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  • Thanks Bog. It will be interesting to see what the Judge's ruling is in this matter. Cant really see how PP can dodge this one particularly as they off set some of their potential losses so that indicates IMHO that they were fully aware of their liability. Appreciate your efforts and look forward to hearing final outcomes.


    • Well congratulations to the long suffering English soccer fans for your teams inclusion in the World Cup final. Mind you I have a few Italian mates around here who also feel elated that their disappointment in previous Euro games has now been wiped from the slate and they are quietly confident of a win. Of course Italians here are never quietly anything when it comes to soccer as its a form of religion to them and on the surface seems more important then pizza and the Vatican. Hopefully it will be a great final and your team will prevail.
      And congratulations also to Australian Ash Barty who won her game against Angelique Kerber to get a slot in the Wimbledon Ladies Grand Final. That's the first time for 41 years that we have had an aussie female in the final at Wimbledon.
      I know we had a finalist in the Mens at Wimbledon in 2001 because the wife and I were there to watch Pat Rafter get beaten by Goran Ivanisevic. So was half the Australian Test cricket team and Jack Nicolson. It was played on a Monday so that's why the 10,000 seats at the time weren't all occupied by members. Best wishes to Ash in her final and I hope she goes one better than Rafter did.
      On a personal note this week I have had 53 bets to date and the results have not been favourable due to a distinct lack of winners. From the 53 bets just 8 winners emerged and none of them reached double figure odds. Three were beaten in photo's that were a bees dick short, however that doesn't count for anything as far as the Bank is concerned. For the record the 53 bets resulted in 8 wins, 11 seconds and 7 thirds and the rest failed to bother the judge.
      Racing in Oz this Saturday returns to the normal city venues which hopefully will make the task easier. Rain is forecast for Doomben so I will be hunting for mudlarks!
      I will keep up with the Very Late Mail segment in order to give it a fair go as this source has produced some good long shot results in the past.
      On Saturday the first race for the fields below will be at Randwick at 11.00am AEST, which converts to 2.00am London Time, and the last race as usual will be at Belmont in Perth Western Australia at 18.55pm AEST which I think is around 9.55am London time. Belmont has an eleven race program so it will be a busy day for the Club.
      Glad to hear that England is opening up after lockdown restrictions which were a real pain in the rectum. Australia by comparison, has only a couple of handfuls of Covid cases, however our trigger happy State Premiers have hit the panic button repeatedly and this time New South Wales metro area is in an extended lockdown, which is expected to be extended today by a further week.
      And Yes its was painful to have had to cancel the long awaited trip into Arnhem Land, particularly after having had to go thru so many hoops to get permits, but that's life, so whilst I will grin and bear it, I am sad that it didn't happen.
      Lets hope we can find some nice winners on Saturday so we have something to cheer about.
      Here are the early selections and race fields which will be updated when the early late mail arrives and the late late mail will also be included.
      Good luck and may your day be a winning one.

      R2 no 1 Kobe Rocks 2nd
      R3 no 19 Cavalier Charles Scr
      R5 no 3 Harpo Marx Won $2.50
      R7 no 13 Bazooka 3rd
      R8 no 6 Rubisaki

      R1 no 2 Zapateo 2nd
      R3 no 10 La Vina
      R4 no 10 Sugartown 3rd
      R6 no 1 Namakwa. 7 Red Santa Won $2.30 is the late mail
      R7 no 9 Chief Altony
      R8 no 10 Malkovich 2nd

      R1 no 1 Hinged Won $2.90
      R3 no 6 Able Mabel
      R5 no 5 Good Chat
      R7 no 1 Axe 2nd
      R9 no 7 Kingston's Here 3rd

      R4 no 3 Zaratite 2nd
      R7 no 1 Vain Tempest
      R8 no 7 Miss Contiki
      R9 no 10 Mosseratti Scr
      R10 no 11 Sentimental Hero Won $3
      R11 no 8 Special Choice

      LAY BETS:
      MR2 no 4 Deep Speed Won $2.60. Lay Bet Lost
      MR8 no 10 Malkovich Started $2.50 Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

      SR6 no 3 Hulk
      BR9 no 4 Starosa Won $9
      MR8 no 6 Red Can Man Won $12
      SR3 no 16 Furphy
      SR9 no 11 Zakat Abnd.
      BR2 no 1 Tavion Prince Won $5

