 3rd

                EAGLE FARM: Track Soft (5)
                R5 no 1 Zaaki 3rd
                R6 no 2 Prince of 8 Bend the Knee is given a good chance here
                R7 no 10 Desert Lord
                R8 no2 Dark Destroyer
                R9 no 13 Paulete 2nd

                BELMONT: Soft (6)
                R1 no 1 Top Of The Pops Won $2.60
                R2 no 3 The Velvet Queen 2nd
                R3 no 3 Premium Choice Won $2.80
                R4 no 6 Gunmetal Grey 2nd
                R5 no 3 The Admiral
                R6 no 2 Media Baron
                R7 no 6 Phenomenal Anomaly
                R8 no 6 Rebelzone
                R9 no 2 Valour Road..........danger is no 5 Red Can Man 2nd
                R10 no 10 Sneaky Chance 3rd

                LAY BETS:
                EF R2 no 3 Steel Prince Started $3.20 Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                MR R7 no 2 Grandslam Started $2.70 Fav. Ran unplaced Lay Bet Won

                LATE LATE MAIL:
                SR 7 no 7 Surreal Step Won $12

                EF R7 no 10 Desert Lord
                MR 8 no 17 Somerset Maugham e/w @$13

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                • News from Oz is that the heavy rains that have saturated our Eastern States continue to play havoc with a number of meetings either swapped to alternative venues or cancelled. The meetings that do run have abnormally large numbers of scratchings which often results in races with less than eight runners. That's frustrating from a racing administration viewpoint as turnover and attendances are reduced, and also from a punters perspective as betting in small fields on soggy tracks is not their idea of fun.
                  Last week's highlights were the win of Surreal Step (mentioned twice!) @ $12 and Owen Country which saluted at $6.25. Otherwise the rest provided us with little joy. The wife had some joy however when her favourite horse in Loburn Lass stepped out for a race at Toowoomba. Despite the outside barrier it strode to the lead and clung onto the front until the shadows of the winning post loomed and it went down to run third by just 0.3 lengths from the winner. She was delighted with the run and the fact that she backed it at $31 each way thanks to the generosity of the folks at Vicbet.
                  Have a runner this week in Sweet Home Alabama(Scr) who is knocking on the door, and has been nominated for Newcastle on Saturday. The bad news is that the field size there is 13 and she is 25th on the list of acceptances. So unless there are large numbers of scratchings she may have to look elsewhere for her next run. Also have Belfast Lass(4th) running in Race 5 at Innisfail on Saturday. She has drawn the outside barrier which wont help her chances. This will be a make or break race for her as she is not racing well and its time to make some difficult decisions if she doesn't perform reasonably well in what is a very very weak field. Then on the 9th June Coolmeans gets his chance to prove his start win was no fluke when he runs in the 1560m race at Mackay. Hopefully he will draw well and get a nice sit behind the leaders.....maybe!!
                  Whilst the sun is starting to shine again in some areas it may be wise to punt with caution until sanity and regular sunshine returns. Hope all is well with you and yours and life is treating you well and if you are a late riser than there should still be plenty of action remaining at Belmont Park which will be the last venue to be resulted.
                  Good luck with your investments.
                  NOTE: Not sure what happened but Geeks Toy went down early Saturday morning until Monday morning (Aus time) and I couldn't post late mail or results. Hopefully it was just one of those things and normal business will resume for next post.

                  R2 no 2 Dusse 3rd
                  R4 no 2 Elzamee
                  R5 no 15 Mask Up
                  R6 no 5 Welsh Legend 3rd
                  R7 no 8 Cardinal Gem

                  R3 no 3 Tympanist
                  R10 no 5 El Buena 2nd

                  EAGLE FARM:
                  R2 no 7 Francesco Guardi Won $2.80
                  R3 no 10 Political Debate Won $2.50
                  R5 no 9 Boomnova Won $2.50
                  R10 no 3 Athelric Won $4.25

