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Version 1.1f Released -- New Training Mode.

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  • Version 1.1f Released -- New Training Mode.

    A new version 1.0f has been released which includes the following new functionality....

    Training Mode
    In this version you will be given an option at log in to use either Betfair Live or Training mode. To choose Training Mode, select it from the "Betfair Live" drop down next to the login button. In training mode you will be playing with pretend money. Once you have logged in, you can set your starting bank via Main Info Bar Menu->Training Mode Starting Bank

    As there is no current accurate way to determine the market settlement, then in training mode your bank is automatically adjusted in line with your market exposure. Should you have a greened market, your balance is adjusted upwards minus 5% commission to simulate real market settlement. Should you blow your training bank, you will need to restart the application. { I did that deliberately just so you can feel a little pain. evil }

    This is the very first release of training mode, and other than brief testing by me, it hasn't been used in anger yet so expect a bug or two as a hell of a lot of new code went into it. I have stuck it in the live release without extensive testing as there is no risk to your money in the event of a lock up / crash. Should you come across any bugs please report them here.

    Also note that although I have done my best to simulate real market behaviour, training mode does not accurately reflect real money trading. This is for a variety of reasons, the main being that markets react to real money being placed which they can not do with dummy money. Whilst training mode is a good way to learn the product and the markets, there is no substitute for the real thing.

    New Bet Error Handling
    A new option Bet Error Display has been added to the Market & API Status windows menu.

    This has 2 options....

    Message Boxes - Bet placement errors show in a message box under your mouse as in all previous versions.

    This Window - Bet placement errors show in the Market & API Status window in red.

    A second menu option, Retain Error Messages for defines how long the messages remain for the This Window option.

    Furthermore, better error catching is now in place when you update or cancel bets.

    New Audio Alerts
    There are 4 new audio alerts. The first sounds when an error message shows in the Market & API Status window.

    The remaining 3 are to alert you to bets being matched and are switched off by default.

    When a bet is first matched.
    When a bet is subsequently matched.
    When a bet is fully matched.

    New Ladder Shortcut keys
    The following shortcut keys have been added to the ladder interface.

    Z: Cancel All Lay Bets on that selection.
    <Shift+Z>: Cancel All Lay Bets on that market.

    C: Cancel All Back Bets on that selection.
    <Shift+C>: Cancel All back Bets on that market.

    The up and down arrows now cycle through your stake list to set the stake box to the next value.

    Stake Button Colours
    You can now amend the stake button / staking type colours in the colour scheme manager. They are all prefixed with Stake Button -

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed this bug.

    Installation Instructions
    This release should install straight over the current versions, and you can download here...

    If you have any issues with the install, try the alternative copy here...

    Vista & Windows 7 users only
    Once installed you need to do the following before use to ensure data updates work correctly & your settings remain between releases.

    1. Paste the following into the title bar of your browser & press enter.... C:\Program Files\The Geek\AGT Pro
    {NB If you have 64 bit Windows use C:\Program Files (x86)\The Geek\AGT Pro}

    2. An explorer window will show with some files in the right hand panel. Right Click the AGT Pro.exe file { the one with TT logo of type Application if you have file extensions switched off.} Select -> properties -> compatibility -> and tick run this program as administrator. { NB Sometimes you can do this by simply right clicking the AGT icon on your desktop instead. }

    Have fun!


    What's new in version 1.2