      Cheers ' n' Beers
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      • Well its been a good week for us Queenslanders. Firstly we are not in lockdowns or border shutdowns at the moment unlike other parts of Australia. I suspect though that as NSW gets worse numbers then our border with NSW will be closed. Secondly our little tigress from Ipswich in Ash Barty won the ladies Wimbledon title, which is the first in 41 years that an Aussie has prevailed here. Then to add to the good news our Queenslanders beat the NSW Blues in yet another epic rugby league match that went down to the wire.
        And on the racing side the results from the Late Late Mail were exceptional with 3 winners at $9, $12 and $5 plus the early late mail in Red Santa which won at $2.30. Lets hope this week repeats, although it has been raining in most parts of the eastern seaboard, so that wont make the task of finding winners any easier.
        Of course Covid continues to dominate the news here with part of New South Wales and all of Victoria now in lockdown. That brings out the now commonplace restrictions on moving between States and Territories so travel within Australia is truly hit and miss with the reward if you miss, a 2 week stay in isolation in a hotel at a cost of around five grand..
        Saw a funny notice read...."'ve been eating hotdogs and McChickens all your life, but don't want the vaccine, because, "you don't know what's in it.??? " And there was another one that said...."For those weddings cancelled due to Covid-19. God is giving you a second chance to think about it.!!"... I did like one that was unrelated to covid that read......Exercise makes you look better naked. So does wine. Your choice!!
        On a personal note I have had 49 bets this week to date with 11 winners, 9 seconds and 4 thirds with the remaining unplaced. Best winner was Red Can Man which paid $12.
        Racing on Saturday for the fields below will commence with the first race at Rosehill at 11.05am AEST which converts to 2.05 am London time. The last race will be held at Belmont at 19.00 AEST, which converts to 10.00am London time.
        Here are the venues and these will have the early selections added to them shortly along with the lay bets and then follows scratchings and the late mail followed by the Late Late Mail which will be posted some 2 hours prior to the first race.
        Hope you are all coping as best you can, given the circumstances, and you are finding sufficient winners to keep your Bank Manager happy.
        Best wishes for a successful day on the punt.

        R1 no 4 Mamool is the late mail
        R2 no 9 Tuvalu 2nd
        R3 no 7 Lindhout 3rd
        R4 no 11 Vegas Knight
        R5 no 10 Zorro's Dream 3rd
        R8 no 3 South Pacific
        R9 no 1 Foxy Frida

        R1 no 6 Honey Creeper
        R2 no 1 Safe Landing is considered an each way chance at 33/1
        R9 no 13 Eight 1 Expat is the late mail.

        EAGLE FARM:
        R2 no 2 Shooting For Gold Won
        R4 no 6 EF Troop 3rd
        R5 no 3 Titled Tycoon 3rd
        R6 no 6 So Dapper
        R8 no 7 1 Triple Ace 2nd is the late mail

        R1 no 1 Storm Commander
        R3 no 6 Material Witness
        R5 no 2 Tena Koutou
        R9 no 2 The Spruiker Won $3.20

        LAY BETS:
        MR5 no 13 Lowanna Magic Ran Unplaced. Lay Bet Won
        MR7 no 10 Dirty Thoughts Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

        MR4 no 1 Dr Drill e/w. @ 14/1 2nd@ 17/1
        MR 7 no 9 Kalkarni Royale @ 12/1 Won $10
        SR9 no 6 Helga e/w @ 33/1

        Cheers 'n' Beers
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        • Firstly thanks to the regulars in Bog and Filthy Muck who leave their "Thanks" under these posts. Its very much appreciated.
          Well this weekend brings us the running of the time honoured Bletchingly Stakes, which is a Group 3 race run over 1200m at Caulfield. Last years winner Viridine is in the final field and must be a chance, although not too many have accomplished winning this race twice since its inception in 1994.
          An old mate of mine won it the year before with Scales of Justice, which was trained by Lindsey Smith, and unfortunately died suddenly of a heart attack after a workout on a Victorian beach.
          This weeks personal punting has been a rollercoaster with a couple of good profitable days offset by almost equally poor results. Frustratingly there were 9 that ran a close fourth and that took the gloss off what could have been a reasonable week. Results to date are 50 bets for 10 winners, 8 seconds, just 4 thirds and 28 failed to finish in the top three. Best winner paid $14.
          Nice to see the Late Late Mail produce some more positive results. Dr Drill looked the winner at $17 but it failed to find the line first, and was beaten into second place. However Kalkarni Royale, which was backed into shorter odds, duly saluted, and that was the shining light for what was otherwise an ordinary day, where a number of short priced elects failed to salute. Lets continue on with this segment as it looks promising having found 4 winners from the 9 selections to date, and two of those were at double figure odds.
          Racing for the fields below commences at Rosehill this Saturday at Rosehill at 11.15am AEST, which converts to 2.15am London tine. The final race will be run and won at Belmont at 7.00pm AEST, which should be 10.00am London time.
          Hope you all enjoyed the "Freedom Day" and are staying safe and well. Lockdowns continue in Oz for half of the country except for Queensland. And talking of Queensland the 2032 Olympics will now be held in Brisbane, and that will produce a flurry of activity here with upgraded stadiums, road and rail improvements and an army of visitors.
          Here are the early fields, and the selections will commence to be infilled early tomorrow, and then on Saturday morning the scratchings will be deleted, whilst the late mail will go up, followed a couple of hours later by the Late Late Mail. Hope that makes sense.!
          Trust your day is a good one.

