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Market Overview Not displaying correctly v 1.4o

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  • Market Overview Not displaying correctly v 1.4o

    Hi There,

    I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong place, I've recently purchased the software for Betfair and everything is coming together, but the large market overview graph doesnt seem to stream correctly.

    If I set it to a chart range of say 60 seconds its fine, but if I increase this to say 180 seconds then it just shrinks so the lines only appear in half of the space on the grid, if I increase it to 240 then it's even smaller.

    I've attached 2 screen shots, 1 showing it set as 180 seconds and one showing 240
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    Main Menu -> Streaming Chart History

    If you have the Chart Range set to 180 seconds, set the Streaming Chart History to 3 minutes.


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      Perfect that sorted it, thank you very much for your help