Ok, I have had this problem for a number of weeks - and having tried everything i know i'm now at my wits end.....

I have a lenovo ideapad core i3 laptop running windows 10, 8gb ram no bloatware etc etc running nice and clean, a dedicated machine.

On opening geeks toy it runs fine (geeks toy that is) - but progressively runs slower and slower, placing bets and opening or even moving markets around my screen.

I have tried everything - updated drivers, rolled back drivers, reinstalled windows, disabled updates, rolled back updates, have it running bare bones just can't get geeks toy running right.

Things were so bad i created a partition and dual booted my machine with windows 7. - Exactly the same thing is happening - straight after boot geeks toy runs really slick and well - but gradually gets slower - and slower - and slower....

Checking task manager it seems to use around 15% cpu constantly with a market open - and next to no ram.

I have no other programs open nearly all non system services stopped.

Any help would be appreciated, i'm a long time user and really need to get this running ok - its driving me mad!!!!