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  • No luck at the Magic Millions sale with the procurement of a filly for the wife's all female team of owners, trainers, jockeys etc etc as the prices this year seemed to be double that of last year. Queensland buyers spent $40.9m purchasing 254 yearlings. That's an 80% increase on last year so there must be some confident local owners around. Whilst they may not have topped previous records they certainly managed to clear the decks so there will be some happy owners with nice future Magic Million bonuses awaiting. Its an acknowledgement that shows support for the racing industry is high in Oz and the prizemoney is now at a level where its possible to at least break even if you are lucky. Of course there is always a dampener around and that occurred yesterday when the race fields legislation have now sought to increase costs to Victorian racing by increasing fees. Its the poor punter who will bear the cost so expect Betfairs comm fees on Vic racing to increase shortly which means less money back in the punters pocket. We really do have a need for a Punters Union in Australia as its all too easy to hit the punter rather than say breeders who would kick up a revolt if the same was done to them.
    Racing in Australia is now 24/7 or so it seems if you watch Sky Channel where the races including trots and greyhounds seem to be continuous. This expansion of the racing programs will cause safety issues with jockeys who are required for night meetings, then early morning trackwork, and then off to the races for the days events. I hope some sanity prevails here before someone is seriously injured or worse.
    Personal punts have been a bit less this week with just 15 bets for 5 winners,1 second, 2 thirds and 7 unplaced.
    Racing below for this Saturday commences with the first race at Rosehill at 12.40 AEDT which is 1.40am Thursday and concludes with the last at Ascot at 20.20 AEDT which converts to 9.20am London time.
    Here are the early selections which will be updated on Saturday morning once scratchings and the late mail are to hand. I'm off to a birthday party this afternoon so once I leave updates of results wont happen until tomorrow.
    Hopefully the results here will be something to smile about as the news re Covid-19 worldwide is very sad. Best wishes to you all and please stay safe.

    R1 no 1 Picarones 3rd
    R3 no 9 Second Slip Won $3.50
    R4 no 3 Double You Tee 2nd
    R5 no 1 Quantum Mechanic 3rd
    R6 no 1 Milton Park Won $3.15
    R7 no 5 Grinzinger Allee Won $2.60
    R8 no 2 Heart of Puissance Scr.

    R1 no 3 Arthur 8 Ashema 3rd is the late email
    R2 no 9 Water Dove 2nd
    R3 no 1 Melik
    R4 no 9 The Face Won $2.50
    R6 no 4 Sacramento Won $3.85
    R7 no 4 Sausedge
    R10 no 5 All Time Legend 3RD

    R1 no 11 Mystic Gem Won $6.50
    R2 no 2 Ligulate Won $2.20
    R4 no 1 Garibaldi Won $2.40
    R6 no 2 Bleu Zebra Won $3.30
    R7 no 2 North Africa 2nd
    R8 no 3 You Make Me Smile 2nd
    R9 no 1 Desert Lord 2nd

    R1 no 11 Trisuem
    R2 no 10 Michelada Won $4.50
    R3 no 3 Madam Torio
    R5 no 1 Cousin Ivan 2nd
    R6 no 3 Queen Takes King Scr
    R7 no 5 Son of a God 2nd
    R9 no 8 Pearls and Prawns......thought no 5 Night Voyage was a chance at 30/1.

    MR2 no 6 Jimenez Scr
    MR9 no 5 Not Enough Effort Ran 3rd. Lay bet Won.

    Cheers 'n' Beers

    A penguin takes his car to the shop and the mechanic says it'll take about an hour for him to check it. While he waits, the penguin goes to an ice cream shop and orders a big sundae to pass the time. The penguin isn't the neatest eater, and he ends up covered in melted ice cream. When he returns to the shop, the mechanic takes one look at him and says, "Looks like you blew a seal." "No," the penguin insists, "it's just ice cream."
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    • Interesting to hear about the sales and even more so about the fees and likely increased commission rates. With the Premium Charge it becomes less of an issues as it just means we pay more in commission and less in Premium Charge each week, though it doesn't work out exactly like that due to the way they calculate the Premium Charge.

      Gawler in SA seems to be the first race of the day at 00:05 GMT, though I won't be trading them. You are right though with Ascot being the last race at 09:20 GMT.

      I liked the joke!

      Happy punting!


      • Thanks PDC. I don't have any specific details about the proposed increase however here is the current state of play within Australia. The expected increase will be on the Victorian gallops currently shown here on the tables as 6%. which is well below the 10% paid by Betfair to Racing NSW.