                  BELMONT PARK:
                  R1 no 1 Prince Turbo Won $2.50
                  R2 no 3 Power of St George Won $5
                  R3 no 1 Revitup 2nd
                  R4 no 6 Untimate Command
                  R5 no 7 Charming Belle
                  R6 no 6 Acting God 3rd
                  R7 no 9 Oneotherperson Won $2.20
                  R8 no 1 Rockanori 2nd
                  R9 no 4 Secret Plan

                  LAY BETS:

                  LATE LATE MAIL:

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                  • Well its been an interesting week. Couldn't get Geeks Toy to work last weekend so I suspect the problem was somewhere between here and the UK. Good news is that it looks like everything is back to normal. Results for Saturday were interesting despite the fact that there was no late mail and updates.. Standout was Eagle Farm with four winners from four selections. If you backed them all then you would have enjoyed a $12.05 return for your $4 outlay. Cant say the same about the rest!.
                    Have a runner going around at Mackay on Wednesday in the form of Coolmeans (Ran 3rd) who won last start. Has drawn fairly in barrier 7 but expect he will be very competitive as he is looking a treat at the moment and enjoying life in the north of Australia. His stablemate in Focus is in Race 7 at the same meeting and will probably start favourite as its won its last three starts and will be hard to beat. Also have Sweet Home Alabama entered for Ballina on June 13th(Race abandoned due to state of track) She is jumping out of her skin and I expect she too will be very competitive. Wife has Loburn Lass entered for six races in the next four days so she could end up anywhere between Ballina on the New South Wales coast to Toowoomba in the southern highlands or even at the Gold Coast in sunny southern Queensland. She ran a bottler last start and is primed, loaded, and ready to fire. At this stage it looks like she will definitely run on Friday at Gatton In Race 8 (Ran 4th) over 1400 metres. I'll update these as venues are nailed down in the next few days.
                    Racing in Oz has been badly affected by the heavy rains and cold temperatures so even though its unusually cold outside the good news is that the rain is slowing down, the wind and the number of heavy rated tracks are decreasing, and the sun is doing its best to shine. Hopefully we'll get racing back here on an even keel asap!!
                    For those who not familiar with the routine here what happens is the early selections go up on Friday together with one selection in every race in Perth (Belmont Racecourse) so that after breakfast you have at least one complete card to bet on. On Saturday the selections are updated to include the Late Mail and then an hour or so later we conclude with the Late Late Mail. When that is done the "Still Working" sign is replaced with one that says "Inplay". Time permitting results are updated as the race results are known. Good luck with your investments.

                    R2 no 5 Starry Legend 2nd
                    R4 no 7 Thalassophile 3rd
                    R9 no 6 Mankayan Won $3.25

                    R2 no 8 9 Emila Romanga is the late pick
                    R3 no 2 Queen Bellissimo
                    R4 no 9 Moon Reader
                    R5 no 1 Unusual Culture
                    R6 no 4 3 Gate Crash is the late mail
                    R7 no 3 Visinari
                    R8 no 6 Dragonstone Won $3.30
                    R9 no 1 Frankie Pinot

                    EAGLE FARM:
                    R3 no 4 Sweet Thomas 3rd
                    R4 no 3 Battleton. 2 Flying Crazy is the late mail
                    R6 no 3 Huetor
                    R7 no 10 Smart 'n' Sharp
                    R9 no 15 Najmaty 2nd

                    R1 no 2 Cape Veloce 4th
                    R2 no 1 Safety Bay 2nd
                    R3 no 1 Sniparoochy 2nd
                    R4 no 3 Angelic Miss 3rd
                    R6 no 1 Premium Choice
                    R7 no 2 It's Sarayday
                    R8 no 10 God Has Chosen 2nd
                    R9 no 5 Billy Ray

                    BEST BETS:
                    SR3 no 2 Queen Bellissimo
                    SR5 no 1 Niffler
                    MR7 no 3 Visinari Won $2.45

                    LAY BETS:
                    SR10 no 7 Crosstalk Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
                    MR2 no 3 Ashford Street Won $3.30. Lay Bet Lost