          R1 no 6 Military Expert 4th
          R10 no 13 Irish Songs is a rough hope @ $26

          R2 no 1 Great Again 3rd
          R3 no 1 Sunfall 3rd
          R4 no 1 La 6 Miss Albania 3rd is the late mail.
          R6 no 3 Murrumbidgee River
          R7 no 2 The Big Easy
          R8 no 5 Red Can Man
          R9 no 6 Zesty Belle

          R1 no 1 Hinged Won $2
          R2 no 1 He Runs Away
          R3 no 3 Tamilaide 2nd
          R4 no 1 Mishani Miss
          R5 no 13 The Catch
          R6 no 5 Snow Valley....good each way tip around for this @$26
          R7 no 4 Indispensible 2nd
          R8 no 4 Hard Labour

          R2 no 1 Ohbeeh 2nd
          R3 no 4 Special View
          R4 no 2 Zaratite 2nd
          R5 no 6 Dunbar 3rd
          R6 no 1 Sentimental Queen 3rd
          R7 no 1 Notorious One 3rd
          R8 no 3 Neroido

          LAY BETS:
          BR6 no 17 So Clever Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
          SR10 no 14 Chat Scr

          Cheers 'n' Beers.

          LATE LATE MAIL:
          MORPH R8 no 7 Halcyon Dame @ $9 Scr. (meeting abandoned)
          BR8 no 5 Really Discreet @ $5 Won $3
          MR8 no 7 Isuarian @ $7.50 DH 3rd
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          • Not sure how we'll go with this new format but here goes this weeks report and fingers crossed it will succeed.


            • This new format is frustrating. Finding it hard to navigate to last post when I log in. Must be an easier route then what I'm experiencing. Appreciate any suggestions.
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              • This week a friend had a runner at Doomben Racecourse, which is a major racecourse in the heart of Brisbane and adjacent to our other major course at Eagle Farm, so I decided to pack the wife into the car and head there to see how his horse fared.. I rang the course number before I left to enquire about gate entry number and carparking arrangements and they told me to go Gate 2, entry was free, car parking in the infield was also free, and they were expecting a crowd of around 100 to 150 patrons so have a nice day. Sorry did you say 150 max? Oh yes she replied...its a work day so we don't get too many along. Now Doomben course occupies about 20 hectacres of land in the Brisbane near city area so its pretty valuable development land and to have only 125 (which was my head count!) along is a sad indictment of how racing has moved from people attending events to people staying at home and watching it on TV. The facilities there are dated, and I suspect its only a matter of time before the State Government decide that having two racecourses in prime positions is a waste of taxpayers monies and one will surely go, and on what I've seen Doomben is odds on. The only saving grace is that Eagle Farm continues to have a problem with the grass track and it looks like the turf will have to come up and be replaced for the third time. Costly exercise, however needs to be done as trainers are avoiding Eagle Farm as they don't want the track to injure their contenders. If you have an interest in grass( or should I say turf),to avoid confusion, then the type of turf at Eagle Farm is Grand Prix couch, which apparently hibernates when it doesn't get its required 6-7 hours of sunlight a day. At least one trainer has said "Its rubbish" and he wouldn't even put it in his backyard at home!!
                FOOTNOTE:. I've since been told that one of our northern racing venues in Townsville has the same grass and they have reported that it takes some 5 years for the grass to bed down and grow into the consistency required for quality horse racing.
                On a personal note I have had 53 bets to date this week resulting in 9 winners, 7 seconds, 10 thirds and the rest failed to salute. Best winner paid $9.50 and the best place divvy was $3.80. No harm done to the Bank so its onwards and upwards.
                The Olympic Games are progressing well in Tokyo despite the absence of crowds, and the presence of Covid-19. Nice to see Australia has 6 Gold medals to date, one ahead of Great Britain, so guys you need to lift your efforts as you don't want us Aussies having bragging rights!!!
                This Saturday racing begins for the venues below with Randwick at 11.20am AEST, which is 2.20am London time and the lucky last will be run and won at Belmont at 19.10, AEST which is I think 10.10am London time.
                Hopefully this new format will allow me to add and delete as the scratchings and late mail are known so fingers crossed we will complete this exercise unscathed. Here are the venues for Saturday's racing, and as usual there will be updates as we go along and I'll be able to still post the Late Late Mail which is progressing well at this stage.
                Hope your day is a good one.