        SA - 5%
        VIC - 6%
        QLD- 6%
        TAS - 6%
        NT - 6%
        ACT - 7%
        WA - 8%
        NSW - 10%

        As you can see there is quite a difference between 5% payable by South Australian racing compared to twice that amount paid by New South Wales. South Australia successfully argued that it needed the lower rate as racing in that state was at the crossroads with several large trainers crossing into Victoria to chase the better prizemoney on offer. The argument is that Victoria needs to lift its rate so that more money is extracted from punters and made available to Racing Administrators to spend on improvements.
        Interestingly the current Betfair market rate for Australian Rules Football games is 2.5% whilst the Australian Rugby League bettors are slugged a commission rate of 10%. Don't ask me why because that makes no sense to me!
        Hope you are staying safe and well through these most difficult times and I'm pleased that you enjoy the jokes!!

        UPDATE: I received this podcast a few minutes ago entitled "The Other side" How increased taxes cost punters" and it relates to the proposed increase in the Victorian rate from 8% to 10%.
        There is a long preamble here so go to the 6min 30 sec mark and listen on from there.
        Just to confuse us there are two types of taxes imposed. One is the POC (Point of consumption) tax and the other is the Race fields legislation. The POC goes to the relevant State Government and the Race Fields tax goes to the relevant Racing Body.
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        • Australian horse racing is almost back to normal with crowds being allowed back on course. Its incredible really how horse racing here has managed to continue on almost without interruption despite the presence of a very dangerous virus. Perhaps the thinking here was swayed by the understanding that the Covid virus seems to be not interested in animals, in particular the subspecies of Equus Ferus Caballus, and therefore the risk of a horse passing on the virus was considered very very low. From a punting point of view betting agencies have enjoyed an increase in their client base and turnover as a result of so many bored executives being confined to their homes.
          The wife was pleased with her little filly that ran third at Armidale on Monday. That's now four starts for one second, two thirds and one unplaced. It was beaten by half a length after leading into the straight and was run down right on the line. An examination afterwards discovered that a corn had grown inside the bottom of one of her rear legs and had to be removed, which means she will spend the next two weeks in the paddock. That made the run even better as she must have been foot sore during the race.
          On a personal note its been a better week on the punt with 18 bets so far for 9 winners, 2 seconds, 4 thirds, and 3 unplaced.
          This Saturdays racing commences for the below mentioned fields with Caulfield kicking off at 12.55pm AEDT which is 1.55am London time, with the final race being run at Ascot at 20.15 AEDT which converts to 9.15am London time.
          Here are the early fields and the selections and late mail will follow in due course.
          Adverse weather conditions in Southern Australia have led to heavy number of scratchings today so fields in some cases are heavily reduced number wise.

          R1 no 1 Miss Divine Em 2nd
          R3 no 3 Hasseltoff 2nd
          R4 no 2 Enthaar Won
          R5 no 1 Tagola 3rd
          R9 no 3 Defibrillate Won Dead Heat

          R1 no 1 Al Mah Haha... 3rd..gave no 4 Loafing a place chance at odds (currently $20)
          R2 no 1 Mallory Won $4.60

          R1 no 6 Lyrical Girl 2nd
          R3 no 6 Glorious Ruby Won $3.50

          R2 no 8 Amelia's Chant
          R4 no 6 Last of the Line Won $2
          R6 no 7 Prince Devoutly
          R7 no 1 Flirtini 2nd
          R8 no 7 Amelia's 2 Time to Sizzle Won $5.50 is the late mail

          LAY BETS:
          MR8 no 8 Brazen Song Ran 3rd. Lay bet Won
          MR9 no 9 Heavenly Emperor Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

          Cheers 'n' Beers

          A man and a woman started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest. After about 15 minutes, the man finally gets up and says "Damn. I wish I had a torch! The woman says "Me too, you've been eating grass for the past ten minutes!!"
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          • Good luck this weekend and thanks for the info in the posts. I will have a listen of the podcast you have linked to in your previous post.

            Glad the wife's horse is running well for you both!


            • Absolute trooper. Great to see you still posting strong. Hope you are raking it in.


              • Thanks Temujin for your kind remarks. These days I'm happy to be a small punter and sit back and watch the sport I love. You have been on here for 12 years so you have done more than your fair share of the heavy lifting for us Aussies over the years. Hope life continues to treat you well and the punting Gods continue to be kind to you. Regards.


