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Does take SP work on horse Racing?

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  • Does take SP work on horse Racing?

    When I right click and select take sp before a race goes in running it doesent seem to do anything as my position is still open and the profit or loss amounts continue to go up or down ? - should it not close your position for a set win or loss once it turns in play? anyone have instructions or a vid example for how to ges this working on geekstoy ?...Thanks

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    Yes, SP works on horse racing.

    If you set Sp for your closing bet and after that you move that bet on the ladder, you need to set it again to SP.

    Also, for a lay bet you need to have at least 10 Euro liability for the bet to be take it at SP

    What is the minimum stake for an SP bet?

    The minimum stake for a back bet at SP is £2 (or the local currency equivalent). The minimum liability if laying is £10 (or the local currency equivalent).


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      ahhh ok, Thanks Bog - makes sense. Also, do you know if there is a hotkey shortcut to put a stop loss in ?


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        Thank you for the explanation BOG.

        Jace1 I don't think you can. If you look at the shortcut key manager settings (right click on the market navigator) I don't see a way.