Hi There,

Just a query regarding the stop loss feature and more specifically the "Place Stop At +" option.

So, if I set a Stop loss value of say 7 and a Place stop at value of 2, and then place a lay bet at 4.0 on the ladder, an orange box appears at 3.65 which is 7 ticks from my bet, which all makes sense.

If the price trades at 3.65 my stop loss will trigger and place a back bet at 3.55 (two ticks away).

My understanding is that when the stop loss trigger bet is placed at 3.55, because there is still money in the market at 3.65 it will actually get match there instead. (Better value)

Is my understanding correct? ie, if I set the "Place Stop At +" value to something stupid like say 20, it doesn't really matter as when it is triggered it will technically match at the better price of 3.65 anyway (If money is available).

I just want to understand because technically that option to place stop at is kind of irrelevant in some ways, or am i just misunderstanding and talking crap

I hope that makes sense.