                • I made a personal decision recently to back off the covid commentaries on here as there was more than enough of the bad news surrounding this subject on our television screens and in our daily newspapers and to add to it was not in my view creating positivity. However there has been an event that has lifted all our spirits and I think its appropriate to mention the efforts of a centurion who has given hope to a situation that many find desperate.
                  I speak of Sir Tom Moore and the incredible strength of this man to walk some 100 laps of his backyard to raise some AUD $55m for the British health authorities to find a solution to Covid-19. On his birthday he received some 250,000 birthday cards which is around 249,980 more than most people who turn 100 receive. He was a World War 2 veteran and he did his 100 laps dressed in formal attire with his war medals proudly attached. The Queen made him a Sir for his work and he has been granted honorary status as a Colonel. Unfortunately as you would be aware Sir Tom succumbed to a strain of covid earlier this week and Great Britain lost one of its finest.
                  He truly was an inspirational man. And tomorrow will be a better day!
                  Covid in Australia is almost non existent as we have just 9 in hospital as I write and no one in intensive care. Yet despite just one case in Western Australia the area around Perth, with about 2 million population, was locked down for 5 days. The same is on the cards for Victoria where one case also has been detected in Melbourne quarantine. Covid-19 has spooked our State premiers to the extent they panic when just one case appears. And in most cases these infections are attributed to returning Australians, who have been stranded overseas, and to the poor arrangements made by States in respect of quarantining these returnees.
                  Enough of the rant, lets get down to the subject matter re horse racing in Australia.
                  This week so far I have had 16 bets to date. The results are ok with 8 winners, 2 seconds, 3 thirds, and 3 unplaced.
                  This Saturday in Australia the below mentioned races commence at Caulfield at 12.40 AEST which converts to 2.40 am London time, and the last race will be at Pinjarra Park in Western Australia at 8.27pm AEST, which is 10.27 am London time.
                  The early fields and selections will shortly go up below, and these will be amended as the late mail and scratchings are discovered about 5 hours prior to start times.
                  Hope your day is a good one and please stay safe.

                  R1 no 7 Regardsmaree Won $2.10
                  R2 no 5 Arcaded Won $3.20
                  R3 no 1 General Beau Won $3.50
                  R4 no 3 Young 2 Amish Boy 2nd is the late mail
                  R5 no 1 La Mexicana. Won $ 10 Pinkham 3rd is fancied.
                  R8 no 6 Imaging 2nd
                  R9 no 1 Viridine

                  R2 no 1 Another One
                  R3 no 6 Written Beauty Won
                  R4 no 8 April Rain Won $2.20
                  R5 no 1 Profiteer Won $2
                  R6 no 3 North Pacific 4th
                  R8 no 8 All Time Legend 3rd

                  EAGLE FARM:
                  R2 no 4 Watch the Cat 2nd
                  R5 no 5 Wolff Boss
                  R7 no 4 Ingear 2nd
                  R9 no 4 Fisticuffs

                  PINJARRA PARK;
                  R2 no 2 Cousin Ivan 3rd
                  R3 no 6 Uncle Dick
                  R5 no 3 Ginger 4 Double Spice 2nd is the late mail
                  R9 no 1 Gemma's Son Won $2.40
                  R10 no 12 Last of the Line 2nd

                  LAY BETS:
                  MR5 no 10 Pinkham Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won
                  SR7 no 1 Ole Kirk Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

                  Cheers 'n Beers

                  Nurse at a mental hospital says: "Doctor, What do you want us to do with the new patient in room 20? Problem is he thinks he's a wolf!"
                  Doctor ponders for a moment or two and then says, "First rule is, don't let his grandmother in for a visit!!
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                  • Good racing at Flemington this Saturday with the highlight being the Group 1 Lightning Stakes. Bivovac is the favourite but I like the jockey change on Nature Strip with Jamie Kah on board. She is the leading jock in Victoria and was ranked the world's top ranked female jockey in 2020. She has a soft set of hands and may be just the right jock for Nature Strip who has huge potential but tends to show his best on the training track and his worst on raceday.
                    There's a link to a photo of Jamie Kah below.
                    News from here continues to be dominated by Covid-19 however it is pleasing to see that the vaccines have been distributed around the globe. I'm expecting my local GP to ring me any day for a shot or two which I will gladly accept. I like to travel a lot, however apart from a trip to the Northern Territory and South Australia, travel of late has been restricted to mainly around Queensland because the bloody State Premiers here have a habit of shutting borders on any whiff of an infection. South Australia just closed their border as there was just one infection reported in Melbourne at the time. Next trip will be to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. I hope!
                    On a personal note I have had 28 bets so far this week resulting in 9 winners,8 seconds, 4 thirds, and 7 unplaced. Not the best week but certainly not the worst.
                    Racing this Saturday for the fields below commences at 12.20 AEST which converts to 2.20am Saturday morning London time, and the final race will be run at Ascot at 8.15pm AEST, which converts to 10.15 am London time.
                    The early selections will go up shortly and these will be updated, altered, etc etc once the late mail and scratchings are known.
                    Hope your day is a good one and you continue to stay safe.