                    LATE LATE MAIL:
                    BR8 no 10 I Am Superman e/w @ 33/1

                    SR10 no 12 Beaufort Park e/w $33/1 4th

                    Cheers 'n' Beers
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                    • Last Saturday's results were probably the worst results that we have experienced for a long time. Lets hope the wet tracks, and cold weather disappear quickly so we can get back to experiencing some reasonable results. And yes I'm talking through my back pocket as my punting banks have been depleted too!.
                      Good news from an Australian perspective is the outstanding soft win of Nature Strip in the Kings Stand Stakes on day 1 at Royal Ascot. Its been argued here for quite some time that Nature Strip is the world's best sprinter and Monday's performance will go a long way to confirming that.
                      Big news here is that workers will receive a 5.2% increase in their wage packet. That means some 2.7 million workers will have bigger pay packets and more money to punt with!!
                      Unfortunately if you are of pension age your shares went down some 10% as did your Superannuation so if you are in this group then your punting dollar is now only worth 90 cents!!
                      Tricky races again on Saturday with all major tracks rating "Soft". So tread carefully until the "Good" tracks return.
                      Trying hard to get a start for our little star in Sweet Home Alabama (Ran 2nd). who keeps getting balloted out. At this stage she looks like getting a run at Port Macquarie on Sunday in Race 8. She has drawn the carpark but is one fit horse and with a good jock onboard will hopefully, be competitive. She is currently $15 in the market, has worked well, and worth a small tote ticket each-way.
                      Interested to see how Home Affairs and Artorius go at Royal Ascot in the Group 1 Platinum Jubilee. Home Affairs is the pick here with arguably, our top rider, in James McDonald in the saddle .

                      FLEMINGTON: Track Soft (5)
                      R1 no 4 Pesto 3rd
                      R4 no 2 Quintello
                      R5 no 1 Star Patrol. 8 Passive Aggressive Won $3.10 is the strong late mail tip
                      R6 no 4 Tavidance 2nd
                      R7 no 6 Oceana Blue 4th
                      R8 no 8 Tuvalu.. Won $7.00. no 7 Visinari 2nd is given a good chance here

                      ROSEHILL: Track Soft (6)
                      R1 no 1 Osipenko... 2 Kibou Won $3 is the late mail
                      R2 no 2 Pure Fuego.............late mail gives no 12 Hurn Court @20/1 a chance...late support for no 11 Summer Glow. 3rd
                      R3 no 4 Harvey's Way
                      R4 no 7 Willing Rufio 2nd
                      R5 no 3 Born A King Won $5
                      R8 no 1 Sibaaq....
                      R9 no 10 Per Inaway 4th is a strong late mail tip

                      IPSWICH: Track Soft (5)
                      R2 no 2 Hamlet Von Snitzel 3rd
                      R5 no 8 Orbisyn 3rd
                      R6 no 6 Coco Rox 4th

                      BELMONT PARK: Track Soft (6)
                      R1 no 1 Rumour Says Won
                      R2 no 8 Reliable Star 2nd
                      R3 no 2 Snippy Miss 4th
                      R4 no 2 Sniparoochy Won $3.50
                      R5 no 6 Galactic Storm 2nd
                      R6 no 9 Startrade Won $3.30
                      R7 no 3 Otheroneson.. 1 Devoted Won $3 is the late mail
                      R8 no 2 Billy Ray Won $4.20
                      R9 no 2 Nowhiteflag Won $5.20

                      LAY BETS:
                      IPSW: Race 3 no 10 Kiplings Journey Ran Unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                      IPSW Race 5 no 8 Indiscreetly Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

                      BEST BETS:
                      Belmont Park Race 2 no 8 Reliable Star 2nd

                      LATE LATE MAIL:
                      MR4 no 7 American Angel
                      SR7 no 8 Skyman Won $3

                      Cheers n Beers
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                      • Just had a nice four day cruise up to Airlie Beach on the mainland opposite the Great Barrier Reef. Very pleasant. Also pleasing to see the results last week were a big improvement on the past Saturday's effort. As I write this my little fellow Buddy otherwise known as Coolmeans(Ran 4th just 1 length from winner!!) gets to run around today at Mackay in Race 7 and it will be interesting to see how he goes. The 1300m should suit and he is in form so fingers crossed for a good result. Wife's horse Loburn Lass(Scr) goes around on Saturday at Gatton where once again she has drawn the carpark in Barrier 15. Best she can hope for is that after scratchings she may come into Barrier 11. Very honest horse who loves to lead so despite the wide barrier she is fit enough to still give a good sight.
                        Weather in Australia is now showing some signs of a return to normality with track conditions heading back to Good ratings. Has been colder than normal here of late which is contrary to many predictions that we will now be experiencing warmer conditions due to global warming.!!
                        Hope your punting dollar has some positive returns this weekend.
                        Off to a family function today so result updates will be delayed until after the last. Good Luck with your investments.!