                MOONEE VALLEY:
                R1 no 1 Jigsaw 3rd
                R3 no 3 No Effort 2nd
                R5 no 1 I'm Thunderstruck Won $2.30
                R6 no 10 White Hibuscus
                R7 no 5 Smokin Romans Won $2.70
                R8 no 4 Red Santa 2nd

                R1 no 9 Skedaddle is fancied
                R2 no 2 Mr Hussill 3rd
                R3 no 4 Bring The Ransom
                R10 no 1 Kordia

                EAGLE FARM:
                R1 no 4 Baanone 4th
                R4 no 1 Alpine Edge Won $3
                R7 no 8 Vinco e/w.
                R8 no 6 Matowi
                R9 no 1 Eloquently Won $2.80

                R1 no 3 Zaratite 2nd
                R2 no 2 Bedouin Belle 3rd
                R4 no 3 The Spruiker Won $3.80
                R6 no 6 Strathmore Rose 2nd
                R8 no 6 Sketta 4th
                R9 no 1 Ginger Baker 2nd

                LAY BETS:
                MR2 no 2 Frost Flowers Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                LATE LATE MAIL: (see below)

                MORPHETVILLE: R9 no 8 Halcyon Dame
                BR 8 no 5 Dissolution e/w @ $22
                BR3 no 11 Lashoni ...each way at $4
                MR 6 no 13 Silver Lake e/w @ 20/1

                Cheers 'n Beers
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                • Getting in early this week, not because I'm keen and eager, more because Queensland is in a week long lockdown and I'm bloody bored sitting at home. Of course relief has been afforded via the Olympic Games from Tokyo in Japan, which just happens to be my favourite country. I just love the people and their honesty, and of course I really like those fast trains. I keep finding excuses whilst I'm there to hop on board the Shinkansen and experience what its like to reach speeds around 300klm per hour. I usually go to Kyoto simply because its easy to get around and a very easy city to like. Like the fast train, the food and beer are first class.
                  As I write this Australia has 14 Gold medals and Great Britain has 13. Traditionally Australia does poorly in the last part of the Olympics because our favorite events like swimming, swimming and swimming are all finished!! So come on guys, you need to find at least three medals to pass us as I know we will win another one today in the 470's sailing event. Bragging rights are at stake here!! Update: Medal tally for Gold is now all square at 15 Aust and 15 GB.!! Update
                  no 2
                  : Just two days of comp to go and Gold Medal tally is Australia 17 and Great Britain 16. Its going down to the wire.!! Update no 3. Great work guys. The gee up must have worked because its now Great Britain 18 and Australia 17. Now if we had only won the women's beach's hockey...buggar!! Update no 4 Final score Great Britain 20 Gold Aust 17. Well done guys that puts you 4th in the world.!.
                  Has anyone noticed India's gold medal tally? In case you haven't its !!. I looked back for the past decade and they have only won one Gold Medal in the past decade. Why?
                  Its that time of the year here where our best horses are resting at home and simply relaxing knowing that ahead lies the major Cup events where many anxious owners, trainers and punters anticipate bulging wallets. Currently that leaves the second raters running around and that is why so many longshots are presently saluting. I don't mind that as long as I'm on a couple, but the last week has been pretty ordinary and my punting Bank has retreated. My punting endeavors to date this week from last Saturday has resulted in 53 bets for 6 winners, 10 seconds and 8 thirds and too many that just missed a place. I'll update these as Saturday descends but suffice to say with the best winner paying $15 and the next best just $5.50, my tin tank has a few dents in it!!
                  Saturdays racing for the venues below commence with Randwick at 11.15am AEST, which converts to 2.15am London time according to my converter, whilst the last race will be run at Belmont at 18.50pm AEST, which should be 9.50am London time.
                  The Olympic Games have provided us Queenslanders with some good healthy competitive viewing during this lockdown period, however the word is that our lockdown will be extended because this Delta variant that is out there is now infecting lower age groups than its predecessor. (Number of Queenslanders that have been fully vaccinated are just under 20%.) That's not good news for those who have mental health issues and Yes I don't exclude myself here because anyone that writes these weekly reports continuously since 2009 must be mental and a prime candidate for the loony bin.!!
                  Enough of the self flagellation lets get on with picking some winners for you for Saturday. Hopefully the Late Late Mail will spring back into the profitable sector this week as it failed last week.
                  I do hope that you are all coping okay with these unique conditions and staying both safe and well.
                  Here are the early fields and these will be updated with selections and amended where necessary as we approach the start time of the first race. The Late Late Mail will be the last update and that will take place on Saturday around 1.00am London time.

                  This new format is causing some issues such as throwing up a 504 error when I tried to update. Anyone know why I received a 504 error message. Perhaps a server error??

