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  • 17 Winning picks last Saturday and a further 11 managed to run the place. Don't expect this to happen too often however we are now in the best time zone for picking winners as Spring is here and that means all the good horses come out to play for the big prizemoney. Hope you managed to hop aboard a few last week including Triple Ace which was the Late Late Mail selection and it arrived at $20.
    Of course the big news here remains Covid-19 and the lockdowns. Victoria has now hit the world record for the longest lockdown and the workers are revolting. Some large gatherings have taken place in the last few days and the police turnout has been fierce with a fine around AUD$5,000 if you are arrested and found guilty of not having a bloody good reason, or a permit, allowing you to being out and about. Of course protests have their downsides for police too, particularly when a 72 year old grandmother was pushed to the ground, fell and hurt the back of her head, and then was sprayed twice in the face by police. Not a good look for the Police Force as this was captured on tape and replayed many times on home television sets.
    And yesterday the protest mob decided to use the Victorian Shrine of Remembrance as their staging post to voice their anger at ongoing lockdowns, particularly within the construction industry, which of course went down like a lead balloon to all of us that know the reasons why the Shrine was erected. Not a good move from the Hi-vis clan.
    The other news dominating our screens is the curtailment of the French submarine contract that Australia had for outdated subs that were behind in construction time and were suffering cost blow outs. Of course the French Prime Minister has had a dummy spit and that hasn't helped Australia but probably is a good move domestically for him.
    Enough of the local news...lets move ahead with racing matters and see if we can pick some winners again this Saturday.
    On the personal punting scene this week I have had 44 bets so far. Results were good with 13 winners to date, 9 ran second and 3 ran third. Best winners were Triple Ace ($20) and He's A Balter ($7). Hopefully I can add a few more winners before the weekend arrives.!!
    Saturday racing for the events below commences with Rosehill at 11.55am AEST, which converts to 2.55am London time. The final race will be at Belmont in Western Australia at 17.30pm AEST which should be around 8.30am London time. Not sure why Western Australia has changed its timetable to make their races two hours earlier but I suspect its because someone thinks that by doing so their turnover in WA will increase due to better patronage from Eastern Australian bettors.
    So here are the early fields for Saturday and the selections will go up am tomorrow (Friday) followed on Saturday morning by the deletion of scratchings, addition of late mail, and then about two hours later the final update will be the Late Late Mail where we try and sniff out market movers at value prices.
    Hope you enjoy the day and you manage to find a winner or three and your punting Bank for the day concludes in the black.
    Please take care and stay safe.

    R1 no 2 Fortified
    R3 no 4 Lyrical Girl 3rd
    R4 no 4 Mishani Embrace
    R5 no 2 Whitewater

    R4 no 6 No Compromise
    R5 no 2 Home Affairs.. Won $7 .no 3 Pauele 2nd is the late mail
    R6 no 10 Love Tap 4th
    R7 no 2 Entrieve 4th
    R8 no 1 Anamoe 2nd
    R9 no 6 Profondo 2nd
    R10 no 5 Kiku

    R1 no 4 Esta La Roca Won $2.80
    R2 no 12 Sirileo Miss Won $2.50
    R3 no 7 2 Sandy Prince Scr is the late mail
    R4 no 5 Literary Magnate
    R5 no 2 Elephant. Won $ 3 Harbour Views 3rd is the late mail
    R6 no 9 Don't Doubt Dory...'Late mail gives strong chances to No 5 Floating Artist Won $2.45 and no 7 Skyman 2nd
    R7 no 2 Zaaki Won

    R1 no 2 Spin The Knife Won $2.80
    R2 no 1 Red Fifty Three Won $2.90
    R3 no 2 Ginger Flyer 2nd
    R5 no 8 All Day Session Won $4.80
    R6 no 6 Come Magic Won $2.70
    R7 no 2 Laverrod
    R8 no 1 Born To Try
    R9 no 1 Ohbeeh