                    R1 no 1 Silent Sovereign
                    R2 no 1 Ingratiating Won $3.40
                    R3 no 9 Regards Maree Won $2.40
                    R4 no 4 Zou Dancer Won $4
                    R4 no 1 Personal....2nd
                    R7 no 1 Tagaloa.. Won $ 9 Aysar 2nd is the late mail
                    R8 no 2 Bivouac.....think no 1 Nature Strip Won $5.20 is the knockout horse.
                    R9 no 2 Laverrod 3rd

                    R1 no 1 Kiss the Bride
                    R2 no 1 Stay Inside Won $2
                    R3 no 4 If You Think So 2nd
                    R4 no 6 Tallieur Won
                    R7 no 1 Kolding 2nd
                    R8 no 1 Away Game 3rd
                    R9 no 8 Subedar Late Scr.

                    R1 no 6 Leadership Spill Won $2.60
                    R2 no 6 Miami Fleiss Won
                    R3 no 2 Azzareach 2nd
                    R4 no 5 Glorious Ruby Won $3.60
                    R5 no 3 Good Chat 2nd
                    R6 no 4 Take Tea 4th
                    R7 no 6 Socialising Won $3.50
                    R9 no 7 Garibaldi Won

                    R5 no 2 No Surrender Late Scr.
                    R6 no 12 Amelia's Contraire
                    R9 no 7 Charlton Eddie. Late 6 Time to Sizzle 3rd is the late mail

                    LAY BETS:
                    SR3 no 7 Birdonawinningpost Won $5. Lay Bet Lost
                    SR8 no 3 Hungry Heart Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                    Cheers 'n' Beers


                    A man met a beautiful blonde lady and after a short courtship asked her to marry him.
                    She said, 'But we don't know anything about each other.'
                    He said, 'That's all right, we'll learn about each other as we go along.'
                    So, she consented, they were married, and off they went on a honeymoon at a resort.
                    One morning they were lying by the pool, when he got up off of his towel, climbed up to the 10 meter board and did a two and a half tuck, followed by three rotations in the pike position, at which point he straightened out and cut the water like a knife. After a few more demonstrations, he came back and lay down on the towel.
                    She said, 'That was incredible!'
                    He said, 'I used to be an Olympic diving champion. You see, I told you we'd learn more about each other as we went along.'
                    So, she got up, jumped in the pool and started doing laps. After seventy-five laps she climbed out of the pool, lay down on her towel and was hardly out of breath.
                    He said, 'That was incredible! Were you an Olympic endurance swimmer?'
                    'No,' she said, 'I was a prostitute in Mildura, but I worked both sides of the Murray River!!

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                    • There is an aptly named horse in the Futurity Stakes at Caulfield on Saturday by the name of Behemoth. Its a monster of a horse that looks like he's around 18 hands! Story was he so big nobody wanted him at the 2yo sales so he was sold for just $6,000. He has now had 19 starts for 8 wins and 4 seconds and has amassed $2,132,610 in prizemoney.!! He will be hard to beat on Saturday.
                      Feature race this Saturday is the Group One Blue Diamond Stakes which has attracted a quality field of 16. Favourite is Enthaar and it certainly comes into the race with a good chance of collecting the chocolates. Other major races on the Caulfield card include the Group One Futurity Stakes followed by the Group One Oakleigh Plate. Not sure at this point if Victorians will be permitted to enter the racecourse as they have just come out of a 5 day statewide lockdown which has pissed off the majority no end. Victoria accepts a small number of returning Aussies that have been strandard overseas but somehow manages to stuff up and allow the virus (this time its the UK strain) to ebb out and infect security staff. So our intrepid Premier decided to shut down the whole of the State for an infection that was contained within the Melbourne city area. Of course no time is a good time to shut down a whole State but its several degrees worse when the shutdown includes Valentine's Day and major sporting events like the Australian Open. And to add salt to the wound he has now announced that no returning Australians will be permitted to land in Melbourne. Just confirms that he is incapable of handling the situation in an acceptable manner and doesn't care about the several thousand Aussies stranded worldwide.
                      I do my personal betting with which are domiciled in Victoria and my conversations with them have been such that they are clearly not impressed with what's occurred and that is consistent with other calls I have made to family and friends that reside within Victoria. Its interesting to note that predictions here in Queensland are for a 16% increase this year in residential house prices due in part to the influx of Victorians (sometimes labelled Mexicans by us locals!) who are escaping life in Victoria and fleeing to the Sunshine State.
                      My bets this week total 17 with 9 winners, 3 seconds, 3 thirds and 2 unplaced. A profitable week thanks to an above average strike rate, so fingers crossed it continues on.
                      Racing this Saturday for the below mentioned fields commences at Caulfield at 12.40 AEST which is 2.40am Saturday London time and the last race will be run at Ascot at 8.30pm AEST which converts to 10.30am London time.
                      Interested to learn how you are coping with life alongside Covid in the UK, so please feel free to pen a few words about your personal experiences.
                      I did receive an interesting article from the UK during the week about a jumps race where all but one jumped a hurdle that had been opened up because of an earlier fall. Someone made a motza on Betfair in-play as the confusion caused chaos in the marketplace.