                  R1 no 9 Lakespur Run
                  R2 no 1 Harpo Marx Won $2.65
                  R4 no 9 Love Planet 3rd
                  R7 no 7 Fasika 3rd

                  R8 no 3 Remarque 3rd

                  R1 no 3 Schabau Won $4.20
                  R2 no 3 Sunfall Won $5.50
                  R3 no 4 Lombardo
                  R4 no 7 Lindhout
                  R5 no 2 Oxley Road 2nd
                  R7 no 7 Hosier Won
                  R8 no 6 Great Again
                  R9 no 12 Coolth

                  R1 no 3 Hamlet Von Snitzel
                  R3 no 1 Contemptuous 2nd
                  R4 no 6 Magic Conqueror
                  R5 no 2 Wham 2nd
                  R6 no 14 Mary Valley... 3rd.No 3 Dis Dah Wun 2nd has strong support
                  R7 no 11 So Clever 2nd
                  R8 no 5 Shooting For Gold ...Won $2 ....topical tip!!
                  R9 no 13 Really Discreet

                  R1 no 9 Star Present
                  R3 no 4 Wilchino Won $2.60
                  R4 no 1 Aberdeen Queen 4th
                  R5 no 4 Dia De La Raza
                  R6 no 3 Notorious One Won $3.70
                  R7 no 2 Kaptain Kaos Won $6
                  R8 no 3 Too Close The Sun 3rd
                  R9 no 3 Aragain

                  LAY BETS:
                  MR1 no 4 South Pacific Started 2nd Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                  MR3 no 1 Overkill Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                  LATE LATE MAIL:
                  MR 2 no 8 Star Spirit 2nd
                  MR3 no 10 Ashford Street 4th
                  MR6 no 4 Mosh Music E/w @33/1 Have a saver on no 1 Red Can Man 3rd
                  SR 4 no 10 Enduring Night E/w @25/1
                  MR8 no 10 Secret Blaze E/w @33/1. ...4th Take a saver bet on No 15 Irish Songs @66/1

                  Cheers 'n' Beers
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                  • This Queensland winter has been one of the coldest that I can ever recall. And its had an adverse affect on horse racing along Australia's eastern seaboard with a host of rough results, ensuring that favourites have failed to salute anywhere close to time honoured percentages. Of course wet, cold and windy tracks are part of our winter scene here, however the issues that Covid-19 present with lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask wearing and maintaining safe distances have all contributed in a way to ensuring that this winter will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. Hopefully the arrival of summer will ensure that our winter memories fade away and we can once again enjoy the lifestyle that Australia had prior to Covid.
                    We are not alone in the disturbances to normality that Covid has foisted upon us and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the worlds population that is adversely affected with the hope that this plaque will swiftly vanish and we can back to normality, which means a beer in the pub with mates, and bets on anything that takes our fancy. I hope things are rapidly improving for everyone in the UK and you are getting back to some form of normality.
                    Enough of the rant so back to business. Last week's post was not profitable and neither was my personal equine expenditure. From the 55 bets this week, only 11 have won, 3 ran second, 10 finished third and God only knows where the rest ran!!. Best winner paid just $7.50,next best, $5.50 for the win, so its been slim pickings.
                    I'm pleased to report that some quality racing will return to Caulfield this Saturday and I'm keen to get stuck into a few. I'll post the early selections on Friday and these will be followed by updates as the tips and scratchings arrive. The last update will be the Late Late Mail which will be done about 2 hours prior to the first event.
                    Racing for the venues below will commence with Kembla Grange (yes we heading to the sticks this time around in order to give the Randwick track a rest!) which commences at 11.15am AEST, which translated is 2.15am London Time, and the lucky last will be run at Belmont at 18.55pm AEST which should be around 9.55am London Time. Belmont and Ascot results over the years have been above average, so if you fancy a bet on any of these selections then you could do a lot worse then following just these selections. And of course being the last to go they do fit nicely into your awake time slot.
                    Good luck with your investments!

                    R1 no 2 Barbie' Fox 3rd
                    R2 no 5 No Effort 3rd
                    R5 no 11 Elephant Won $4.40
                    R6 no 5 Generation 3rd
                    R7 no 7 Gimmie Par Won $3.75
                    R9 no 7 La Mexicana.. 4th.plenty of tips for this around. Expected to run well.

                    KEMBLA GRANGE:
                    R2 no 2 All Time Legend
                    R3 no 3 Ziegfeld
                    R6 no 11 Crystal Pegasus Won $8
                    R9 no 3 Hastobegood

                    EAGLE FARM:
                    R1 no 3 Secret Tales
                    R2 no 1 Legal Espirit Won $3
                    R4 no 3 Profit 3rd
                    R8 no 8 Weboughtazou
                    R9 no 2 Ulysses

                    R2 no 5 Zaratite Won
                    R3 no 1 Speedy Miss 3rd
                    R4 no 3 Nobel Laurence
                    R5 no 2 Olga Luisa....no5 Strathmore Rose is the late mail Won $2.30
                    R6 no 5 Picture Perfect 2nd
                    R8 no 1 Indian Pacific 3rd
                    R9 no 1 Aberdeen Queen

                    LAY BETS:
                    MR1 no 5 So You Assume Won $3. Lay Bet Lost.
                    MR8 no 2 Streets of Avalon Started Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                    LATE LATE MAIL:
                    Kembla Grange R1 no 7 Perfect Pitch eachway @ 33/1
                    Caulfield: Race 8 no 6 Red Can Man @ $5 3rd
                    Caulfield: Race 3 no 8 Diamonds In The Sky eachway @ $9 4th
                    Caulfield: Race 5 no 2 Midships eachway @33/1

