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    Iíve searched and found old threads but nothing recent, what is the latest with live video for horse racing? Is It working within geeks again now and if not is there a date when it will be ?


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    I don't think it works anymore. I have found that loading up a separate web browser window, I use Chrome, and watching via: works well and you can have more than one window open at a time meaning for example like yesterday when there was a lot of horse racing on at the same time you can have racing from Haydock on one window, Ascot on another and Navan on another.

    This works well I find and doubt I would go back to using the inbuilt video though it was handy being able to click the TV icon within the Market & API Status window when it did work.


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      Thanks for taking the time to reply, yeh thatís what I did previously but I just found it a bit faffy

      I have my screen setup perfectly so the GT live video window pops up neatly in place and it was just so simple and quick

      Itís frustrating it still doesnít work after months 😕


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        Sadly is not working in Football anymore... was so useful!


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          Hi Guys.

          is there any news on this topic or will be using an external browser forever now?

          Any info would be handy to know, as if there's no planned changed to the current "I gonna need a bigger boat" - well a bigger monitor but still love that jaws quote.




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            Hi there.
            Still not working unfortunatelly.


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              I am a fan of fighting and the UFC and I own a FireStick. Here is a great article that describes the process - Pretty useful source for those who loves streaming