    MR4 no 2 Zouzarella Started $2.40Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
    TOOW R8 no 3 Apache Chase Won $4.10 Lay bet Lost

    SR7 no 9 Icebath e/w @ $10 or better
    SR9 no 2. Head Of State e/w @ $4 or better Won $5.50
    MR2 no 3 I Am Vinnie e/w @ 50/1
    SR2 no 19 Who's Shout e/w @50/1

    Cheers ' n' Beers
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    • "We live in interesting times" is an old English expression and it seems a very appropriate quotation for what's now happening in our world. Earlier this week a strange object clearly emitting a waste fuel trail flew over the eastern seaboard of Australia. It was later identified as a Chinese Long March 3B rocket...."nothing to worry about here"...its just an experimental rocket is what we were told. Really!! Then we learn of long lines of vehicles waiting for fuel in the UK due we are told because of a shortage of drivers!! As I do every week I record every bet I have had and compare the results with statistics that have been compiled daily over several years. In a nut shell Win percentages hover around 30%, Place percentages around 32% and the rest are Unplaced. Lovely nice consistent figures that are honoured by time. But this week the stats have gone haywire and that suggests to me that something is amiss or the world has really gone crazy!! My bets this week total 39 bets to date which is slightly below the average number. Of the 39 bets, just 4 have won,7 ran second and 4 ran third which means 24 ran unplaced. There was a run of 14 unplaced results which is now the record. Clearly something is wrong with our planet.!!
      The missus has her horse Loburn Lass running around at Beaudesert on Monday. It will probably start first or second favourite and does have a solid chance. She was also entered in a 1200m race but drew badly so the trainer opted for a 1400m race where she has drawn barrier 2. Weather permitting we will be off to Beaudesert to cheer her on.
      This Saturdays racing includes several Group races where the country's best and brightest come out to play. Spring time is always the prime period of racing in Oz which culminates in the time honoured best race of all in the Melbourne Cup, run and won on the first Tuesday of November.
      Racing for the events below commences with Randwick at 11.50am AEST, which converts to 2.50am London time and the last race will be run at Kalgoorlie in Western Australia at 7.20pm which converts to around 10.20am London time.
      The early selections will go up shortly and these will be followed by the removal of scratchings, the addition of the Late Mail and then some 3 hours before kickoff the Late Late Mail will be the last post. Hope your day is a good one.
      Please stay safe and may all your vehicles be filled with fuel asap.

      R2 no 3 The Pines
      R3 no 3 Contemperous Won $3
      R5 no 3 Our Rebel Won $5.50

      R1 no 4 Capital Reign 3rd
      R2 no 2 Coolangatta Won $2.60
      R3 no 13 Victory Moments
      R5 no 1 Think It Over Won
      R6 no 1 Masked Crusader Won $2.70
      R7 no 5 Startantes 3rd
      R10 no 1 Big Parade Won $5

      R1 no 7 Robusto...late mail is no 9 Cavallo Rampante
      R2 no 4 Footlights (each way)
      R3 no 2 Elusive Express Won $4
      R4 no 3 Kemalpasa 3rd
      R5 no 1 Ingratiating
      R6 no 3 Mystic Journey 2 Instant Celebrity is the late mail
      R7 no 4 Verry Elleegant. 4th..late mail suggests no 3 Incentivise Won $2.70 is a clear danger

      R1 no 5 Green And Shady Won $4
      R2 no 4 American Grin Scr
      R3 no 4 Pink and Purple 2nd
      R4 no 3 Trade War
      R5 no 2 Staralign Won $2.90
      R6 no 8 Little Ses
      R7 no 8 Beret 2nd
      R8 no 9 Sugar Cain 3rd
      R9 no 7 Jackpot Legend

      LAY BETS:
      SR6 no 5 Rothfire Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
      MR7 no 3 Incentivise Won $2.70 Lay Bet Lost

