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Betfair - New beta 1.6c released

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  • Betfair - New beta 1.6c released

    We have released a new beta version for Betfair.

    Now using edge browser in the software. This will require users to install the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime on their machines.
    You can install from here ( use the Evergreen Bootstrapper )

    The software will also direct you to download this if it is not already installed.

    You can download from here.

    also changed

    New currency params
    Selection staking / ladder swap bug fixed
    Installation checks for webview2 fixed

    If you find any issues with the software, please report them in this forum.

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    I am getting app freezes again. Once a day on average. It looks like in previous versions: ladder instant freeze including time in api window. But in this version, the freeze takes about 30 sec and app reacts to exit app button in windows task bar, in meanwhile I can still hear my bets to be matched. On option "Are you sure you want to close app" I click NO, and everything is working (I do not have to close app). Last version without this problem was 1.5b.


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      App keeps freezing. I suspect its triggered by tick offset with stakes under 2 euro.


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        Is there or will there be an option to offset your trade not by ticks but by a %?


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          I think I found the problem. After the freeze I got back to app and the only stake not triggered by tick offset was the small hedge bet. I tried to hedge position by clicking manually on column but nothing happen. I turned on error messages and tried again. I got message "Stake too small". I wonder we are two users only having this problem.


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            The other Geek contacted me. They are trying to solve this but the issue is on BF side. I am sure crash would happen even pre-match using certain low stake at certain odds. Do you hedge market when it goes in-play with small stakes? Do you use tick offset? Thanks.