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Unable to open Geeks toy.

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  • Unable to open Geeks toy.

    A friend of mine since yesterday is unable to open geeks toy. One error that comes up is " Access to the path C:\ ProgramData\ AGeeksToy\AGeeksToy\Settings -Betfair\Versions.xml is denied"

    My mate has deleted the settings folder, fired up Geeks and it works for a little while, he can close it down and open maybe a few times but then it happens again.
    Then we totally deleted the whole A Geeks toy folders, then totally uninstalled Geeks Toy. Downloaded it again then fired it up and it works, again for a while, then close/open it'll work and so on, then a few goes later the error will come up again, and Geeks fails to load.

    He also restored the computer to a date before all this happened, and again the same scenario, it can work for a few times opening/closing, but then the same thing happens with that error and fails to load.

    I have also had this error pop up today, but the software works ok for me after dismissing that error.

    Please can you enlighten us on the matter, as it is driving us mad.



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    Anyone got an answer to this, it's still doing it.


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      Try solution 1: