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Minor Installation Issues

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  • Minor Installation Issues


    Seriously looking forward to getting to grips with this application - love the videos.

    Just thought I'd let you know about a couple of issues I had on installation. I'm running XP SP3. Sorry if its already been mentioned.

    When trying to install I was getting errors (sorry I don't have specifics) in which it would not allow me to finish the installation. Workaround - copying msi file to the desktop and selecting 'Only Me' as the permitted user.

    Then when trying to authenticate, I have firefox as my default browser. However I was using crome at the time and didn't have firefox open. The toy was telling me as this was my first time please authenticate with betfair, but the toy was not showing me the authentication page, it was in fact blank underneath the login.

    The workaround was to open firefox and then open the toy, in which it seemed to pick up the browser element and allow me to authenticate.

    Hope it helps.


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    Thanks very much for the feedback.

    I suspect your "Only Me" issue may have been down to your user account in XP not having Admin rights perhaps?

    As for the Firefox thing, that's a curious one. TT uses an embedded IE browser, so in thoery that shouldn't have affected it.

    For now, I have moved this thread to "Known Issues & Work Arounds" as a reference for others who may hit the same problems. If other people have similar issues, hopefully they can learn from this.

    What's new in version 1.2


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      No problem. Definatly has admin rights but probably just 'one of those things', so lets see if anyone else reports the problem. I have another minor issue, will post a new topic in the forum.

      Used it for a day now and its absolutely fantastic - your a legend! BR and BD are in serious trouble..

      Can't wait for the charting as well