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Geeks Toy - Now with ass kicking charting!

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  • Geeks Toy - Now with ass kicking charting!

    Well chaps, it's finally available for public beta release. The Toy with some rather whizzy advanced charting!

    If you want to have a play with the new version, read the release notes here....

    Have Fun!


    PS For those ex Bet Devil users amongst us, they are a bit like the Bet Devil charts without all the annoying things like having to re-position windows, they remember their settings and as usual with The Toy, unparalleled layout and configuration options.

    PPS Remember as well as saving and loading individual charts, you can save and load your entire application profile live as well. A handy little feature unique to The Toy for over a year now.

    Here's a review from Cran {Thanks Cran }, which gives a little insight into some of the options available in a much better way than I could explain myself.

    Here's a few of the zillion possibilities for the charting.....

    Here's a contribution from Leons Pre Race Gee Gee profile.

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    Version 1.1 Charting Beta 2 Released

    A new Beta has been released that addresses the few minor bugs reported so far, and a couple of additional layout / ordering options.

    To download it, please log into the forums & read the release notes here.

    If you haven't used the Charting version yet, please read here first.

    And remember, by default The Toy provides the optimum performance on your connection to Betfair no matter what country you reside in or what speed your connection is. Thus saving you having to fiddle with a multitude of complicated settings! Another handy little feature unique to The Toy for over a year now. { And even if you can get all the settings right elsewhere, at this rate it will still be another year before they come close to the speed of this baby! }

    Have Fun!


    PS Why drive a rather slow and expensive, clunky, old Rolls Royce when you can drive a brand new top of the range, lean mean Ferrari for FREE!
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      Version 1.1 Released

      Version 1.1a is available to download.

      Things to note
      Whilst we have had no crashes with the recent test versions, please be extra cautious with this release as significant work has been done and there are a zillion possible combinations, which means we can't test every one extensively. Always keep a backup logged in to the Betfair website just in case.

      1. I have fixed the menu closing bug with the floating controls, however a side effect of this is the menu stays open until you click something on it. I will look into something additional in the next release.

      2. There is a known bug in this release where the chart lines do not always draw to the far left of the chart. { As this is old data it isn't that important, but it annoys me. }

      3. The option exists to turn charts up to 100ms refresh, but I would not advise this on any but the most modern ass kicking PC. The charts are very processor intensive, so if your system starts feeling sluggish, you need to turn the chart refresh down. By default the charts are set to 1 second refresh, which shouldn't cause any problems on the majority of set ups.

      4. There is a known bug where in certain circumstances closing the application can cause an error message to show.

      This release will install straight over the top of all previous versions.

      You can download it here.

      .NET Framework
      Version 1.1 now uses .NET 3.5 instead of .NET 2. This shouldn't be an issue as Windows usually installs them as part of the automatic update process.

      Bug Fixes
      1. Main info bar now switches selection correctly when mouse is over the ladder streaming charts, Betfair graphs, matched & unmatched bets and stake buttons.
      2. Fixed a rare crash bug being caused by an error handler in the API layer. { Released this in 1.0g due to severity. }
      3. Ladder & main info bar Betfair Graphs now refresh once per cycle combined instead of once each per cycle.
      4. Fixed a bug in the coupons where country flags don't always display properly when you first open the coupon.
      5. Fixed a bug in the coupons that was causing the market time to show incorrectly for non UK users.
      6. Fixed a bug that in the charts that was causing the red suspend to not always show correctly.
      7. Fixed a bug where applying a default stake to all ladders was not applying the stakes to those selections not in a ladder.
      8. Fixed a bug where the context menu was closing when the floating Traded & available control was re-sizing.
      9. Fixed a bug where the confirm bets safety option was not working correctly on the profit & loss column.

      Global Ordering
      The global ordering logic has changed slightly.

      In version 1.0 whenever you swap a selection on the ladder, the grid and other controls remain as before.

      In 1.1 versions up to Beta 1 whenever you swap a selection on the ladder, the grid and other controls showed the same order as the ladder.