      SR8 no 7 Icebath e/w @ $10
      SR9 no 17 No Compromise e/w @ $10
      MR2 no 8 Gunstock @ $3.50 3rd
      MR8 no 8 Port Guillaume @ $15 e/w

      Cheers 'n' Beers
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      • Wife's horse Loburn Lass had another win last Monday in the first event at Beaudesert taking the tally to 3 wins from the 9 starts that she has had the horse. Its also managed to place 5 times so its been a good little money earner so far. Interesting side story here is that on the way to the barrier, whilst being escorted by the Clerk of the Course's horse, she managed to avoid two strikes by a snake, and then the third strike hit the clerk of the course's horse, which then was inspected and injected by the vet, who then called for a replacement Clerk of the Course horse, which held up the start for some ten minutes. Oh the joy of racing in the Australian bush!!
        Well Spring is certainly now here in Brisbane and for the first time this season the pool temperature has gone above 21deg, so yours truly can now enjoy a daily swim. That's probably the latest I can ever remember being able to use the pool so so much for global warming here in Queensland.!!
        We have been rather fortunate here in Queensland this year as life has in many ways been pretty normal. That's in stark contrast to the mistake ridden State of Victoria which now holds the world record for the longest period of a lockdown of its citizens due to Covid-19. And its getting worse down there despite draconian laws that are enforced by an aggressive police force . Go figure?
        On the personal punting scene this week I have just 28 bets to date resulting in 8 winners, 2 seconds and 4 thirds which is consistent with ballpark expectations. I'll update these numbers before the weekend arrives. Should be a good day on the grisly grunt as the racing here now is packed with the stars of the Spring. Lets hope we can find you enough winners to make it worthwhile.
        Racing for the Saturday events below commences with the first at Caulfield at 12.15pm AEST, which I think is 2.15am London time, and the last race will be run at Ascot at 20.35pm AEST, which is 10.30am, London time.
        Hope you are staying safe and well and the Punting Gods have been kind to your wallet.
        Here are the venues for Saturday which will be followed by the tips, followed by the updates and removal of scratchings, followed by the late mail, followed by the removal of the still working sign and then some two hours before the first race the Late Late mail will be posted and the fun begins. Hope you managed to "follow" all of that!! And if you like this a thumbs up tick in the box at the bottom of this page would be most appreciated.

        R3 no 7 Lombardo Won
        R4 no 3 Crystal Bound 2nd
        R5 no 4 September Run
        R6 no 2 Zaaki 3rd
        R8 no 1 Anamoe..Won $ 2 Artorius 3rd is the late mail
        R9 no 4 Elephant
        R10 no 5 Delphi Won $2.10

        R1 no 1 Whatsin
        R3 no 7 Solar Apex 3rd
        R4 no 2 Coastwatch 2nd
        R5 no 2 Paulele Won $2
        R6 no 3 Kiku 3rd
        R8 no 2 Profondo... Won $ 1 Head of State is the late mail
        R10 no 3 On The Lead 2nd

        EAGLE FARM:
        R2 no 3 Palazzo Spirit Won $2.60
        R5 no 2 Deep Sceiva
        R6 no 10 Master Larabee
        R7 no 2 Apache Chase Won $2.40
        R8 no 2 Honourable Spirit Won $3.20
        R9 no 9 Ingear 2nd

        R1 no 8 Pot Shot Won $5
        R2 no 2 Ginger Flyer Won $2.30
        R3 no 4 Axel 'R' Right
        R4 no 9 Reliable Star
        R5 no 1 Marachino
        R6 no 6 Pure Devotion
        R7 no 1 Charlton Eddie
        R8 no 2 Miss Conteki 2nd
        R9 no 13 Arcadia Grace...No 3 Spin the Knife 2nd is the late mail
        R10 no 10 Secret Plan

        LAY BETS:
        MR1 No 1 Brereton Started $3.60 Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
        MR9 no 11 I'm Thunderstruck Won $2.90. Lay Bet Lost

