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Bets at Zero odds in 'training-mode'

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  • Bets at Zero odds in 'training-mode'

    I just downloaded GT and was having my first trade on the March 31st Ascot 14:10 in training-mode. A horse became a non-runner and the market was temporarily suspended.

    I had to close the market and re-open it to get it working again. When I re-opened the market I noticed that two £50 bets I had placed were changed from having actual odds to zero odds.

    Haven't set up recording software unfortunately but I did grab a screenshot.

    My question is: Could this happen in a live trade?

    If I lost on the back that would have me down a couple quid. I mean it wouldn't even return 0.01.. not sure how the lay would calculate.. I'm pretty sure no-one would ever match a bet where they would just give away their money.

    I only found this bug referred to in one other post by PanamaPete, 'Bet at Zero odds?.'

    The Geek replied: "Probably a bug in training mode. If it happens again please try and let us know as much info about that also to help us track it down."

    To continue.. After the timer reached zero the market did not go in-play and stalled/remained 'suspended' while the race was going on. I know because I had the live-stream open.

    I closed the market and re-opened it when the race was nearly over and it showed a number of new unmatched bets I never made (in addition to the zero-odds bets,) that were not in the window while all this was going on.

    I have 'confirm bets' turned on, so I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally click and add bets. Unless these other bets were added automatically on the market close, though.. I don't believe there were any bets open that needed to be hedged. (Doh! Probably the two zero-odds bets. Blanked. Sorry about that.)

    Cropped screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-03-31 screenshot (zero odds) zoomed-in.jpg
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    Full-screen screenshot

    Last edited by TheBoss; 31 March 2019, 03:55 PM. Reason: "race was nearly over" not "just over", other clarifications

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    Some extra details:

    I did not use an option to keep the bets for in-play.

    However when I tried to close the market (after it was suspended and didn't resume,) a pop-up warning came up regarding open bets. I clicked 'No' (as I didn't want any bets to be cancelled or whatnot) and then I set the 'Market Close Warning' option to [neither] and then closed and re-opened the market.


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      For sure a training mode bug. Remember that in training mode the bets are not sent to the api, they are managed by TGT to simulate a trading environment. Probably this training environment is not extensively tested. Despite that I was not able to replicate your issue even by closing and reopening a market, opening other markets and returning to the first one, doing the same inplay etc... The only thing I could not test was the horse scratching.

      Anyway, I and many others use TGT almost since the beginning and never ever had any issue like that in real mode (or any other that would risk my balance). More than 10 years down the line TGT is one of the most robust and reliable (not to mention customizable, fully featured and fast) exchange trading software out there (not on the payroll just a fan).

      So the answer to your question is: I am 99.99% sure that would never happen in real mode.

      Regards. I wish you a steep learning curve and good trades!


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        Hi RManPT,

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Originally posted by RManPT View Post
        I am 99.99% sure that would never happen in real mode.

        I'm looking forward to trading the races.