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  • Default Bet Persistence?

    Hi All,

    I haven't used the Toy for a few years but have just got back into it in the past day or so. I'm curious about the Default Bet Persistence option. This used to be 'Cancel, Keep or Take SP' for unmatched bets when an event begins but I can no longer find the 'Take SP' option. Is this correct?
    Also, I can find the Default Bet Persistence for specific bets but, as I recall, you used to be able to set this as a general rule across all markets too. Or maybe I'm misremembering?


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    For specific bets, if you right click the bet in the ladder the "Take SP" option is displayed as "IP SP" (it doesn't use the word "Take")
    You can also change the bet persistence for a specific bet in the Unmatched Bets window.
    To do this, click the grren box next to the odds repeatedly until it shows "SP"
    Then you will need to confirm this by clicking the green tick box that appears to the right of the odds.

    To set the overall default bet persistence...
    Open a market
    Right click the header of the grid display or the ladder display
    Click or hover over "Advanced Betting"
    There you will see the option "Default Bet Persistence"
    And you can then choose "Cancel", "Keep" or "Take SP"


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      Great. I'll check that out. Many thanks.