                        CAULFIELD: Track Soft (6)
                        R1 no 6 2 Unusual Culture 3rd is the late mail
                        R2 no 3 Ghaanati 2nd
                        R3 no 10 Dance to Dubai 2nd
                        R5 no 1 Chief Altony 2nd
                        R6 no 4 Squid Game.. 7 Inundation Won $3.60 is given a strong chance
                        R7 no 3 Blaze A Trail
                        R9 no 8 Sig Positano 3rd

                        Track Soft (6)
                        R4 no 6 Po Kare Kare
                        R5 no 2 1 Niffler is the late mail
                        R6 no 3 Le Baol 3rd
                        R9 no 12 Miss Dior
                        R10 no 8 Sinba

                        EAGLE FARM: Track Good (4)
                        R3 no 1 Our Intrigue 2nd
                        R4 no 2 Esti Feny 3rd
                        R6 no 3 Tilianam Won $7.70
                        R7 no 11 Honey Pot 2nd

                        BELMONT: Track Soft (5)
                        R1 no 2 Gold Keeper 3rd
                        R2 no 5 Safety Bay dh 3rd
                        R3 no 2 Acting God
                        R4 no 2 Bopping Blue
                        R5 no 3 Via Monte
                        R6 no 4 Burnya to Survive
                        R7 no 5 Em Tee Aye Won $2.80
                        R8 no 7 God Has Chosen 3rd
                        R9 no 1 The 4 Itsarayday 2nd is the late mail

                        LAY BETS:
                        MR4 no 1 Grandslam Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                        MR8 no 9 Cardinal Gem Won $3.40. Lay bet Lost

                        LATE LATE MAIL:
                        MR5 no 18 Eagles Craig 3rd
                        EF R2 no 10 Uncommon James Won $2.50
                        EF R8 no 3 Annavisto

                        BEST BETS:
                        MR 2 no 3 Ghaanati 2nd
                        MR6 no 7 Inundation Won $3.60
                        EF R9 no 8 King of Sparta
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                        • Hardly a good result last week however there were plenty of placegetters that helped if you bet each-way. On Thursday wife and I are off to Murwillumbah to watch her favourite in Loburn Lass strut her stuff. (Ran 3rd)The Lass has opened up $4.40 favourite which is a bit silly as its her first time at the track and there is speed in the race which wont suit her if she is taken on for the lead. Time will tell however the odds are way under in my book as she is closer me thinks to being a 10/1 chance as she hasn't drawn that well and she has a 3kg claimer on top.
                          On Sunday Sweet Home Alabama ventures off to Grafton where she will contest a 10 or maybe 11 horse race. Believe it or not she has drawn barrier 1. She is fighting fit, top jock on board, and providing the meeting isn't cancelled due to rain, then she will be super competitive. Currently a $6 chance in the betting. UPDATE: Grafton races were suspended after 3 races when a jockey suffered injuries in a fall. Apprentice Leah Kilner was critically injured and had to be flown from Grafton in NSW to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane Queensland. Sweet Home Alabama will now run today (Tuesday) in the 6th race at Grafton at 3.15 AEST. Expectations are she will run well so fingers crossed!!
                          Weather here is still unusually cold and the folk at the Weather Bureau are predicting more rain to strike our coastline. As I write this its drizzling rain outside and the predictions are that more is to come which will probably cause the track ratings to be reassessed on Saturday. Will be very glad when summer is declared and I can get rid of the winter woolies.
                          Here are the venues for Saturday. Selections will go up sometime before Friday and then the remainder will appear as we get closer to the start.
                          Notice that the Forum Fairy has been active again and has rerated Charles49 as someone who "is just really nice". I think the fairy must be bored, but likes having fun!!