                      Here are the early fields and the selections will go up shortly and they in turn will be added to, altered etc etc once the final fields are to hand.

                      Good luck with your punting and please stay safe.

                      R1 no 4 Defibrillate Won $2.55
                      R2 no 5 It'sourtime 2nd
                      R3 no 5 Impecunious
                      R4 no 1 Perfect Jewel 2nd 2nd
                      R5 no 3 Young 1 Khoekhoe 3rd is the late mail
                      R6 no 1 Behemoth.....danger is no 7 Probabeel Won $4.60
                      R7 no 13 Enthaar
                      R9 no 3 Homesman 3rd

                      R1 no 11 Vowmaster
                      R2 no 2 Pure Feugo Scr
                      R3 no 6 Yeo Dash 2nd
                      R6 no 11 Sacramento Won $2.50
                      R7 no 1 Aegon.. Won $ 4 Peltzer is the confident late mail

                      EAGLE FARM: (exercise care here today as track has deteriated and is expected to be quirky with some odd results predicted.)
                      R1 no 7 Mishani Enchanted Won $4.20
                      R2 no 2 Quality Approach 3rd
                      R3 no 5 Devine Grey
                      R4 no 8 Pull Anchor Late Scr
                      R5 no 1 Spurcraft
                      R6 no 6 Patches Won $2.50
                      R9 no 10 Maddi Rocks

                      R5 no 4 Pletto 3rd
                      R6 no 4 Resortman 2nd

                      LAY BETS:
                      MR5 no 1 Khoekloe Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won
                      BR8 no 6 Magic Delta Ran unplaced. Lay bet Won

                      Cheers 'n' Beers

                      JOKE: (This one came from's newsletter...and its a good one!!!)

                      A successful station owner died and left everything to his devoted wife Louise. She was a very good-looking woman and determined to keep the cattle station, but knew very little about running it. She decided to place an ad in the newspaper for a station hand. Two jackaroos applied for the job. One was Gay and the other a Drunk. She thought long and hard about it, and when no one else applied she decided to hire the gay guy, figuring it would be safer to have him around the house than the drunk. The gay guy proved to be a hard worker who put in long hours every day and knew a lot about raising cattle. For weeks, the two of them worked, and the station was doing very well. Then one day, the widow said to the hired hand, “You have done a really good job, and the property looks great. You should go into town and kick up your heels.” The hired hand readily agreed and went into town one Saturday night. One o’clock came, however, and he didn’t return. Two o’clock and no hired hand. Finally he returned around two-thirty, and upon entering the room, he found the rancher’s widow sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine, waiting for him. She quietly called him over to her. “Unbutton my blouse and take it off,” she said. Trembling, he did as she directed. “Now take off my boots.” He did as she asked, ever so slowly. “Now take off my socks.” He removed each gently and placed them neatly by her boots. “Now take off my skirt.” He slowly unbuttoned it, constantly watching her eyes in the fire light. “Now take off my bra..” Again, with trembling hands, he did as he was told and dropped it to the floor. Then she looked at him and said, “If you ever wear my clothes into Town again, you’re fired.”
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                      • There have been some interesting developments here in OZ this week with the biggest being the announcement that Brisbane is the preferred venue for the 2032 Olympic Games. Recently we have seen rapid upsurges in domestic housing prices and this announcement will only help to raise the value of homes. Recent figures suggest a 16% rise has already occurred with interest from Victoria being very strong so news of the Olympics is likely to send house prices even higher.
                        Australians are beginning to receive their vaccine doses. From last Sunday the first jabs were televised and most seemed very keen to get theirs. Its not been without some teething troubles as one doctor gave two two patients 2 full vial doses instead of one fifth of a vial and would have been more if an alert nurse hadn't stopped him. And at least one nursing home missed out because the medical staff managed to "double book" a retirement home.
                        Overall the reaction has been positive and despite the efforts of some noisy anti vax-ers the take up rate is expected to be north of 80%.
                        On a personal note my punting has gone from the penthouse to the shitehouse in just one week with results to date being 28 bets for 6 winners, 5 seconds, 2 thirds, and 15 unplaced. That's probably my worst result for zonks.
                        Racing this Saturday is at Flemington and Randwick with the former hosting the Australian Guineas as the main race of the day with a field of 17 contestants. Its a lottery as to which horse will win however at this stage I'm angling towards no 2 Tagaloa as my best pick.
                        Local racing here will be held at the Sunshine Coast course where races are run at least once a week, and sometimes more, which says heaps about the structure of the track itself. Our major track in Brisbane at Eagle Farm hosts about half of the Sunshine Coasts figure, and is now a laughing stock in respect of its condition, despite the many millions spent on upgrading and turf replacements.
                        Racing this Saturday commences at Flemington at 12.20pm AEST, which converts to 2.20am London time on Saturday morning and the last race will be held at Ascot racecourse in Perth Western Australia at 20.12 (AEST) which is 10.12am London time.
                        I hope you are all well and coping with the goddam awful restrictions that are currently exist in your neck of the woods. Its not easy but the vaccines now being distributed globally, provide us with some hope, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
                        Here are the early selections and these will be amended as the late mail and scratchings are discovered.
                        Good luck with your punting investments.