      In this version you now have the choice of both. This can be set from Ladder Menu -> Use Global Ordering. { Off = 1.0, On = Beta 1 }

      Ladder Bottom Panel
      A right click menu has been added to the Betfair chart to enable you to switch to the inverse graph & adjust the global refresh rate for the Betfair graphs.

      Ladder Streaming Charts
      Please note that when upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1 your ladder streaming chart configuration will not be retained, so you will need to re-configure them.

      There is now a new option in 1.1 to embed the ladder streaming charts into the chart column of the ladder in addition to Top / Bottom / Very Bottom already in 1.0. To use this option set it from Ladder Menu->Ladder Layout->Streaming Charts->In Chart Column.

      The following additional charts for the multi graph control are available in this release...
      Betfair Standard - This is the standard Betfair chart based on price.
      Betfair Inverse - This is the standard Betfair chart based on % chance of winning.
      Candle / OLHC - This is a streaming chart which can be custom set to either Candlesticks or OLHC. Data options include Best Back Price, Best Lay Price, or Last Traded Price. There are also 2 optional & configurable moving averages.
      Price Line - This is a streaming line chart with the data options Best Back Price, Best Lay Price, or Last Traded Price. There are also 2 optional & configurable moving averages and some Bollinger Bands.
      Traded Volume Moving Average - This is a streaming line chart with 2 moving average options.

      Right Clicking on any chart & selecting This Chart Is from the menu will set the chart to the desired option.

      You can now display as many charts as you wish in the Ladder Streaming charts window in a variety of layouts. To add additional charts, right click on any chart & select "Add Splitter" from the menu, then adjust the splitters as required.

      As usual with The Toy there is a whole host of configuration you can do by right clicking on the respective graph & setting the various options. Most should be obvious to those familiar with charts & the toy, the rest ask away on the forums so everyone gets the benefit of the answer before the user manual gets updated some time between now and forever.

      Floating Streaming Charts
      In addition to streaming charts embedded in the ladder, there is now the ability to have 2 different sets of floating streaming charts in version 1.1. The charts themselves work in and identical fashion to the embedded ladder charts, however they use different settings, so for instance you can have a traded volume + weight of money graph embedded in the ladder and a price candlesitck graph floating.

      There are 3 sets of defined behaviour for floating charts...

      1. Current Selection. - This works in a similar mode to various controls in Version 1.0. Whichever selection your mouse was last over, the data will show in a single window.

      2. Multi Selection. - A separate window shows charts for each specified selection. The charts are tied into the runner { Grid } ordering of the application.

      3. Multi Selection Ladder. - As Multi Selection, but if you are not using global ordering the charts are tied to the Ladder & not the market.

      In all cases these charts will display said position of the active market.

      By default the mode is set to Current Selection although you can adjust the mode using Main Info Bar Menu->Streaming Chart Options->Multi Selection

      You can launch the floating charts from the icons on the grid and at the top of the scroll bar on the ladder.

      Chart Saving / Loading
      The charting should work with application profiles in the normal way, thus your chart settings can be embedded in a profile. You can also however Save, Load and Delete a range of custom charts based on your settings. This works in a similar way to the existing colour schemes and profiles mechanism.

      Market Overview Graph
      A market overview graph has been added in this release. This can be launched from the main info bar menu. As with the other charts, all options are available by right clicking the chart.

      Colour Schemes
      A new standard colour scheme "Bet Devil" has been added so the ex Bet Devil users can feel more at home.

      Confirm Bets
      A 3rd option has been added to confirm bets, so you now have On, Safety & Off. The safety option { which is equivalent to the off option in version 1.0 } will ask for bet confirmation if you attempt to place a bet within 0.5 seconds of closing a menu. The Off option now does what is says on the tin. Further details here....

      Removed Runner Notifications
      An option has been added to the Horse Racing Options in both the grid and ladder menus which allows you to suppress the removed runner notification windows

      What's new in version 1.2