                          FLEMINGTON: Track Soft (6)
                          R1 no 4 Il Affare 3rd
                          R2 no 5 Chaseton...strong chance according to the late mail
                          R3 no 2 My Yankee Girl Won $4.75
                          R4 no 4 Quang Tri Won $5.60
                          R6 no 5 Pesto 4th
                          R8 no 12 Tuvalu Won $2.60
                          R9 no 3 Cardinal Gem 2nd

                          ROSEHILL: Track Heavy (10)
                          R1 no 16 Deni worth a tote ticket @$46
                          R2 no 1 Dehorned Unicorn 2nd
                          R5 no 5 Shades Of Rose
                          R6 no 8 Kanazawa Postponed
                          R7 no 4 Per Inway Postponed
                          R9 no 16 Wicklow is the late mail Postponed

                          SUNSHINE COAST: Track Heavy (8)
                          R2 no 11 Red Rubi
                          R6 no 9 Alakahan 4th
                          R7 no 2 Battleton

                          BELMONT: Track Good (4)
                          R1 no 1 Revitup 2nd
                          R2 no 2 Snippy Miss
                          R3 no 6 Secret Deploy
                          R4 no 4 Kentucky Blue 3rd
                          R5 no 1 Searchin Roc's Won
                          R6 no 5 Startrade 3rd
                          R7 no 5 Savage One Won $3.10
                          R8 no 3 Nowhiteflag
                          R9 no 10 My Baby Blue Jean

                          LAY BETS:
                          MR5 no 4 Rock Up Started Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                          SR2 no 1 Dehorned Unicorn Ran 2nd Lay Bet Won
                          SR4 no 5 Black Queen Started $3. Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                          BEST BETS:
                          MR8 no 12 Tuvalu Won $2.60
                          SR5 no 5 Shades of Rose

                          LATE LATE MAIL:
                          MR4 no 9 Capital Elle e/w @ $13 or better
                          SR1 no 13 King's Trust e/w @ $10......3rd

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                          • The world has gone crazy. To be more specific the climate/weather here has gone mad. Take yesterday for example. Queensland has some of the best weather in the world. Ok that's my biased view, however yesterday the top temperature was just 12 deg. That's a record low for Brisbane. And to make matters worse the prediction 24 hours out for Grafton was no rain with a slim chance of an occasional drizzle. That's excellent I thought as my little racehorse Sweet Home Alabama was down to have her second attempt at a race at Grafton after her previous attempt was cancelled due to an unfortunate fall by a jockey in a prior race. And of course you know what happens. Just two races before her race it drizzles and then it pours down. Race cancelled back to square one.
                            Last week the weather gods intervened with heavy showers at Rosehill and the meeting was postponed after just 5 races. Heavy rain has also caused major flooding in New South Wales for the third time this time. In many areas the flood level this time was higher, which means those who lost everything the first ,and/or second time around, and have gradually refurnished, repainted and repaired, are now back to square one. That's heartbreaking so missing out on a run at Grafton is nothing compared to what others have experienced.
                            Looks like Sweet Home Alabama (2nd) will get a run on Saturday at Beaudesert and believe it or not she has drawn well again this time with Barrier 2. It appears to be a two horse race with her main opposition being My Snow Queen (Won), so have high hopes she will return some decent prizemoney!
                            As you see by the Track Ratings below its going to be tough to pick winners on Saturday as the tracks are adversely affected by recent rains with the exception of Caulfield, which is just inside a heavy rating. So please bet with caution.

