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Betfair - New beta 1.4c released

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  • Betfair - New beta 1.4c released

    We have released a new beta version for Betfair.

    With this version we have added support for betfair's new streaming API, so expect bugs and please don't use any significant stakes until you are 100% confident of software operation.. We can not stress this enough, and in the coming weeks, please use minimum stakes in testing. Because we are the first major software vendor to release this new technology, both you and us are the Guniea Pigs / lab rats, and previous experience of Betfair releasing new API technology has taught us that it can take months before they have a robust and stable platform, and all the significant bugs have been identified and fixed.

    On the plus side, their new "push" streaming technology does have the potential to decrease data transfer times to less than 50% of the current API, as the data only has to travel one way in shorter bursts, so those on slower connections and outside of Europe should notice a significant performance increase.

    You can download from here.

    NOTE - ESA streaming is not supported for AUS markets.

    Also, the beta will still use API-NG by default. To turn on streaming, open the API settings Manager, and select from it's menu, "Use Streaming Where Available".

    You should then set MPC for prices to 1. Call frequency for prices will now control how often prices are refreshed on your computer screen.

    Slow computers can still use defaults, but if you have a fast computer, try something faster (20 ms works OK on my laptop)

    If you find any issues with the software, please report them in this forum.


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    Hello, I do not know where and what to switch. Nowhere do I see. Please can you give screen?


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      From the main menu...

      Show / Hide -> API Settings Manager

      Then right click on the API Settings Manager header -> Use Streaming Where Available


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        Should we put MPC to 1 always whem using ESA? I have to put stakes bigger than 2.3 Euros for them appear on the ladder, If i use the old api 2 euros bets are visible


        • #5
          Re mpc, yes. 1 will be the only option in future when ESA is selected.

          Your staking issue - Can anyone else with a euro account replicate this?

          Does nothing appear at all, or does it show as a zero size?

          All markets? In-Play or not?


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            foxhound, what happens if you place a 2 eur bet, then close and reopen the market? Is is still missing/not visible?

            Wondering if this is similar to the bug that betfair fixed last week.


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              a non-important question regarding data transfer:

              with the old api-ng data volume can be easily reach 600-1000 MB daily per 8-10 working-hours (very expensive in foreign countries where you have to use mobilphone-connection).
              is the data-volume of the new esa-api much less?


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                Yes, there should be much less data usage with ESA


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                  Inplay every bet apear in the market, when not in play have to be 2,3 or bigger problably due to the conversion to pounds, if i close and reopen the market they still not appear in the market


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                    That is very strange. I have sent you a pm for more info


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                      Thanks for all the info foxhound. I think I know what it is now.

                      For now, in the ladder menu, make sure to use

                      Visual Options -> Price Display -> Complete


                      • #12
                        It is looking like the data coming back from the betfair ESA API using the batl & batb fields is a bit dodgy, depending on the size of your bets, and number of virtual bets in a market.


                        • #13
                          Every time I close GT and run again I need to choose the ESA API.

                          Best regards


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                            Also, I get an error Minimum bet error


                            • #15
                              retlav, can you explain more how / when you are getting the min bet error?

                              Is this error showing in the Market & API Status window?

                              regarding having to choose ESA every time, have you sorted this now?