                        R1 no 5 Tycoom Humma Won $2.70
                        R3 no 5 Bams On Fire Scr
                        R4 no 4 Defiant Dancer
                        R5 no 2 Fabergino Won $3.70
                        R6 no 11 Buffalo River 3rd
                        R7 no 3 Aysar.. value bet 2 Tagaloa 3rd is a definite danger
                        R8 no 3 Rocketing By Scr

                        R1 no 6 Water Dove 2nd
                        R2 no 1 Shaquero
                        R3 no 5 Four Moves Ahead Won $2.90
                        R6 no 6 Verry Elleegant.. Won $ 7 Colette 2nd is the late mail
                        R7 no 3 Dame Giselle
                        R8 no 10 Great House 3rd
                        R9 no 5 Zakat 4th

                        SUNSHINE COAST:
                        R1 no 8 Wolf Moon Won $5.20
                        R3 no 2 Sweet Dolly Won $2.20
                        R4 no 2 Cochrane
                        R6 no 13 Chivargo Won $3.25
                        R7 no 7 Gem of Scotland 3rd
                        R8 no 2 Ligulate 4th

                        R3 no 3 Queen takes King
                        R4 no 2 Fangio 3rd
                        R5 no 3 Western Empire Won $2
                        R6 no 6 Tambora
                        R7 no 1 Solaia 2nd

                        LAY BETS:
                        MR1 no 5 Tycoon Humma Won.$2.70 Lay bet Lost.
                        MR5 no 8 All Banter Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                        Cheers 'n' Beers


                        Two bananas were lying on the riverbank. A turd floats by and yells, “Hey guys! Come on in!
                        The water feels great!”

                        One banana turns to the other and says, ”You believe that shit?”
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                        • Have you ever had issues with a major News agency and more to the point did you find them frustrating? Apparently News Corp who control the local paper here have moved in and taken away the delivery business of their Contractor. So for four days I have left messages for them to contact me as I have a not insignificant credit sitting there and would like to what they intend doing. For some reasons these organisations have the equivalent of massive firewalls with their phone systems and you are placed on hold for some 30 minutes or more before someone answers. You cant even locate their email addresses without the aid of Sherlock Holmes so its frustrating to the point where your inner Mt Vesuvius just wants to erupt.
                          Frustrating week on the punt also with 20 bets to date with just 6 winners, 2 seconds, 4 thirds and 8 unplaced.
                          There are some good races at Flemington tomorrow with the Group 1 Newmarket being run over the straight 6 furlongs and then we have The Australian Cup, also a Group 1 race and that's over 2000m.
                          Races mentioned below start with Flemington at 12.20pm AEST and they conclude with the final race at Bunbury in Western Australia at 20.15 AEST which is 10.15am on Saturday morning London time.
                          As usual the early selections will go up shortly, followed by the late mail and scratchings on Saturday morning around 7.30am AEST.
                          Good luck with your investments and please stay safe.

                          R1 no 3 La Rouque Won $2
                          R2 no 8 Miss Inbetween. 7 Annavisto 2nd is the late mail
                          R3 no 2 Pretty Brazen 3rd
                          R4 no 3 Lightsaber Won $5.50
                          R5 no 2 Marboosha.. Won $ 2 Oxley Road 4th is the late mail
                          R6 no 14 September Run....thought no 12 Indian Pacific 2nd was worth a tote ticket @33/1
                          R7 no 6 Quantum Mechanic 2nd
                          R8 no 17 Paradee 4th
                          R9 no 1 Personal 3rd

                          R1 no 1 Wild Ruler Won $2
                          R2 no 5 Stay Inside. 4th...danger is no 1 Profiteer 2nd
                          R3 no 1 Swift Witness 2nd
                          R4 no 2 Sacramento 2nd
                          R5 no 1 Nature 8 Written Beauty is a chance if the fav plays up.
                          R6 no 6 Emanate 3rd
                          R7 no 1 Aegon
                          R8 no 1 Bivouvac 4th

                          EAGLE FARM:
                          R2 no 4 Advance Warning 4th
                          R4 no 6 She Za Boss Won
                          R7 no5 Joymaker 2nd
                          R8 no 6 Wren's Day Won $2.50

                          R2 no 1 Ladies of London Won $3
                          R4 no1 Gemma's Son Won $3.50
                          R5 no 5 Charlton Eddie Won $4.80
                          R6 no 1 Kissonallforcheeks Won $2.70
                          R8 no 4 Last of the Line