                            July Cup - Artorius 3rd

                            CAULFIELD: Track Good (4)
                            R2 no 10 Belsielle 4th
                            R4 no 12 Impulsar
                            R5 no 2 Inundation
                            R6 no 14 Miss Chrissie 4th
                            R7 no 12 Somerset Maugham 4th
                            R9 no 15 He's Our Bonneval 3rd

                            RANDWICK: Track Heavy (10)
                            R1 no 3 Gallant Star 3rd
                            R2 no 3 Tags
                            R3 no 5 3 And We Danced 4th is the late mail
                            R4 no 4 Nothingsweetaboutme
                            R9 no 1 Seige 4th

                            DOOMBEN: Track Heavy (9)
                            R1 no 5 Dragon Miss
                            R3 no 2 Subterranean
                            R4 no 1 Rhapsody Rose
                            R5 no 1 Garibaldi 3rd

                            BELMONT: Track Soft (5)
                            R1 no 10 Diamond Command 2nd
                            R2 no 2 Sunnysilk
                            R3 no 2 Reliable Star Won $3.20
                            R4 no 7 Airlie Queen
                            R5 no 2 Bitofmerit
                            R6 no 10 Frigid Won $2.60
                            R7 no 14 Galactic Storm
                            R8 no 12 Wilchino
                            R9 no 4 Chilli is Hot 2nd

                            LAY BETS:
                            MR8 no 4 Oxley Road Started $2.70 Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                            LATE LATE MAIL:
                            SR8 no 15 Chief Altony 3rd
                            SR3 no 7 Ocean Shores @ $26 each way

                            BEST BETS:
                            MR5 no 2 Inundation

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                            • Last Saturday was probably the worst day I have had in recent years, but that's life on the grisly grunt...somedays are rosy, some days are lousy! Now its time to shake off the dust and get back into the ring for another round. Had some success on Saturday with Sweet Home Alabama running an excellent second to a horse that somehow had got under the handicappers guard. Plus Coolmeans had a run at Cairns on Tuesday and managed to also run second in a race that showed that he is strong at the finish. Wife's favourite filly, Loburn Lass, is off to Toowoomba on Saturday night, has drawn wide (no surprise there!!), and must be given a top chance as she races well at this track.
                              Tonight (Wednesday) we have the State v State decider where New South Wales play Queensland in a rugby league match where there are no beg pardons. It will be a tough match where the favourites are NSW at $1.35. Its a must watch game for us here and I expect to have a heavy head well into Thursday as we tend to take these games seriously along with our consumption of alcohol.!!
                              Update: Well last nights game was one of the best I've ever seen. If you want to watch one of the best games of rugby league then search out Game 3 of the State of Origin series and strap yourself in. To quote the local newspaper " History will remember it as one of the most brutal, frantic, compelling and downright mad games league has seen" No spoiler alert as to what the result was.!!
                              Weather here has been unusually cold with the odd showers from time to time. Watch out for heavy rated tracks as that's where favorites seem to struggle!!.
                              Updates for results will occur as time permits on Saturday, however these will not be completed until Sunday as I'm off to Toowoomba to watch Loburn Lass (Won $10) strut her stuff.

                              FLEMINGTON: Track Heavy (8)
                              R1 no 2 Giga Kick Won $3.40
                              R2 no 10 Oceana Blue 4th
                              R5 no 1 Quang Tri 2nd
                              R6 no 9 Squid Game Won $2.15
                              R7 no 1 Mankayan 2nd
                              R8 no 7 Daytona Bay Won $2.50
                              R9 no 7 Florescent 6 Bill The Boxer 2nd is the late mail

                              ROSEHILL: Track Heavy (9)
                              R1 no 1 Alberich 2nd
                              R3 no 5 Pizzaro.. 2nd..No 10 Pretty Wild is the late mail Won $5.10
                              R9 no 13 Frumos Won $2.35

                              EAGLE FARM: Track Soft (5)
                              R1 no 12 Lethal Warning 3rd
                              R2 no 9 Champagne Pop
                              R5 no 3 Honey Pot Won $3
                              R6 no 3 Boomtown Lass 4th
                              R9 no 8 Burning Bell

                              BELMONT: Track Soft (5)
                              R1 no 1 Aztec Ruler Won $2
                              R2 no 2 Arnie's Boy 3rd
                              R3 no 3 Savage One Won $2
                              R4 no 2 Phanta Won $2
                              R5 no 1 Black Fantasy Won $2.75
                              R6 no 7 Reliable Star
                              R7 no 1 2 Capital Flight Won $3.25 is the late mail
                              R8 no 10 Sneaky Chance Won $3.70
                              R9 no 11 The Velvet Queen Won $2.30
                              R10 no 2 Mood Swings 2nd