                    Cheers 'n' Beers
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                    • Has been an interesting week so far. Spent three days and nights on the 12th floor of a Gold Coast Unit in Queensland looking out over the Pacific Ocean and watching large numbers of humpbacks playing games by propelling them selves out of the water only to crash back upon the water with a loud thud. They are amazing animals as they spend time feeding themselves on krill that's found in Antarctica and then when they have had their fill they swim thousands of klms to the north of Australia to have their young. Then the cycle repeats again as the seasons return. Also managed to get in a visit to the Gold Coast Turf Club stables so that the wife could meet her latest purchase, which is an unnamed filly by Wandjina out of Meringue. If you read this and think you have a suitable name for the filly, I'm all ears.
                      We are fortunate here in Queensland at the moment that we can move about anywhere throughout the State, which is not the case in other States and Territories. Only requirement is that you wear a mask.
                      As a result of my trip I have had fewer bets this week which is probably a good thing as the results haven't yet reached an acceptable level, so a short break is not a bad thing. To date I have had 31 bets so far this week with 10 winners, 1 second, and 3 thirds. Good result so more than happy with that.
                      Racing for the venues below commences at Randwick at 11.20am on Saturday AEST, which should be 2.20am London time, and the lucky last will be at Belmont at 7.00pm AEST, which should be 10.00am London time.
                      Best wishes for a profitable day.! Results will be updated am Sunday as I'm off shortly to the Gabba for a footy (AFL) match!!

                      EAGLE FARM:
                      R1 no 5 Champagne Aunty Won
                      R4 no 2 Rock Amore 2nd
                      R6 no 1 Release The Beans Won $2.50
                      R7 no 9 Adelase 2nd
                      R8 no 11 So Clever 3rd

                      MOONEE VALLEY:
                      R1 no 4 Decent Raine...Late mail suggests no 3 Star Spirit has a good chance here
                      R3 no 4 Front Page
                      R6 no 1 Jigsaw.. 4 Hilal is the late mail
                      R8 no 9 Miss Albania 3rd

                      R1 no 17 Battleground
                      R2 no 7 Red Santa
                      R3 no 4 Arctic Thunder....Rough chance to Enduring Night at $15
                      R4 no 11 Love Planet 2nd
                      R6 no 1 Four Moves Ahead 3rd

                      R1 no 2 The Front Bar 3rd
                      R2 no 1 Wilchino Won
                      R4 no 10 Sugar Cain e/w Won $8
                      R6 no 4 True Attraction Won $10
                      R7 no 6 Miss Vasari
                      R9 no 3 Notorious One Won $2.20

                      LAY BETS:
                      MR1 no 9 Zouzarella Won. Lay Bet Lost
                      MR5 no 1 Smokin Romans Won. Lay Bet Lost
                      SR8 no 12 Verry Elleegant Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

                      LATE LATE MAIL:
                      SR3 no 3 Foxborough e/w @ $9 2nd @ $13
                      SR7 no 3 Icebath e/w @ $14 3rd @ $16
                      SR10 no 12 Atishu Won $6.50
                      MR4 no 9 Petruchio

                      Cheers 'n' Beers
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                      • Hope all is well Charles. Pretty rare for you to miss a week of tips without notice.

                        Always enjoy the narrative on the state of the world from Qld too.



                        • No I'm afraid the new system got me last week. The post was posted but not as part of the normal sequence. There were 12 winners there too!! Hopefully this weeks will come out in the "normal" way.


                          • Well its happened again. The preliminarily post for Saturday's racing has disappeared and now the back up page has also gone. Lets try for a third time and hopefully we will have some success otherwise I'm giving up.!!
                            Dominating the news here in Australia is Covid vaccinations and Covid lockdowns. If you are unfortunate enough to be living in the metro area of Victoria then you are now on course to achieving the worlds longest period of being locked down. Hardly the world record one would like to aspire to however Victoria's tough lockdown policy which includes parks and parklands is one of the toughest and longest on the planet. On the brightside Australia is heading quickly towards the country with the highest vaccination rate thanks in part to good old Boris who has sent us four million extra doses to complete our vaccination program. I therefore promise to speak kindly about Boris hereafter as a thankyou for his generous gesture.!!
                            Feature race on Saturday is the Feehan WFA Group 2 race over 1600m at Moonee Valley with prizemoney of $500K AUD. I have selected Superstorm as my first pick on the basis that they must be serious about winning this race because they have shipped the horse across from Western Australia for this race and that's no mean feat considering the covid restrictions and lockdowns in place.
                            For those of you who are new to this site, firstly a warm welcome, and secondly the normal sequence of events here is the early selections go up on Friday and then the late mail arrives Saturday morning together with the scratchings, and a couple of hours before the first race the Late Late mail is posted, and then the "still working' sign is removed and after that the results are posted in blue as each race is completed. Pretty simple stuff really, however its important to me that you enjoy the experience, so if you do or don't or have any suggestions re improvements etc etc then please feel free to post your thoughts/comments on here anytime.
                            On a personal note have had 41 bets to date this week and the results so far have been 7 winners, 4 seconds, 5 thirds which is not bad as three of the winners paid $19.50, $13.30 and $11.20 respectively so the Bank is still healthy.!!
                            Saturdays racing here for the venues below will commence with Randwick at 11.40 AEST which is 2.40am, London time, and the final race will be at Belmont at 19.10 AEST which converts to around 10.10am London time.
                            May your day be a happy and profitable one.