                          LAY BETS:
                          MR2 no 5 Cumberbatch Won $5.30 Lay Bet Lost
                          MR 4 no 9 Kooled Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won

                          Cheers 'n' Beers
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                          • Spotlight for racing here continues to shine on Victoria despite the heavy crowd restrictions imposed by the guardians of our health and welfare. My take on the covid scenario in Victoria is that the Government there has been overly cautious and at times heavy handed with their rules and regulations as they tread what is a fine line between the rights of the citizen and the obligations of Governments.
                            There seems to be a ray of sunshine with what we hear is happening within Britain, however it must be heart wrenching for many of you as the presence of Covid-19 continues to dominate. The one ray of sunshine is the availability of quality vaccines and that provides us all with hope that a genuine level of protection will be afforded to each and everyone, irrespective of age, wealth or position. I certainly hope that life returns to some semblance of normality for all of us in the very near future.
                            My thoughts and prayers are with you all and with the Duke of Edinburgh who is struggling to combat various issues consistent with his 99 years of age. Remind me to tell you a true and funny story sometime about meeting the Duke here in Australia a long while ago and what I refused to do with my right hand.!!
                            And if you want to see world class match racing then try watching the America's Cup races currently being held in Auckland in New Zealand. The boats that have been developed are simply mind boggling in terms of what speed they can accomplish in just a ten knot breeze. Next race is today (Friday) at noon AEDT which is around 1.00am London time so well worth setting the record button on your tv, and watching later, when you have a spare hour or two.
                            Enough of the rant so lets get down to matters re horse racing.
                            On a personal note this week has been a higher than normal rate of activity with 30 bets to date, resulting in 10 winners, 7 seconds, 4 thirds and 9 unplaced. Small profit, so as always I'm thankful for any positive outcome.
                            Racing this Saturday, for the races below, commences with the first race at Moonee Valley 12.15pm AEST, which is 2.15am London time, and the last race will be at Ascot at 8.15pm AEST which converts to 10.15am London time.
                            Early selections are now up and these will be amended, altered, added or subtracted to once the late mail and scratchings are found. Enjoy the day.

                            CLASSIC QUOTE: "The horse I backed was so slow the jockey kept a diary of the trip!!" - Henny Youngman.

                            MOONEE VALLEY:
                            R1 no 1 Fanciful Toff 2nd
                            R2 no 7 Scorched Earth Won $2.50
                            R3 no 3 Irish Flame 2nd
                            R4 no 3 Ancestry Won $3.50
                            R5 no 1 Cherry Tortoni 4th
                            R7 no 2 Conceited
                            R8 no 9 Russian Camelot 2nd

                            R1 no 4 Great House
                            R3 no 2 Ingratiating
                            R4 no 4 Colette 4th
                            R5 no 9 Wandabba
                            R7 no 9 Forbidden Love
                            R8 no 7 Buffalo 11 Criaderas is the late mail

                            GOLD COAST:
                            R3 no 1 Sugar Boom
                            R4 no 2 Ligulate 3rd
                            R5 no 5 no 1 The Candy Man 4th in this race...he is the most popular racehorse in Queensland!
                            R6 no 7 Sweet Dolly Won
                            R7 no 3 Outback Barbie 2nd
                            R8 no 13 Miami Fleiss

                            R3 no 3 Bruce Almighty Won $3.20
                            R7 no 1 Western Empire Won
                            R8 no 2 Cuballing

                            LAY BETS:
                            MR3 no 1 Persan Won $6. Lay Bet Lost
                            SR8 no 6 Rock Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

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                            • This week I have been glued to the television watching the final races of the America's Cup which was eventually won by New Zealand. I did think the Italian boat Luca Rossi was a bit stiff because it lost one race when leading by a kilometer when she dropped off the foils in fluky winds, and then lost another when it failed to cover and let the Kiwi's loose to find better breezes. The positive out of these races is that the future of sailing is assured as these designs and concepts are taking the world of sailing to another level. Cant wait to see the next batch of upgrades which will be a far cry from the days of dinghy sailing that I once enjoyed on the Derwent River.
                              The wife has decided to purchase a share in another racehorse but this time its an all girl affair meaning trainer, jockey and owners are all of the female variety. Its a good concept as there are special races for females only and they do have attractive bonuses attached. She also has a horse entered in three different races next week. Which one it contests will be dependent upon the weather, barrier draw and strength of the opposition. Its had a few niggles and a short spell, so trainer thinks it will need the run.
                              Punting this week has probably been one of the worst results I have had for some time as I've gone from the penthouse to the shitehouse in just one week. From 26 bets this week, I have had 9 winners, no seconds,2 thirds and 15 unplaced. Several just missed a place which hurt, because I bet twice the number of units on the place as I do the win. Lets hope next week is a better scenario.
                              Biggest race this weekend will be the Group 1 Golden Slipper, race 7 at Rosehill over 1200m, where prizemoney on offer for the 16 contestants is huge at $3.5m AUD. That makes it the richest 2 year old race on the planet.
                              Racing this Saturday for the selections below begins at Mornington at 12.15 AEST which is 2.15am London Time and the last race will be at Ascot at 8.15pm AEST, which is 10.15am London time. Mornington races are always hard as they normally have large fields and few standouts.
                              Here are the early selections which will be updated early Saturday morning when the scratchings are confirmed and the late mail is to hand.
                              I hope that you are all safe and well and somehow managing to cope with the covid impediment that is consuming our lives and lifestyle. Please stay safe and well.
                              CAUTION: Sydney is expecting huge rainfalls on Saturday so please exercise care when betting at Rosehill.