                              LAY BETS:
                              MR3 no 12 Its True Won $3.70 Fav. Lay Bet Lost
                              MR4 no 3 Through Irish Eyes Started $3.30. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

                              LATE LATE MAIL:
                              SR3 no 1 Cacofoxix 4th
                              SR2 no 15 Deni Girl e/w @ $34
                              MR9 no 1 Threeood e/w @ $41

                              BEST BETS:
                              SR5 no 1 Francesco Guardia 2nd
                              MR9 no 6 Bill The Boxer 4th
                              MR5 no 1 Quang Tri 2nd

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                              • Its been crazy weather wise in Oz. Take Sydney for example where areas near Sydney recorded in excess of 30 inches of rain in just the first five days of the month. That translates to plenty of heavy tracks and plenty of outsiders saluting. And there's more to come. And its very cold too which is the polar opposite of what's happening in Great Britain. The good news of course is that Loburn Lass (the wife's favourite) managed to salute at Toowoomba on Saturday, leading all the way, and paying $10 for the win. I have two going around on Thursday in the shape of Sweet Home Alabama at Grafton (was Ballina until the heavy rain arrived!) and Coolmeans (2nd) at Townsville. Both are fit and healthy and both have their foot on the till. Fingers crossed for a good result.
                                Well its not only the weather that's a bit odd recently...take the results for the last two weeks and they too are polar opposites. Last week there were 15 winners tipped amongst the listed results and the preamble. Week before just 4 saluted from the list and preamble. So like the weather the results during our winter period are fickle.
                                And of course the opposite weather conditions are being experienced in Britain where reports to hand tell us that the thermometer topped 40 deg Celsius, which in the old language is around 104 deg Fahrenheit. That's hot so I hope you are all drinking plenty of fluids (beer is ideal!!) and enjoying the hot weather while you can. Very heavy rainfall here last night and another cold day ahead. Lets hope the weather improves for tomorrow's racing.

                                CAULFIELD: Track Soft (5)
                                R1 no 1 Thron Bone... Won $4.80..No 6 River Rubble 2nd is the late mail
                                R2 no 8 Boogie Dancer Won $2.30
                                R3 no 4 Unusual Culture
                                R4 no 3 Forest Diamond...3rd..No 5 Sing For Peace Won $3.90 is the strong late mail here
                                R7 no 3 Snapped
                                R8 no 8 the late mail tip

                                RANDWICK: Track Heavy (10)
                                R1 no 3 Stonecoat 2nd is the late mail is no 2 True Crime Won $2.80
                                R2 no 11 Running Bear Balance of meeting Postponed
                                R3 no 3 Elusive Jewel
                                R4 no 5 Easy Single
                                R5 no 7 8 The Milky Bar Kid is a strong late mail tip
                                R6 no 3 Kalino
                                R7 no 2 Waihaha Falls RANDWICK MEETING ABANDONED
                                R8 no 12 Jojo Was A Man
                                R9 no 1 Conscript
                                R10 no 9 Sunrise Ruby

                                DOOMBEN: Track Soft (6)
                                R2 no 4 Fast Talking Won $2
                                R6 no 5 Puntura Won $3.30
                                R7 no 11 Tarex 4th
                                R8 no 7 Lime Soda

                                BELMONT: Soft (7)
                                R1 no 1 Revitup
                                R2 no 4 State Of Power
                                R3 no 5 Halatorion
                                R4 no 1 Reliable Star BELMONT MEETING ABANDONED
                                R5 no 7 Success Play
                                R6 no 3 Chili Is Hot
                                R7 no 4 Multinational
                                R8 no 5 Hot 1 Nerodio is the late mail.
                                R9 no 10 Sentimental Hero

                                LAY BETS:
                                MR9 no 4 Lucky Decision Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                                LATE LATE MAIL:'
                                MR7 no 12 Niccolite E/w @$21
                                SR3 no 11 Deniliquin E/w @ $41 Postponed

                                BEST BETS:
                                BR6 no 5 Puntura Won $3.30

                                Cheers ' n Beers
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