                            MOONEE VALLEY:
                            R1 no 1 Sunfall. 3rd..No 3 Sandy Prince 2nd is well fancied here
                            R2 no 8 Mr Brightside.. Won $2.60..No 15 Worsfold 3rd is the market mover
                            R3 no 2 Generation 3rd
                            R4 no 9 De Graves Won $3.60
                            R5 no 8 September Run 3rd
                            R6 no 3 Scorched Earth. .no 8 Argentia is the markets late fancy
                            R8 no 4 Superstorm Won $6.10

                            R1 no 4 Tara Jasmine 3 Mr Hussill ..2nd is given a strong chance each way
                            R3 no 3 Always Sure
                            R9 no 11 Geist Won $8
                            R10 no 13 Atishu 4th

                            EAGLE FARM:
                            R2 no 1 Finsceal
                            R3 no 1 Baanone
                            R5 no 1 Le Palmier 2nd
                            R6 no 3 Royal Hale 2nd
                            R7 no 4 Ingear Won $2.60
                            R8 no 4 Rubiquitious Won $14.

                            R1 no 1 Speedy Miss.. Scr. No 2 General Grant Won $2.65 is the late mail
                            R3 no 1 Sassy Trader Won $2.30
                            R4 no 8 Special View Won $6
                            R5 no 3 Campese
                            R7 no 1 Born to Try
                            R8 no 8 Iseered Iseered Won $2.10
                            R9 no 12 Spin The Knife Won $3

                            LAY BETS:
                            MR4 no 8 Heart Of Puissance Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
                            MR6 no 8 Argentia Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                            SR7 no 1 Zaaki Started $2.10 Fav. Won. Lay Bet Lost

                            LATE LATE MAIL:
                            SR8 no 9 Order Again ..eachway @20/1
                            BR9 no 1 Vinco....eachway @$6
                            MR8 no 13 Realm of Flowers is a hail mary bet eachway @20/1

                            Cheers 'n' Beers
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                            • Last week we had 13 winning bets which is very pleasing as one of the winners paid $14. Cant promise the same again this weekend but fingers crossed we at least go close to that mark. Life here in Australia continues to be dominated by Covid-19 and the little Dictators that occupy the seats of Head of States/Territories who regularly tell us what we can and cant do and if we do the cant do then here is a $5,000 plus fine. I for one will be very happy when our borders open and we can get back to normalcy. One gets very tired of little Dictators hogging prime time television to berate some of us for what are minor infractions of their draconian laws. I'm sure my fellow Australians living in Victoria are sick and tired of coping with a lockdown that now exceeds 200 days.
                              My personal punts have taken a nose dive after a couple of reasonable weeks. To date this week I have had 38 bets for just 4 winners, 6 seconds, and 6 thirds. The winners were all relatively short prices so no joy there whatsoever. Still us punters are an optimistic lot who always believe the next bet will be the savior.!! I'll update these figures as the next two days results are known.
                              Wife has Loburn Lass (Won $11) running in the sixth at Armidale today. Its first up after a four and half months spell so may need the run, however she is a bit of a flyer so expect her to lead them into the home straight and with a bit of luck she'll hold on for some prizemoney.
                              There are some good races at Flemington on Saturday with the highlight being the Makybe Diva Group 1 Stakes over 1600m. Makybe Diva as you may well know won 3 Melbourne Cups and no other horse has achieved that feat. I have a photo of her on my office wall which I will try and put on here shortly.
                              Racing for the events below will commence on Saturday with Kembla Grange at 11.40am AEST (London Time is 2.40am) and yes they are still going to Kembla Grange in order to keep the Randwick course refreshed.! Last race will be at Belmont at 19.35 AEST which should convert to 10.35am London time.
                              Please stay safe and healthy.