        MR9 no 1 Tofane @ $12 each way Ran 2nd @ $13

        R1 no 18 Lord Desanimaux e/w at $10 or better Won $10

        Cheers 'n' Beers
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        • AUD $15million is the prizemoney for this Saturdays Everest at Royal Randwick. And the stud value that could flow from the victory is estimated to be some AUD $50million dollars. So one of the 12 contestants will bring home more than a smile from the owners when he crosses the line in first place. It will be a life changing result for some and an unbelievable financial result that one can only dream about. But that's racing....full of dreams and nightmares.!!
          This Saturday I should be able to get the results of the last race posted before I hop onto a Qantas place for Alice Springs which is in the dead center of Australia. The Alice is in interesting place and this time I'm going to spend some time exploring Kings Canyon and a few other places that I haven't been to before. I say interesting because I was there some 12 months ago for a day and when I went to a bottle shop at the entrance stood two armed guards. I'll let you know if things have changed for the better or worse since my last trip as the Alice is a hot and dry place and I will certainly have need to visit the bottle shop again.
          Next weeks normal post wont go up as I return on Saturday afternoon, however it will be business as usual thereafter.
          Has been an interesting week on the punt so far as I have had 38 bets to date resulting in 14 winners, 7 seconds and 6 thirds. Best winners paid $11.20 and $10.00 so happy days. I'll update these as the weekend nears.
          Racing on Saturday for the venues below commences with Caulfield at 12.15 AEDT which (I think) converts to 2.00am London Time. The last race will be run at Ascot at 20.55 AEDT which should be 10.55am London time. Sequence for those unfamiliar with this site is that the early selections go up on Friday, followed by the late mail and removal of scratchings on Saturday morning, and then finally the Late Late Mail goes up about 2 to 3 hours prior to the first race. Last week the two late mail selections delivered with a second at $12 and a winner at $10 so if you like a bet you could do a lot worse then follow these picks as they have had a good run over time.

          R2 no 1 Vianello.... Won $ 2 Morioka 3rd is the late mail
          R3 no 4 Sandy Prince. 6 Cheerful Legend is the late mail
          R4 no 4 Adele Amour
          R5 no 6 Gunstock Won $4
          R8 no 2 Varda
          R9 no 2 Incentivise Won $2.70

          R4 no 5 Fan Girl Won $4
          R5 no 1 Handle The Truth..2nd. is the late mail
          R6 no 2 Signore Fox
          R7 no 2 Classic Legend
          R8 no 1 Think It Over Won $2
          R10 no 1 Equation

          EAGLE FARM:
          R1 no 2 Vendidit Won (Dead Heat) $5
          R2 no 7 Modele
          R4 no 9 Salateen 3rd
          R6 no 4 Prometheus
          R7 no 3 Royal Hale Won $3.40

          R1 no 2 Devoted 3rd
          R2 no1 Roman Flirt Won $2.35
          R3 no 1 Apple Schnapps Won $6.50
          R4 no 2 Karijini Aurora 2nd
          R5 no 9 My 6 Spritely Star Won is the late mail
          R6 no 2 Triple Missile Won $2.20
          R7 no 4 Stageman. 2 Indian Pacific is the late mail
          R9 no 12 Real Charisma Won $2.20

          LAY BETS:
          MR6 no 1 Zoutori Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
          MR7 no 2 Collette Won $2.50. Lay Bet Lost

          LATE LATE MAIL:
          Mr3 no 3 Extreme Flight Won $3
          MR9 no 16 Nonconformist e/w @ $10 or better 2nd
          MR9 no 9 Chapada e/w @ $70 or better
          SR3 no 14 Kings Trust e/w @ $40 or better
          SR 5 no 16 Irish Songs @ $34 or better 4th

          Cheers 'n' Beers

          NOTE: There will be no post next Saturday as the wife and I are off to the Alice.
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