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  • Login Problem

    Hi geeks,

    last 2 days i have problems with logging to betfair through GT, showing me this error:

    The API returned the following error codes

    Header Error Code: OK
    Login Error Code: API ERROR
    Minor Error Code: LoginTask-execute-exception
    NgErrorCode Error Code: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

    Language setting time, time zone all is ok. It started suddenly, maybe some microsoft edge update? Its not consistent, one time i managed to log in and was trading like for 5 hours. Trying to downgrade microsoft edge meanwhile.
    Can u help me? Older noteboo is ok for now, but at new machine its annoying problem i struggle to solve.

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    Update on the issue: Might have been problem with some security certificate with my Internet Service Provider(ISP), i downloaded it despite some minor security warnings and looks like it works for now.


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      Now it stopped worked again so i restarded windows and am able to login again, strange bug...