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  • liabilty stake tool

    hi i am having an issue with my liabilty stake tool . if i set my liability to 10% of book just for example both lay side and back side are same bet size , the lay side is correct but the back side should be the size of 10% of my total bank but it is not it is same as the lay side bet . it was correct earlier but i think maybe i pressed some buttons and its messed up. please help thankyou

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    So when I place a back bet I want it to be £2 stake
    When I lay, I want my Liability to be £2


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      On mine, liability staking sets how much you want to win or lose. EG, with liability set to £100 a bet at 3.0 will bet £50 (to win £100) and lay £50 (to lose £100). Which can be dangerous when betting odds on - to back a horse at 1.2 to win £100 will bet £500.
      As far as I know it's always been this way.


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        I think "exposure" instead of liability would solve your problem.


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          Thanks for the help