                              KEMBLA GRANGE:
                              R2 no 1 Mankayan 2nd
                              R5 no 1 Tiger of Malay 2nd
                              R6 no 9 Marboosha 3rd
                              R8 no 2 Anamoe Won $4
                              R10 no 6 Kingsheir

                              R1 no 6 Coolth
                              R2 no 1 Artorius 2nd
                              R3 no 2 Ingraiating 2nd
                              R4 no 4 5 Crystal Bound Won $3.40 is the late mail
                              R5 no 2 Ayrton 3rd
                              R6 no 1 Instant Celebrity
                              R7 no 2 Jonker
                              R8 no 10 Mo'unga 2nd
                              R9 no 14 Skyman 4th is the late mail

                              R2 no 1 Honorable Spirit Won $5
                              R3 no 1 London Banker Won $2.20
                              R4 no 2 Startantes Won $2.70
                              R5 no 14 Shosha
                              R6 no 2 Ballistic Boy Won $2.50

                              R1 no 7 Harmika 3rd
                              R2 no 3 Hoover Won D/H $3.80
                              R3 no 4 This'll Testya Won
                              R4 no 1 Speedy Miss
                              R6 no 1 Giant Leap 3rd
                              R7 no 7 Notorious One 2nd
                              R8 no 3 Downforce
                              R9 no 1 Puli

                              LAY BETS:
                              MR1 no 1 Pondus Scr
                              MR8 no 6 Incentivise Won $4.60 Lay Bet Lost

                              LATE LATE MAIL:
                              MR7 no 2 Jonker
                              KGR5 no 1 Tiger of Malay 2nd
                              KGR9 no 10 Irish Songs e/w @ 20/1
                              MR9 no 16 Long Arm e/w @12/1

                              Cheers 'n' Beers
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                              • Wife had a win with Loburn Lass last Saturday at Armidale where it paid $11.07 on the Fair. She is having some fun with this little lass as that's her second win and bar one race, she has placed each time since the wife purchased her share. She has an interest in a couple of two year olds which will race in the coming months so she's pretty excited at the future prospects producing some nice results. One is an all woman investment that not only has an all female ownership but female jockeys only get to ride them in separate races for these that have some sizable amounts of prizemoney as incentives. Will be interesting to see how this all pans out.
                                Have had a few days strolling along sandy beaches at Maroochydore on the coast north of Brisbane so my punting action has been much reduced resulting in just 30 bets so far this week which produced 5 winners, 6 seconds and 4 thirds. Best winner was the wife's horse @ $11 whilst the next best paid $9.20. Best place divvy paid $10.80 which helped keep the Bank intact for another week.
                                There are some good quality races around again this Saturday as the Spring Carnivals begin to appear. With the best horses around its a good time to punt as the prices are competitive and the quality horses are normally well worth following.
                                Racing for the events below on Saturday will kick off with Randwick at 11.40am (AEST) which converts to 2.40am London time. The final race will be run and won at Belmont at 19.40pm AEST) which is 10.40am London time.
                                I hope your day is a profitable one and you are all staying fit and healthy.

                                R1 no 2 The Gauch 2nd
                                R2 no 4 Pandemic.. 2nd...no7 He's A Balter Won $7 is the late mail
                                R3 no 1 Heresy 2nd
                                R4 no 3 Brigantine... 2nd...strong support prepost for this one.
                                R5 no 1 General Beau Won $3.20
                                R6 no 3 Annavisto Won $2.30
                                R7 no 11 Nonconformist. Won $4.60..late mail suggests no 15 Tralee Rose 3rd
                                R8 no 2 Probabeel....late mail is No 1 Behemoth
                                R9 no 3 Bella Nipotina Won $4

                                R5 no 5 Private Eye 4th
                                R6 no 1 Four Moves Ahead Won $5
                                R7 no 7 Verry Elleegant Won $2
                                R8 no 4 Masked Crusader......dogs are barking No 1 Nature Strip !! 2nd
                                R9 no 3 Montefilia 2nd

                                GOLD COAST:
                                R1 no 12 A River Somewhere
                                R2 no 1 Purrfect Deal 3rd
                                R4 no 8 The Move Won $2
                                R6 no 2 Weona Smartone Won
                                R7 no 4 Miami Fleiss Won
                                R8 no 2 Morethannumberone Won $2.20
                                R9 no 2 Run For Glory

                                R1 no 4 Henchard 2nd
                                R2 no 2 Kaptain Kaos Won
                                R3 no 1 Apple Schnapps 3rd
                                R4 no 1 War Gem 3rd
                                R5 no 6 La Farola
                                R6 no 1 Campese
                                R7 no 8 Iseered Iseered Won $5.50
                                R8 no 2 Sowar Won $5
                                R9 no 2 for no 9 Strathmore Rose

                                LAY BETS:
                                MR1 no 4 Hela Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                                MR2 no5 Wisdom of Water Started Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
                                SR9 no 14 She's Ideel Won $2.80. Lay Bet Lost

                                LATE LATE MAIL:
                                MR7 no 10 Future Score e/w @ $20
                                MR9 no 1 Bonham e/w @ $14
                                SR10 no 10 Triple Ace e/w @ $26 Won $20

                                Cheers 'n' Beers
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