                              R1 no 2 Doubtland
                              R3 no 4 Written Beauty
                              R5 no 3 Mo'unga
                              R6 no 2 Avilius
                              R7 no 8 Stay Inside
                              R9 no 7 She's Ideal

                              R1 no 1 Micro 3rd
                              R3 no 1 Garvoc 2nd
                              R6 no 2 Dom to Shoot Won $3
                              R7 no 7 Mount Papa Won $2.50
                              R8 no 1 Ancestry... 4th..strong late mail suggests a special here!

                              EAGLE FARM:
                              R1 no 2 Chico Milagro
                              R2 no 3 Bold Executive Won $3.75
                              R3 no 4 Abracadazzle Won $3.80
                              R4 no 4 King Gutho
                              R6 no 5 Joymaker Won $3.50

                              R2 no 1 Magical Dream Won $3.50
                              R5 no 2 That's Funny Az Won $7
                              R7 no 4 Charlton Eddie 3rd

                              LAY BETS:
                              BR5 no 5 Maddi Rocks Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won

                              Cheers 'n' Beers
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                              • Well its been an anything but normal week here in Australia. Our sunburnt country has experienced mass rainfalls all over the Australian continent and most of our rivers are at flood levels. Last Saturdays Golden Slipper event was postponed and the entire program will be run on Saturday, weather permitting. As I write this its 30degrees plus outside and the sun is shining brightly, which is quite different to the four days and nights of solid rain that we have just experienced. My rain gauge says we have had just over 300mm of rain which is an extraordinary reading for here. Thankfully I was able to divert rainwater from the roof to tanks and then into the swimming pool where I could drop the levels daily by backwashing. That way I dont risk large washaways which can happen in these types of events.
                                Enough of the local rant, lets get into racing matters.
                                This week has been a quiet week on the punt as several meetings have been cancelled so just 13 bets for 4 winners, 2 seconds, 1 third, and 6 unplaced. Hasn't been a profitable week but that's racing.
                                This weekend's racing features the second attempt to run the Golden Slipper Day which as you know from last week is the richest 2 year old event in the world. Hopefully the raingods will look favourably on Rosehill and it will all go off without interruption.
                                She who must be obeyed has an interest in a little filly which will run around in the second race at Port Macquarie on Saturday on a heavy 10 track. It has missed at least one track gallop and a couple of jumpouts, plus its had a couple of niggling events so it's extremely unlikely that it will break its maiden status unless there are nine scratchings in the ten horse race! Update: It ran third.!
                                Racing for the selections below commences with the first race at Bendigo which is lovely country town outside of Melbourne and famous for its gold fields where fortunes were made and lost. Bit like a normal day at the races when you think about it.!! Racing there starts at 12.15 AEST which converts to 2.15am London time. The final race will be run and won at Ascot at 20.20pm AEST which should work out at 10,20am London time.
                                Here are the race venues for Saturday and the selections will be posted shortly and then updated as the scratchings arrive along with the late mail.
                                Do take care and if you haven't had the vaccine yet, well stay away from pubs and clubs and areas where there are lots of folk.

                                R5 no 3 Mo'unga Won $3.30
                                R6 no 2 Avilius 3rd
                                R7 no 8 Stay Inside.. Won $ 2 Profiteer is the late mail

                                R5 no 1 Chantrea 3rd
                                R7 no 8 Annavisto Won $3

                                R1 no 2 General Wolffe
                                R2 no 4 Humbolt Current Won $2
                                R3 no 7 Guise Won $3.50
                                R4 no 5 Tara Jasmine
                                R6 no 14 Weona Smartone Won $2.30

                                R1 no 4 Marocchino Won $2.15
                                R4 no 1 Western Empire Won
                                R8 no 3 Pure Devotion 2nd
                                R9 no 11 Miss Conteki Won

                                LAY BETS:
                                SR2 no 7 Sacramento Ran 3rd. Lay Bet Won
                                SR4 no 1 Addeybb Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

                                Cheers 'n' Beers
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